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Rocket League Latest News - 9 OP Things BANNED From Rocket League

11/4/2022 3:14:16 PM

If you think rocket league has been safe from hackers cheaters and scammers you are wrong. Here are 9 OP things you need to know, let's just get straight into it, in chronological order, and show you the patch notes.

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Rocket League Latest News - 9 OP Things BANNED From Rocket League

1. Rocket League - Deleting game files

What does that mean if you're an OG? 

Then you would remember that competitive rocket League used to include Maps like Wasteland and Neo Tokyo that were either larger than normal had weird slopes and features or just felt all around wrong.

Starbase Arc at the time, this band was introduced Wasteland had just been added and sciatics called it, the first of many unusual Arena designs that plan to introduce in the future, and they're only going to get more interesting from here, it was a weird Choice by rocket League to put these whack Maps into competitive, so players took the matter into their own hands, they would actually go into their game finals delete these maps from their system, so when the game tried to load into one of these Arenas, they would get an error, and of course not load in, obviously this was not allowed and Rocket League started Banning any and everyone who attempted to alter their files, eventually and probably too long later rocket League took the hint and removed non-standard maps from competitive, now you only get them in Rumble if you dare to play that mode, and if you try to remove any files like that now you will immediately get banned.

2. Rocket League - The super jump

This super jump just after people were deleting game files rocket league players found a mechanic that was never supposed to see the light of day the patch note in 1.16 fixed an exploit that allowed battle cars to jump, considerably higher than they were supposed to, so, of course, to find out what this was after some serious digging.

Some information before this patch, if you press the jump button rapidly and fast enough, you could spam jump and get super high,  it took basically the same steel as wall dashing, but without having to flip forward the ones who found out about it, did it through a Metro but a few could apparently even time, it knowing how good Pros are at wall bashing.

Now it would be possible, if it was still around fast Aerials, you could pull off if this mechanic was still around, but unfortunately, it was not intentional, so rocket League patched it out pretty fast after its Discovery, it actually got passed so fast that it never even got a name.

If you don't know in January of 2017 rocket science showed off a mechanic called a no Flip or air Dash. This mechanic was an exploit that allowed you to cancel your front flip entirely, and just Dash through the air completely still like a wave Dash put in the air, you had to bind the front flip to a button and cancel the flip While You released the button, it was pretty difficult to pull off, but definitely could have been mastered, you would gain speed, but keep your car's position which could have been super useful in the air, but sadly this one was again unintended by rocket league and was something that could only be executed on PC, so of course that gave an unfair advantage against console players, and the mechanic was patched in patch number 1.28. 

3. Rocket League - Smurfing

You might find this hard to believe, since it's still such a big issue today and very controversial, but smurfing basically used to be allowed until it was officially banned for the first time in March of 2017. that's two years after rocket League was released in the notes. 

In the interest of enforcing Fair competition, a small number of counts had been identified as abusing the matchmaking system and will receive a hard skill reset, these accounts will not receive competitive season 3 item rewards for the players, they banned who were intentionally playing at a rank that was not their own, but instead of totally Banning the accounts rocket League, just reset their ranks actually hilarious, because rocket League just turned those accounts back into Smurfs like these players who were some ranked got to put all the way back in bronze, and probably destroyed anyone, they played which is actually pretty ironic rocket League, obviously still struggles to prevent Smurfs of freestyles.

4. Rocket League - Text Chat

Text chat right after Banning player, players for smurfing Rocket League acted on verbal harassment basically before this patch, it was the Wild West out there, you could literally say anything in the face no repercussions, there were some banned words, but it was not much, it was like playing Call of Duty back in the OG days, so of course that had to change they added a bunch of new words to the censorship library and started Banning players who were a little too colorful with their words, this was actually the first time, you could report other players in the game, so it was kind of a big deal small other note rocket League also started censoring nameplates, they used to be visible no matter what was on them, but that changed as well. 

5. Rocket League - Leaving Matches 

Leaving matches, this one is kind of a small one again, but actually makes a massive difference have you ever been in a match and just didn't absolutely wrecked right out of the date like it's one minute in and you're down by seven goals your teammate is AFK, it's a nightmare well, you used to be able to just leave don't like your teammate fine just dip, but rocket league in its Infinite Wisdom decided to make you, now wait until 3 minutes and 30 seconds before forfeiting and then leaving, and if you don't play by the rules, you get banned worse and worse each time you leave this obviously has pros and cons but has totally changed the way competitive is played, now moving on to.

6. Rocket League - Trade exploits

Trade exploits, this topic was actually really hard to cover, trading has had a ton of issues over the years, scammers exploit teas traits, but covering one thing was the craziest ghost item duplication, doesn't that sound sick, so believe it or not rocket League had a bug where you could straight up duplicate items, the item duplication glitch that involves a party leader kicking a party member, during a trade considering how valuable items can be in rocket League, was a huge deal finding actual footage of this glitch was difficult, but credit to sinvo for this example, once an item was duplicated, it had another problem though remember that word ghost in the name that's because as soon as you closed writing get logged back in the item would disappear for some reason, it would act normal before you close the game, you could use it in matches, it would show up in inventory and you could even trade it, but once you backed out, it was gone so naturally, scammers use this exploit to trade items that actually ghosted items tons of players got ripped off and when they loaded rocket League back up, but they could not find the item they traded for thankfully this was fixed, but it is a warning to always watch out for scams when you're Trading.

7. Rocket League - Rank disparity

Rank disparity, this isn't so much a ban, but rather a way to prevent a bad experience for everyone before patch 2.01, you could queue up with any of your friends from any Rank and launched straight into a game of 3v3, but that's no longer possible, now your teammate must be within three ranks of the party leader to even play, but this only happens when you are a Duo queuing app 3v3 when they first released this, it would affect every game to prevent smurfing, but that wasn't their intention the real duel seems to be helping people who soloed you into 3v3 modes that way, there's no chance you get paired with Jeff and Bob Jeff is your rank, but Bob is Jeff's friend who is a mere silver 2 and is learning how to drive in a straight line Bob is going to cost you the game or was until this update side note in this same update rocket League removed player count and replaced it with amazing great and good that was really just a way to hide the fact that rocket league is dying. 

8. Rocket League - Reporting systems

Reporting systems, this ban is a lot of things combined into one, so just gonna go through them in update 2.08 rocket League added a refreshed reporting system to crack down on all kinds of behavior that included text harassment verbal harassment match throwing griefing intentionally idle XP forming inappropriate player names and appropriate Club names, and even trade stands of all the bands, 

This one is maybe the least exciting, but probably one of the most important in your experience tons of accounts are constantly being removed since now have the ability to report pretty much anything, so this change was a huge deal, and definitely improves the quality of life of the game, so do yourself a favor and report people in rocket league,  the game is better for everyone or just keep reporting your bad teammate. 

9. Rocket League - Mods 

The final ban is once again more of a catch-all, you know that mods are popular in rocket League, some are harmless like Bacchus mods to make your car look cooler for yourself, but others have created serious competitive advantages, like there used to be a Bacchus mod plug-in for ball prediction which eventually got removed, but it's kind of interesting that the Chinese version of Rocket League actually has, it still integrated into the game to help people learn faster, there have also been mods to see how much boost time has left to spawn ways to see through the ball and find your opponent and even matters for doing mechanics that just shouldn't be possible, Bacchus mod has a good relationship with rocket League Administration and works to make sure these mods never make it to the public, so if you're looking for a way to cheat the system, you are not going to find it plus, even if it somehow happened,  you would get banned pretty fast.

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