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POE 3.19 Best Mayhem Event Builds - Softcore Trade, Mayhem SSF, Mayhem HC SSF

11/10/2022 3:42:38 PM

In this guide, we go over the builds that ended up winning Mayhem and why XP Races allow for much better build diversity in poe. A lot of community members were upset about how Mayhem ended up being a mini gauntlet when they just wanted to blast.

Top 1 Build - Softcore Trade

-Havoc ended up getting level 100 first with Spark Carry in a full team of Supports.

-Finished in around 33 hours.

-Showcases why SSF has to exist in order for there to be competitive events.

-XP Gear in giga-juiced maps is unbeatable unless there is a supply of 5 ways.

Equipment of Softcore Trade

Weapon: Sceptre (The Supreme Truth Crystal Sceptre)

Necromancer Circlet: Chitu's Apex

Ring: Perandus Signet

Armor: The Restless Ward

Boots: Corpse Stride

Gauntlets: Onslaught Nails

Lamellar: Hate Mantle

Top 2 Build - Mayhem SSF

-Poisonous Concoction Occultist dominated SC SSF.

-Boneshatter with Juggernaut and Slayer Variant also performed super well due to its incredible mapping speed, which scales with density.

-Someone actually pulled off a lvl 100 Deadeye with Kinetic Blast, making use of Esh's Mirror.

Equipment of Mayhem SSF

Hood: Rift Dome

Shield: Esh's Mirror

Boots: Bramble Hoof

Weapon: Imbued Wand (Grim Needle)

Amulet: Behemoth Locket

Full Dragonscale: Brimstone Curtain

Gauntlets: Morbid Grip

Stygian Vise: Viper Thread

Top 3 Build - Mayhem HC SSF

-SSF HC showcases more build diversity since Demigods are awarded for top of each Ascendancy rather than top 6 Overall.

-Main different is Occultist Poisonous was not that popular since the build is not super tanky.

-HC Players prefer Cold DOT due to playstyle.

-Seismic Trap is still extremely strong for both mapping and bossing even after 50 Nerfs.

-Boneshatter is an amazing skill for XP Race Events.

Equipment of Mayhem HC SSF

Weapon: Despot Axe (Beast Sever)

Helmet: Pig-Faced Bascinet (Doom Glance)

Chest Armor: Desert Brigandine (Maelstrom Salvation)

Gloves: Viper Mitts

Belt: Bear's Girdle

Amulet: Hinekora's Sight

Final Tips for POE 3.19 Best Mayhem Event Builds

Why did GGG add mods to this event and try to turn it into a mini-Gauntlet? Cold DOT is the build of Mayhem for HCSSF with a wide variety of ascendancies, spectral Helix is too slow for mapping, and lightning Strike gear requirement is too high in a shot event, does anyone even play HC Trade?



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