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POE 3.19 Best Mayhem Builds - Top 3 Best Mayhem Event Builds In Path Of Exile

11/7/2022 5:11:29 PM

Mayhem event is coming to Path of Exile. For Mayhem, you're going to need a strong build. Today, we are going to bring you the top 3 best POE Mayhem event builds 3.19. Remember you don't need crazy Busters, there's no like crazy need to kill Pinnacle bosses for this event. You just really want to map fast because this is an XP event. So it's all about how much XP per hour can you get, and how can you do on the ladder.


POE 3.19 Best Mayhem Builds - Top 3 Best Mayhem Event Builds In Path Of Exile

Path of Exile Mayhem Event is putting on top of the normal game, there are some extra damage modes chosen from a pool. Some of them like extra projectile pretty repeat. This is probably about the least popular part of the event because a lot of people don't really feel like there's a need to have these damage modifiers. But on top of that and what people love about Mayhem is that H Stone will have things like 20 strong boxes, 20 Exiles, or a bunch of different things like that so there are really cool things that will stay in that zone for an hour at a time. Let’s check POE best Mayhem Event build work


POE 3.19 Best Mayhem Event Build - Elementalist

A bit of a downside with the Elementalist is the tank can be really hard and with gear progression being as messed up as it is Kalandra Trickster gets a bit of an edge as it's easier to get the defense on that. It's pretty decent bust damage, you can struggle a little bit against Pinnacle bosses. This build is very good clear easy to gear and progresses very easily on the campaign. It is a two-button play style so if you don't like things they played full-blade blast or just a great DD, then this build might not be for you.


POE Best Mayhem Build - Spectral Helix

This is an insanely strong Path of Exile Mayhem Event build. It has pretty good XP per hour and especially when you get a lightning strike which you can do without Omni. Obviously, the lightning strike portion of the build whether you use Omni or not is a lot more gear intensive. It depends on how much you like Spectral Helix because you might get stuck with that for quite a while. But very strong build, definitely worth looking into. It is a one-button build and is very popular and really good boss damage.


POE Best 3.19 Build For Mayhem Event - Righteous Fire Inquisitor

This is one of the best POE Mayhem builds 3.19. Honestly, zero button build you just walk around and kill things. It’s nice for folks, you can just space barring through the map with righteous fire. It’s very easy, comes online pretty early but definitely does want gear as well. You can just continuously scale throughout the event, an amazing choice for the upcoming Mayhem League.


No matter what POE builds for Mayhem Event you pick, make sure you can go fast. It is all about XP if you want to get the rewards in this race. But the number one thing that matters make sure you're having fun there are two other events after this too, an Endless Delve event and also a Delirium event.



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