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Rocket League Jump Start A Friend Event Guide: How to Get Points and Free Rewards Fast

11/16/2022 3:20:47 PM

In order to bring back some old players of Rocket League, there is a new event is ongoing, which allows players to play matches and earn free RL items. So here we’ll look into the Rocket League Jump Start a Friend event, and present the ways how to get points, rewards, and some other problems regarding it.  

Rocket League Jump-Start A Friend Rewards 

There are 18 rewards that can be earned for Rocket League Jump-Start A Friend event, which is running from November 9 to 22, the Jump-Starter Player Title will be available once you sign up for RL Jump-Start A Friend, then you need to earn points to unlock the remaining Rocket League items, starting from 450 points, you'll begin unlocking painted Manganese Boost in various colors. 

0 points - "Jump-Starter" Player Title

100 points - CutCorner Avatar Border

200 points - Sweat Vet Decal

300 points - Pointed Posts Wheels

400 points - Manganese Boost

450 points - Burnt Sienna Manganese Boost

500 points - Gray Manganese Boost

550 points - Lime Manganese Boost

600 points - Saffron Manganese Boost

650 points - Pink Manganese Boost

700 points - Orange Manganese Boost

750 points - Cobalt Manganese Boost

800 points - Purple Manganese Boost

850 points - Forest Green Manganese Boost

900 points - Sky Blue Manganese Boost

950 points - Crimson Manganese Boost

1000 points - Black Manganese Boost

1050 points - Titanium White Manganese Boost

How to Sign Up for Jump-Start A Friend in Rocket League?

1. Go to the dedicated Jump-Start A Friend site: https://jumpstart.rocketleague.com/

2. Click “Sign Up Now”

3. Log in to your Epic Games account. If this is your first time connecting your Epic Games account to the site, you can earn a set of Chopper EG Wheels. 

Sign Up for Jump-Start A Friend

How to Earn Points for Jump-Start A Friend in Rocket League?

When you complete the signup, start connecting with friends to earn points by playing Online Matches together. The number of points you earned is determined by the friend you play with.

10 points: play 1 Online Match with a friend

20 points: play 1 Online Match with a friend who has not played in 30 days

100 points: bonus for your first Online Match with a friend who has not played in 30 days, you can invite up to 3 friends to earn up to 300 points. 

How to Get Jump-Start A Friend Rewards Fast in Rocket League?

To get the final reward Titanium White Manganese Boost, you need 1050 points during RL Jump-Start A Friend, if you play with three other people in your party that are also in the event if they have registered, and you play 4v4 Casual mode, you generally get 30 points per game. As this is a two-week event, to reduce the number of games and save time, you can grab the bonus, if you have some friends that have not played for about 30 days, invite them to log in and play a game with you, you can get 100 points per friend, a total of 300 points, this will save some time for you.