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POE 3.20 Manifesto Guide - Removal of Archnemesis and Loot Goblins

11/17/2022 11:11:53 AM

We go over the removal of Archnemesis and Loot Goblins for POE. Community hated Archnemesis and wanted it removed, everyone thought this would be the most important manifesto, archnemesis led to limited build diversity and unhealthy loot goblin meta, GGG added archnemesis because the old system was confusing and players could not easily distinguish what mods were on a rare.


What Was Wrong with Archnemesis

Keyworded mod names were not fully descriptive of what they did.

Mods had multiple effects because of stacking effects/modifiers.

Encounters rewards meant that players incentivized to bring in a magic find character to maximize rewards.

Changing of Archnemesis Mods

Mods Do One Specific Thing

Old Archnemesis had too many effects, making it hard to understand why monster was so strong. New Magma Barrier will just put a magma barrier around the monster and does nothing else.

Magma Barrier Rare Monster Modifiers:

-30% increased Fire Damage.

-+40% to Fire Resistance.

-Gain 25% of Physical Damage as Extra Fire Damage.

-25% of Physical Damage Converted to Fire Damage.

-25% additional Physical Damage Reduction.

-Dropped items have maximum sockets.

Mods Say What They Do

Hard to distinguish what incendiary does unless you looked it up on a wiki, now incendiary will show either “Fire and Ignite Resistant” or “Ignites”. Deadeye will now show “Applies Random Mark”, “Extra Crits”, or “Accurate”.

Incendiary Rare Minster Modifiers

-Hits always Ignite.

-25% increases Ignite Duration on Enemies.

-All Damage can Ignite.

-It now has +30% to Fire Resistance against Damage over Time.

-100% increased Ignite Damage.

Easier Encounters on Average

Pool of mods that involve complex interaction have been heavily diluted due to presence of simple mods, encounter more complex flights less frequently, will still have some challenging fights with overlapping mods, but much mire rare.

No More MF Culling Meta

Rewards were associated with individual mods in Archnemesis. Required to fetch a magic-find culling character to maximize value of monster mods. In new system, GGG has added a significant pool of new rewards to rares, but rewards on the monster is hidden. Rare monsters with more mods are more likely to have special hidden reward mods. Even out spikiness of loot, but magic finding should still be good.

Final Tips for POE (Currency)

Hard to say how loot will feel in juiced maps with these changes, headhunter will feel worse with these changes, and inspired learning will be trash tier, game should feel a lot easier in general and allow for off-meta builds to be played on low gear level, system is same as before but with better clarity, game is saved, and 3.20 will have revived playerbase.



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