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Rocket League High Octane Event Guide: Challenges & How To Get Whiplash Car

11/18/2022 10:28:47 AM

Whiplash is a new car from Fortnite, it is now in Rocket League. They also brought this car over for free for us, but you got to do the challenges. In this Rocket League High Octane event guide 2022, we are showing you how to get a Whiplash car for free. 


Rocket League High Octane Event Guide: Challenges & How To Get Whiplash Car

The most desirable reward from this Rocket League High Octane update is a breakout hitbox car. How do you get this Rocket League High Octane event car? Let's go ahead and pull up all of the challenges and everything you need to do during this Rocket League High Octane Whiplash guide.


How To Get Whiplash Car In Rocket League

- First things first, you do have to download Fortnite unfortunately the challenges are not in Rocket League.

-The Rocket League High Octane Quests should pop up as you open your Fortnite. But if it doesn't you need to go upper right-hand corner, and then you need to view the RL High Octane Quests. 

-Go down to the bottom and view the quests. 

-All you need to do is bounce it, flip it and shoot for the win. Complete the quests to earn free Rocket League High Octane Whiplash.


Rocket League High Octane Challenges

Octane Battle Royale/Zero Build Quests

Fly 100 meters continuously in an Octane (1)

 Hit opponents while riding in an Octane (3)

Perform a 720 front or black flip in the air with an Octane (1)


Octane Creator Experience Quests

Earn points at RL Live  (250)

Earn points at RL Live (100)

Damage car opponents in Sniper vs Octanes (600)

Eliminate sniper opponents in Snipers vs Octanes (1)

Complete a lap in under 2 minutes 30 seconds in the Octane race (1)

Complete laps in the Octane race (2)

Collect coins at Rocketeer Ruins (8)

 Reach each hardpoint at Rocketeer Ruins (5)


Rocket League High Octane Event Tips

You literally just have to go into Fortnite and follow the challenges, they are super easy and you will get the Whiplash for free in Rocket League. Definitely make sure that you're using the same account that is linked to your epic account like linked to your Rocket League account or whatever if you're playing on Steam using the Epic account that's linked to that one. If you're playing on Epic, use the same epic account and you shouldn't have any issues at all. It should be pretty straightforward and you should get a free RL High Octane Whiplash once you're all done with those challenges. It takes maybe 30 minutes to an hour to get all these challenges done!



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