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Best Rocket League Ranking Up Strategies 2022/2023- 9 Ways To Rank Up Without Training In Rocket League

11/23/2022 3:49:38 PM

If you're sick of hearing the boomer rocket League advice, go work on your shooting, go practice some training packs, that's good, but truth is it's boring. So in this guide, we put together a list of 9 ways to rank up without training 4 hours a day in Rocket League. 

Rocket League Ranking Up Strategies - 9 Ways To Rank Up Without Training In Rocket League

Strategy #1 - Stop Over-Flipping

The idea here is most rocket league players are flipping a lot more than they need to. The problem is every time you flip,you get a speed boost, so you feel like you're playing faster. But while you're flipping you're committed in that direction and you're locked through the animation for however long it takes until you land. What happens then is a lot of players will get caught flipping during moments where the ball is changing direction or something new is happening. If you're stuck flipping during these moments, you're not going to be able to change direction and you're going to react slower than you could have if you were just grounded the whole time. So while this is situational, take a look at your games and try to avoid flipping if you aren't absolutely certain the ball is going a certain way for an extended amount of time. Just by saving your flip and staying grounded, you're going to be able to get to balls way quicker and ultimately make more beats in your games.

Strategy #2 - Take Blame

For whatever reason, people out there seem to think that flaming your teammates in quick chat makes them play better when literally the worst thing you can do in a solo queue game is flame your teammates. When you start taking blame and hitting the bad quick chat after every goal that scored on you, not only do you take pressure off your teammate and shelter their ego a little bit, you also learn from your games. And if you're constantly in the mentality of pointing at your teammates or thinking about what they can improve, it doesn't help you. So just get in the habit of taking blame, hitting my bad after any goals scored, you're going to learn more from it, your teammates will play better for it and above long term and short-term, you're going to get a lot better faster.

Strategy #3 - Limit Your Sessions

Limit your ranked sessions to 60 to 90 minutes maximum. one of the main problems especially with players who play a lot but don't rank up is actually queuing too much. The truth is while everybody varies a little bit, you can't focus for 3 or 4 hours straight no matter what you think. It takes about 20 to 30 minutes to get locked into Flow State and it takes 60 to 90 to start like losing focus. So if can't just queue for 3 hours without losing focus and starting to make bad decisions, what you should do is keep note of how many games you're playing and just stop queuing before the lose streak starts. If you just save like those two to three losses that you get at the end of every rank session before you quit and you stop saying just one more, you'll probably end every rank session with a lot more MMR.

Strategy #4 - Stop Tilt-Queuing 

This goes in line with the third method, but basically if you ever get tilted or you're noticing, you're getting frustrated and impatient with your decision making, stop queuing. Not only will you save MMR in the short term, but also You're Gonna Save out on the fact that when you tilt queue. That's when you form most of your bad habits. When most people tilt you, they resort to their instincts, you get impatient and this is the time where you're going to start to cement a lot of bad habits. So stop cueing if you're , save yourself the losses.

Strategy #5 - Don't Play When Tired 

It needs to be said you probably aren't going to play your best at 3am, the truth is 50% of Rocket league is strategy and knowing what to do and the high level game sense stuff and the other 50% is the quick decision making reaction time and using the mechanics you have. But when you play tired, you basically make those short-term decisions and your action time way worse and you're just making it way harder on yourself to win. 

Strategy #6 - Stay Grounded

In coaching program, people at the lower ranks seem to want to jump for way more balls and commit on way more plays than they should, especially for the Platts diamonds and Champs watching, you should understand just because the ball is in the air doesn't mean you have to go for it. One of the common strategies to use in road to SSL is literally just letting people fly for balls at midfield, letting people burn their boost give away possession and then using that to score breakaways. This stuff is all situational but the main thing to do is around the midfield be cautious about jumping up and flying for the ball, unless you're 100% confident you're going to beat the opponent. Not only will you over commit less but the more you'll realize that a lot of the touches that your opponents were getting weren't good in the first place and if you just wait back and let them give the ball to you, you'll get scored on less and you'll have a much easier time scoring goals, because you'll just have the ball all the time.

Strategy #7 - Warm Up 

Everyone knows warming up is good, but for some reason 90% of players still don't warm up. And 5 minutes of free play Air triples doesn't count. Any warm-up is better than no warm-up, so if you can literally just get in free play for 5 to 10 minutes and warm up a couple of your fundamental mechanics, the stuff that you use most often think dribbling, think shooting, think recoveries, things like that. You're going to play twice as fast in your games without having to train. 

Strategy #8 - Use Your Corners 

A lot of people at the low ranks get caught in the Trap of just trying to push the ball forward. At all times, they're just trying to run down the center of the field, get it as close to the opponent's not as possible and force goals and while this works sometimes, it's not always the best thing to just try to push the ball towards your opponents. The goal of Rocket league is to get the ball around your opponents and score, not just shoot it on their net and let them save it. As you get higher and higher in the ranks, this will become more and more important. But your corner is actually one of the safest places to have the ball.

9 Ways To Rank-Up in Rocket League

You'll notice in the road to SSL series, half of what we do is just let opponents dump the ball into the corner, control the corner boost and then take 50/50s in corner to get free breakaways. When you're in your corner, you've got to understand that the ankles to score on you are so minimal and there's so much up Field behind your opponent. That's a really good place to be in so get comfortable controlling the ball in your corner, slowing down the play and letting people come to you and over commit to you. If you can get good at this and it's going to be a little trial and error, you're going to get tons of free goals from people, just diving in in your corner for no reason! 

Strategy #9 - Stop Solo-Queuing

One of the quickest ways to do it is to just find a teammate. There are two or three goals every single game at the lower rank that are just caused by double commits. And when you get on voice comms or just cue with any anybody and you're actually playing around each other, you can get rid of those double commits and get a free advantage on everyone else who's solo queuing in your games. It's important to learn how to play around your opponents and learn how to adapt and stuff like that. But if you want a free rank boost with players joining private coaching program when they get paired up with a teammate, they can jump anywhere from 50 to 150 MMR almost instantly. The hardest part here is finding good teammates, you can always use the party queue feature in-game.