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Path Of Exile Ruthless Alpha Guide - Finishing Campaign, Running Maps & Atlas Passives

11/28/2022 2:41:40 PM

Now put in a lot more hours, done up to tier six Maps, so the second half of the campaign was feeling pretty comfortable, like it's you'd have to pick a build that's fairly strong or a spec that's a fairly strong skill.

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Path Of Exile Ruthless Alpha Guide - Finishing Campaign, Running Maps & Atlas Passives

Path Of Exile Ruthless Alpha - Finishing Campaign

In this case traps, you can't really go wrong, the explosive trap is pretty damn good and a fairly well-known starter, show your tree afterwards as well, you basically just take a bunch of the Trap nodes go Saboteur and throw around some traps and it goes pretty well, at some point, find a crit damage support, and then attached an explosive trap and seismic trap to that, so it was a bit more damage and tried to be as crit based as possible, the main difference between this and a regular campaign playthrough is basically just the speed at which you're going damage and if you pick a strong enough skill, like cold dots or chaos dots, some ignite that sort of.

Then honestly more than enough to get through the campaign, it's just going to be a bit slower in damage, and then your movement speed and the rate at which your character clears packs from pack to pack is just a bit slower that's the main difference. 

So got through the campaign pretty, it was in about 11 hours in the end, and started doing some maps, the first character of a new league is typically about 10 to 11 hours, but that's with interacting with the new league mechanic and new systems and stuff like that go pretty slow whereas this, it was just trying to get through it and it took about 11 hours, so it was kind of slow to find a few support gems, in the end, maybe like five or six, one of them was actually properly useful. 

A few skill gems definitely could have sold a few and stuff like that and enough res that character was almost entirely wearing Raz by the time, Hit Maps, start doing Maps, just tier one strand that sort of thing.

Of course a lot fewer loot drops, as you can see here, killed four bosses and got a decent chunk of rares, which doesn't always happen, sometimes you kill a boss of a map, and you'll get like two blues or just one blue or some, but pretty often it seems that you're at least getting a rare from a boss, but running just a small bit of Rarity. 

Path Of Exile Ruthless Alpha - Running Maps

Otherwise, the map drops itself, it felt pretty comfortable to sustain, from Tier ones to tier fives and sixes over the course of a couple of hours and had like 20 Maps sitting in a tab by the time. 

It's just going to be more about getting to the higher tiers of maps because it's hard to use any of your currency to roll Maps, it's hard to then get a good quantity on maps and also complete the maps from yellow to Red tier, making them rare runnable rollable and tick off the atlas point is going to be difficult. 

Otherwise, wise loot is just shafted across the board which is kind of refreshing that you don't have to like, fill up your inventory with Loot and Govender pretty much ever.

Maybe by the end of the map, you've got enough to vendor a whole inventory, but sometimes you won't have even half the inventory and sometimes it'll be just a quick bunch of throwing away your loot, checking a few things, and throwing some stuff away, the currency is still pretty damn scarce and but that's basically just a little mapping experience, and show you the atlas tree.

Here at level 73 or probably around 20-ish Maps, normally done, around level 76, 77, or something like that, so the XP is a bit slower GMXP is a bit slower, and that does make things more difficult. Currently, level 16 explosives trap it, and probably shouldn't be much better at this point, maybe 17 or 18.

Throughout the campaign, it starts to slow you down, badly like around act seven or eight when you're like 10 levels ahead of your gem at that point, something like that so still basically ruthless is just slower across the board, a bit Grindier and some people that might be appealing, once again it is basically the base game, but everything's just slowed down a bunch, and it's just going to take more work to get through.

At this point when getting to the deeper stuff, but how it does get a bit more interesting to focus more on your upgrades, and on the loot in the ground, and get more excited about that and the map sustain sometimes goes back to the previous tiers and maps all that. As far as where you're going to be going back to Catawba to farm tier-one Maps for sustain, but maybe got a bit of Lucky, something like that most maps that dropped at least one or two perhaps, and quite often even upgrades.

Path Of Exile Ruthless Alpha - The Currency Tab

Otherwise, the currency tab looks something like that tried to use a bit of the stuff, but only had a few more outs, and maybe a couple of chaos, and then nothing as you can see, Kirak himself sells maps in the form of transmutes and chance orbs and the yellow maps are gonna be like an ALK some like that, but the difficult stuff with the Alps and the yellow Maps is to tick completion for the yellow Maps, 

you're gonna have to do a rare version and that's going to be difficult,  and then a rare and corrupted version for Reds that's going to be really difficult, Atlas passives are basically gonna really slow down.

Path Of Exile Ruthless Alpha - Atlas Passives

Once you've done white maps and the atlas passives are still as plentiful,  but they are a bit different, a lot of them don't have like the perks that they used to have or they've been really heavily watered down to not even do the same sort of things.

Some of them have just straight up been removed, just to quickly mention the end-game stuff seems to be pretty much the same, because by the time you're at endgame, maybe you're allowed to start getting some rewards there because it's tough to get there, but a lot of the other stuff is just a heavily watered-down.

For example, the Essences here gives you an increased chance to have Essences in your map, if you spec all of this, you get like 14 transfers in essence, and then keep going with Essences and a five percent chance to have three additional. At no point are you pretty much guaranteeing anything on your map here when you just spec a bunch of the stuff that you care about,  you've got an increased chance to see that in your map.

If you want to remove some stuff, you're not getting an increased chance to other things, you're just plain removing a mechanic you no longer want to see, and a lot of the other nodes, as you can see, it's 40 increased chance to contain a legion, it's not going to give you like a guaranteed Legion, if you want the map things here for Ikea higher, there's a downside to it of 15 extra physics lightning, and this one over here is the downside of everything being a bit Tankier, and then these up here, once again 15 Fizz code, 15 Fizz has fire strong box nodes seem magic corrupted10 chance openable again. 

Path Of Exile Ruthless Alpha - Abyss

As far as, Abyss seems not too bad if you're gonna expect that Legion. Otherwise not too sure, Harvest is basically you can't use it to make gear, for the most part, it's just for some you know sort of quality life things to change.

Like Essences, you might want to change into some other stuff or Bridgestone and breeches and all that, but you can't really use it as a crutch for gear, for the most part, your gear is probably gonna have to come from Essences from fossils and just the ground. 

Grand designs small Atlas, passive skills Grant nothing, and then you get 10 extra Atlas passive skill points or you can do the other one which is notables Grant nothing, and then get 10 Atlas passive skill points, it might actually be a viable strategy and ruthless to just do no notable farming whatsoever, and just take a bunch of like the pack size and the Rarity and all the way across, but what strategy is going to be the most optimal one, it might be sulfite and go through delve a lot, probably not going to be doing much ruthless thing, especially in a mapping sense, so that's basically the atlas tree as far as gear at this stage of character.

Path Of Exile Ruthless Alpha - Resists 

Now basically, wrapping up the ruthless Alpha experience, got some resists here, just capped resists at this stage, uncapped for most of this playthrough pretty heavily at some times, and characterize is pretty still using a blue belt got a good pair of boots that have movement speed and resists good resists on a shield, still using the same amulet.  

Even though resisting a bit of life on a hat is a pretty good scepter, especially because for this mode your gem levels are, so flat added is pretty good, so that thing's a nice bunch of evasion on that ring very early on hasn't been replaced, and then actually one good item. Alchemied an amethyst ring, and it turned out really good, might be one of the better rings on the server at the moment, so that's for the gear, otherwise explosive crap crit damage.

Path Of Exile Ruthless Alpha - Support cluster trap

Another support cluster trap, just recently, and then got seismic happening as well.  Using Vitality bear trap flamethrower trap siphoning Ellie's weakness and then as far as the passive tree, it's a pretty basic one for this sort of thing, you're just picking up most of the Trap, some spells, and filling out things, as you need to wear it on normal servers, try and cap out suppress through gear a bit more, probably be running Grace for extra actual defensiveness, and they'd be a clean trap starter, so take those nodes.

In this case, took more damage, because it can't get two more points, you only get six, in the end,  otherwise, you could go to the defensive nodes instead. So that's basically a ruthless experience. 

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