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POE 3.20 Teaser Season Preparation - New Keystone And Player Questions Great In POE 3.20

11/30/2022 7:29:22 PM

It is time for some Path of Exile discussion patch 3.20 is actually closer than a lot of us have realized, it's only about 10 days until the League start, somewhat of an unusual spoiler season.


POE 3.20 Teaser Season Preparation - New Keystone And Player Questions Great In POE 3.20

POE 3.20 Teaser Season New Keystone - Hex Master

Today got one new Keystone, this is replacing doomsday on the passive tray which is no longer going to function after all of the curse Manifesto discussion that had yesterday, if you missed any of the discussion of the four balance manifestos, hex Master is a new Keystone that is going to be of Pretty limited use for most players, it causes your hex's duration to be infinite.

Now as your hexes-based duration is increased to one week, it may still end, if your character dies, and they still end, if you portal out of the map, but otherwise they're just not going to end, however, the drawback is pretty considerable, not only do you have the opportunity cost of taking hex master, and needing to be in the right area of the tree, but you also have 20 fewer effects of your curses.

When would you use this broadly speaking?

The answer is you would not use this on most characters, you do not want to use this on characters where your curses have their full duration under normal gameplay, but if you're playing the sort of build like storm call, all that actually wants to decrease duration on all of your skills, you might find that all of those things that are reducing the duration of your storm call are also decreasing the duration of your hexes to the point, and they're no longer useful in that situation x master has it uses stormcall is not a popular skill at the moment in Path of Exile 3.19, and any reason to assume that it will be in Path of Exile 3. 20, but if you are a storm calling Joy up, then this is something that's there for you. 

Otherwise, forget it in most situations, it'll be better to manually recast your hexes every now and again, it's important to point out in editing that most players will flawlessly reapply their hexes, exactly as the old one expired that's something not capable of doing. 

There are probably only a few dozen people with a level of mechanical skill necessary to flawlessly reapply their hexes every time they expire, however even assuming that make little human mistakes, and that sometimes end up with a hex falling off for a little while, sometimes reapply it even a full second or two too early, even allowing for those little mistakes, hex Master is not going to be worth it for most builds, but of course, the exception still stands, if you are reducing the duration of all of your skills, so that you can Empower lightning warp or so that you can Empower storm call or something like that then hex Master is something to seriously consider the second thing that came out.

POE 3.20 Teaser Season Big overhaul 

The big overhaul that was announced yesterday and all of the discussion that had on that with the curses Manifesto GGG had a number of questions, they wanted to answer that came out of that.

Are you changing Bane and Bane will also have a cursed penalty similar to hex touch support and blasphemy support?

It'll be important to see what those numbers, actually are will you make vixen's entrapment work with Bane? 

Unfortunately, the answer here is no big system entrapment is a unique set of gloves that used to work very well with Bain.

Then there were some changes that were made when they first introduced the concept of hexes that broke that interaction, and it caused the vixen's entrapment to go from Fantastic in conjunction with Bane to worthless in conjunction with Bane, and not very good in conjunction with anything else either. Unfortunately, that is not changing will delve keep its depth scaling curse effect reduction will a less curse effect on players modifier be removed from temporal chains. 

There are really three reasons for this:

  • The first and least important is PVP balance;

  • The second and probably the most important is when temporal chains are cast upon players by either a map mod or by a monster;

  • The third reason for this is when players inflict temporal chains on themselves in a self-curs setup in all these cases.

The temporal chains will be a reduced effect for most players, this is a net positive, but if you were playing self-cursed temporal chains, then this is going to be worse than if GGG had given the opposite answer here, but for most players, this is the answer you want to hear, can you change Hex bar, so that the hex it removes isn't random instead of removing, a random hex as was announced yesterday Xbask will remove the hex that has the lowest remaining duration I.E whichever one would naturally expire.

How that's going to interact with Hex Master? 

First how that's going to interact with hex Master, maybe they just decide that infinite duration is actually just a very large number, and then, in that case, it may be the oldest hex that gets removed, they'll figure something out there do these changes, now encourage weapon-swapping builds, there's a lot of discussion going around that it might be optimal to offhand a cane of culinac and this Kane cool Mac would have Bane linked to five different curse gems, and then when you started an encounter against a tougher monster, you would weapon swap, then cast this Bane, and this Bane would have all of its stats amped up by the kanik cooler Mac, and would apply five different curses and 

How you'd get your curse limit at five in a sec? 

Once you've done that and you would then weapon swap back to your real weapon,  and then you would start using whatever your main skill is that is not going to work, because your purses will be removed if you lose the skill that applied the curse, so if you want to benefit from Kona cooler Mac enhanced Bane, and curses you need to keep that kind of cool Knack in your hands to do that additionally your curses will be removed, 

If you die or leave the area, can you give us more of an idea as to how vulnerability has changed it? 

No longer has the stats elements inflicted on cursed enemies deal damage 20 faster, because this stat didn't work, a lot of people also buffed its chance to bleed, and it still has its physical damage done, how will these changes affected Doeedre's skin the unique that is unchanged does it change item mods that inflict a specific hex no longer do.

So with increased effect apply to corrupted glove modifiers, the question here is asking if you have a set of gloves that has the implicit mod curse enemies with vulnerability on hit with 44 increased effect what will this become in 320, it'll instead just be cursed enemies with vulnerability on here, there will no longer be 44 increased effects on that curse will hexes from an item with a curse on hit modifier be affected by the new hex-related cluster dual notables.

Unless particular notables specify, otherwise you didn't mention curse on hit Rings corrupt implicit or castle and damage taken linked with curses have any of the following things been changed curse on hit rings and cropped implicits no longer come with increased effects customer damage taken hasn't been changed does the removal of Boss penalties benefit Mark skills no it does not and how common is the anathema ring now.

A unique ring 

When talking about making your curse limit scaling, it up to the Moon before talking about kind of cooler Mac anathema is a unique ring that was announced yesterday, it's kind of ridiculous and it has your curse limit is equal to your maximum power charges,

Tier 1 Rarity

The question here is how common is the anathema ring, it is going to be Tier 1 Rarity, so tier one is the same as Doriani's prototype, it's the same as relicious impatience in 319, it is the same as Arakali's Fang it's about four times as rare as chevron's wrappings, and it's quite a lot more common than Headhunter or Mage blood, but it is still very rare and that's based on GGG's recent practice where items that are powerful on an extraordinarily wide range of bills tend to be tier zero.

Uniques like Headhunter or Mage blood or POE items that are much more Niche, but still extraordinarily powerful, like roller catches impatience, like dial as male affection, like the Covenant, or like thunder fists.

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