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Best League Starter Builds for the Forbidden Sanctum Path of Exile 3.20

11/30/2022 9:21:22 AM

In the upcoming Path of Exile 3.20 expansion Forbidden Sanctum, we have a huge meta-shakeup and changes that will make even crazy Imperial return to Path of Exile. So here is a list of the best league starter builds for POE 3.20 Forbidden Sanctum to get your currency engine kick in.

Path of Exile 3.20 Starter Builds For Forbidden Sanctum

Path of Exile League Starter builds are builds that will lead you to the end game without spending an excessive amount of POE currency. These builds are extremely user-friendly and don't require any specific POE items that are going to be difficult to obtain or expensive to buy when the new league begins. All of the POE 3.20 Forbidden Sanctum builds that are presented here are presented here can be played as league starters, some might be easier than others, but they are all specifically picked so you don’t need to get any build-defining items that cost tens of exalted orbs.

#1 Pohx's Righteous Fire Juggernaught

With severe regrets and loss of copium, Inquisitor has lost 5% increased effect of consecrated ground. We played pohx's Inquisitor during the endless delve and reached level 90 despite the absence of crafting bench and trade. Meanwhile, pohx was having a better experience leveling a juggernaut version of righteous Fire in the Mayhem event. This is a fun build to experience, we can recommend this build in 3.20 because we now have two ways to stop monsters from regenerating life. One from the new Ryslatha’s Pantheon and another from a mastery, that will be added into the passive tree.

#2 Cold Dot Occulist

This is the current meta in the ruthless Alpha mode where items and support gems are severely hard to obtain. With the buff to frostbite elemental weakness and arctic armor, this will be a super smooth league starter in 3.20, we can recommend Winter Tire brand or any of the top ssf ruthless builds that uses Vortex, cold snap and creeping frost.

#3 Lightning Conduit Elementalist

You might notice the numerical nerves to this skill from patch notes, however, if they had added a cool down to this skill, it would not survive ever again. With the core mechanic of lightning conduit being same, you can have a smooth league start with it, using stormbrand instead of orb of storms until you reach the end game.

#4 Kay's Summon Raging Spirit Necromancer

Summon raging Spirit has always been a secret leveling build, this requires you to each the minion instability keystone quickly. Trying an SIS build from a professional minion expert like a Ethan or Garzi. In 3.19, the ignite damage of minions were buffed making this even more better, if you are playing the trade League, the unique items are cheaply obtainable. Try it only if you enjoy this playstyle.

#5 Poison Seismic trap

With the buff to temple chains and despair curse effect on bosses, poison seismic trap will be widely played by high-end players, this skill can still melt bosses. Some skills require a bigger nerf to kill.

#6 Ethan's Carrion Golem Build

It is very likely that the primordial jewels deterministic source will be discovered by someone within the first week of the league. One week after 3.19, some people had an easy leveling experience trying this build. After act 5, by dual wielding the new reworked clay shapers which they got for 10 chaos each and stacking carrying golems, you can sit back and cruise through your way. This might only be viable in the Trade League.

7# Frozen Legion

Combining this skill with the battlemage aspect either through Inquisitor or battlemage cry, because this is both an attack and a spell skill. This is also a skill with a four second cooldown to get the best out of it. Using either glacial hammer or ice crash as the secondary skill. The defenses will be great with fortify, arctic armor, consecrated ground and determination. It is worth noting that Malay skills are getting some exciting notables and masteries on the passive tree.

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