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Best POE 3.19 Mapping Strategy - How To Map Fast in Lake of Kalandra League | Beginner Guide

11/30/2022 7:39:57 PM

Here are some tips for getting your Path of Exile 3.19 mapping a lot faster, a lot more efficient and really being able to take a lot more advantage of the time that you spend playing the game. So if you can be in and out your maps in 90 seconds, you can turn those three divines into closer 5 to 6 divines per hour, even for just a baseline elk and go. So let's get started!

Best POE 3.19 Mapping Strategy - How To Map Fast in Lake of Kalandra League POE 3.19

1. Mapping Build 

The first thing is to have a decent build, a build that has at least 30 to 40 or more percent movement speed, you're able to kill all of the monsters on the map pretty comfortably. You can kill the map boss in about 10 seconds or less at the very worst and you're able to clear the whole screen in about 1 to 2 seconds absolute max, even better as if you can clear beyond that one screen. An ideally on top of that is pressing one maybe two buttons absolute Max. This can vary absolutely greatly, you could have a focused mapping build, you can have the outliers like tornado shot or an auto bomber that has gigantic prolift full exploding and all that type of stuff, something along the lines of like a nice comfortable build like being a cultist or even my lightning tendril's ignite build which is just like really average baseline for a solid mapping build.

If your build is entirely bossing focused or it's super niche in some other way, that's not going to apply. But being able to Shield charge our whirling blade into the middle of a new pack of monsters, pressing one button, blowing up the entire screen is like a baseline for just like a really solid mapping build. We can do this by getting boots that have really good movement speed, T1 is 35%, T0 veiled is 42%, you can also get synth boots with a 10 movement speed implicit and you can get synth or Eldritch boots that have even more movement speed on the implicit there. On top of that, you can get something like Onslaught with Onslaught effect or even run haste, just to make your character a lot faster.

2. Mobility 

A really important thing when you're getting into mapping quickly in Path of Exile 3.19 is to be able to get into that flow state where it's just drop a map in and you're going, you're barely thinking, you're like Netflix and map, you're just kind of just cruising. The most foundational part about that is how you move your character around on the screen, it can be very beneficial to just spend a little bit of time thinking about your keybinds and how you're going to do that, getting it into something where you know whenever you play some game or you do any skill or activity, you start to feel that level of Mastery and it just becomes natural to the point right where your keybinds are. Flame Dash was on any other key and that's like the really most important thing. 

So have Shield charge and flame Dash with this character especially you can see that shield charge is not very fast, shield charge has some clunky things where sometimes would be really obnoxious and couldn't go anywhere, whereas flame dash can just kind of go. The thing about flame Dash is if you haven't cast it for 0.5 seconds, the next one will be instant, so you really want to have this flow where you're going to fame dash and then do something like whirling blades or shield charge. Get that flow where you're periodically hitting your Quicksilver flask and alternating between the skills that give you really high mobility. 

3. Loot Filter

- Spend time turning it and thinking about each item that you see

- If something takes even a millisecond of your attention, that’s too much

- Optimize filterblade flow

- Even if an item has value, would you ever sell it

- How many clicks of 5 chromes for 1 divine

Best POE 3.19 Mapping Strategy

It's really one of the most fundamental important things about playing Path of Exile well whether you're in trade or solo cell found and a ton of people neglect this skill. Learning a third party tool can be really annoying, we have pob, we have filter blade, we have craft of Exile, but if you're a POE player, you gotta suck it up.

4. Reroll Maps

This will save you way more time than you can imagine. What to do if you are going to run maps is do 5 or 10 at a time, click your chisels on all of them at the same time, use your alchemies on all of them and just use chaos orbs and look for mods that are bad, you can use awaken POE trade to just press Ctrl M, you can actually set certain mods by clicking on it to either warn you be good, be bad and you can just constantly press Ctrl M and go down the line and see if any of them are bad. Some people will mass roll in like a quad tab and they'll use reg X's, type reflect, that you can totally do that. Whichever way that you really prefer, but just by rolling all of your maps and one go and then you get into that flow where you run 5 or 10 maps at a time that can make a really big difference for just being a bit more efficient there.

5. Don't Kill Everything

Don't kill every monster, if your maps take 60 to 90 seconds to run, think about how many monsters you're killing per hour and backtracking for a single pack of monsters or two packs of monsters that might be around like an awkward corner or something. If that takes 10 seconds, that is one ninth of an entire map that you could run, every second does end up mattering. Playing super high stress, super perfectly highly optimized can be really annoying and it can detract from the fun.

6. Focused Content

Do content that is worth your time.