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Path Of Exile Shape & Seal Maps Tips & Tricks - Best Poe Maps To Shape

1/28/2019 11:57:03 PM

in path of exile, there are over 150 poe maps you can choose to play, with the terms of shaping your atlas, you can shape and seal one confirmed map, get one more high tier map with a layout that you’re fond of. to help the players know the atlas progress and map shaping/sealing in path of exile better, we decided to explain what is poe maps shaping, why you need to shape and seal maps, and take a look at the best maps to use shaper’s orb on.

path of exile tips & tricks for shaping & sealing maps - best poe maps to shape

what is shaping maps in path of exile?

shaping is a mechanic used to increase a map five tiers of difficulty. in other words, shaping lets you move a tier 1 map up to tier 6 in difficulty. the shaper’s orb which you can get as a reward from zana, is a non-tradeable poe item that is used to upgrade map tier by 5 when used on the map in the atlas. as there are different drops, layouts and monsters in different tier maps, the locking map is to use the special synthetic props such as shaper’s orb to restore the unlocked map to the factory settings (unresolved mode), so that the locked map (shaped map) won’t drops any more.

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why you should do shaped atlas (maps)? 

when you’re playing maps, you’ll find ones you like and ones you don’t like. shaping a map you like is an easy way to get one more high tier map with a layout that you’re fond of. likewise, you could go all the way with cartographer's seals and limit your map selection to only the best layouts or your favorites by removing nearly all others and keeping only your favorites. 


1. if you map around, you can do shaper and elder maps all day every day and have more of a chance at those items to use yourself or sell for profit, because:

1) not every map is easy to completed, the shaped maps can guarantee you a faster speed to complete map and farm items

2) not every map has your wanted drops, such as you only can farm the divination card - the doctor on spider forest map

3) not every map has a lot of monsters, more monsters = more drops = more income

4) while shaped atlas:

- allows you to run the same maps over and over again

- allows you to sextant a lot and sextant block

2. since you’ll be wanting to fill out your atlas for the map rate bonus, having more good layouts to run can be a big advantage. 

3. there’s one other huge reason to shape specific maps: divination cards. most items in the game can drop from any map equally, but there are a few map specific items. divination cards are one of those.

how to shape & seal your poe maps? 

first you need to acquire shaper's orbs by collecting memory fragments and giving them to master cartographer: zana

1. get a map between tier 6 to tier 9, such as the tier 6 map - spider forest

2. use the equally shaper's orbs to shape the map from t11 to t14, for example: you can get tier 6 shaper's orbs from the boss of t11 fields, the map must be rare one with vaal affixed. then use tier 6 shaper's orbs shape the giant spider to tier 11

3. use 3 x master cartographer's sextant and 1 x orb of scouring to exchange a cartographer's seal, seal the maps with same tier or +1 tier (also can seal the +2 tier map to ensure drops), takes shaped giant spider for example, you can seal all the tier 11 maps expect the ones with giant spider, and all the tier 12 maps, also the tier 13 maps if you have enough path of exile currency

4. complete other maps as more as possible expect the sealed ones, the completed amount of the map on center is better to reach 100.

the best maps to shape in path of exile

1. shape the spider forest map to farm the doctor divination card, 

2. shape t6 arena map for fast complete and farm

3. shape beach map for sextant

4. shape the spider forest map and complete t12 vault map. note that: though complete vault map is not hard, and the layout is not bad (drops divination card the hoarder which can be exchanged for exalted orb), it’s hard to shaped and sealed since it is connected to t13 gorge map.

more best poe maps to shape in path of exile betrayal:

tier 1

atoll map (linear layout)

channel map (divination cards)

ramparts (linear layout)

tier 2

arid lake map (linear layout, density)

pen map (linear layout, divination cards)

iceberg map (density, multiple bosses)

tier 3

graveyard map (open layout, 3 bosses)

shipyard map (divination cards, density)

peninsula map (linear layout)

tier 4

beach map (linear layout)

glacier map (linear layout)

strand map (linear layout)

tier 5

jungle valley map (linear layout, divination cards)

alleyways map (linear layout)

port map (linear layout)

tier 6

volcano map (linear layout, divination cards)

canyone map (linear layout)

wharf map (linear layout)

tier 7

dunes map (good layout, density)

underground river map (linear layout)

lava chamber map (linear layout)

tier 8

shore map (good layout, density)

promenade map (linear layout)

mud geyser map (density)

tier 9

tropical island map (linear layout)

vault map (linear layout, divination cards)

waterways map (divination cards)

tier 10

belfry map (linear layout)

plateau map (linear layout)

pier map (linear layout)

which maps do people usually shape, and why? below we present maps are generally the most popular or solid choices. there are no "best" maps but there are certain options for every tier depending on your build and if you're going for currency or just xp.


- beach: good layout, nothing else.

- graveyard: average layout, multiple currency div. cards, 3 bosses => vaal orb for sacrifice pieces.


- pen: very linear layout, 6l and bisco's collar div. card.

- arid lake: good layout, boss can drop additional loot.


- arcade: average layout, exalted orb div. card, very easy boss.

- burial chambers: good layout and packsize, headhunter div. card.

- cage: very linear layout, 6l div. card, very easy boss.

- springs: good layout, 6l div. card.


- city square: average layout, essence div. card, 3 bosses => vaal orb for sacrifice pieces.

- courthouse: good layout, multiple good div. cards, 3 bosses => vaal orb for sacrifice pieces.

- grotto: amazing packsize, orb of fusing div. card.

- volcano: average layout with good packsize, kaom's heart div. card.


- channel: very linear layout, tabula rasa div. card.

- haunted mansion: good layout with decent packsize.

- ivory temple: garbage layout, multiple div. cards.

- maze: bad layout, vaal orb div. cards.

- toxic sewer: god tier layout for xp/h.


- jungle valley: very open layout, multiple div. cards(the windripper card is very rare).

- atoll: very linear layout but negative amount of monsters.

- cemetery: very open layout, gcp div. card.

- fields: very open layout with good packsize.

- underground sea: good layout and packsize, multiple good div. cards, awesome for zana's beyond.


- bazaar: basically a slightly worse arcade map.

- underground river: very linear layout, no cards.

- dunes: god tier open layout.


- courtyard: good packsize, essence div. card, 3 bosses => vaal orb for sacrifice pieces.

- infested valley: good layout and packsize.

- shore: god tier open layout.

- armoury: good layout mainly for skills similar to kinetic blast/explosive arrow.

- vaal pyramid: bad layout, 4 good div. cards, 3 bosses => vaal orb for sacrifice pieces.


- estuary: very open layout with good packsize and a lot of chests.

- moon temple: good layout with amazing packsize.

- waste pool: god tier layout for xp/h except for the boss.

- sepulchre: good layout, multiple div. cards, skip the boss.


- arachnid tomb: alright layout with good packsize.

- belfry: god tier open layout with alright packsize, skip the boss.

- bog: good open layout with great packsize, boss can drop additional loot.

- orchard: bad layout but probably the highest monstercount in the game(?).

- precinct: alright layout, multiple div. cards, multiple bosses => vaal orb for sacrifice pieces.

hope this path of exile shaped maps guide can help you some, want to know more information about poe, welcome to check out our path of exile wiki & database

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