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The Guides Of Making Path Of Exile Gears For New Players Part Ii - Junior Tips Of Making Top Equipment

2/1/2019 5:52:30 PM

in the previous article, we analyzed the basic attributes of poe gears. now, we talk about junior tips of making top equipment.

this poe guide is written for new player, and you just need some orb of alteration, orb of alchemy and orb of chance. you don't need to buy poe currencies from poe stores online, you can sell some items to vendors to get currency. how to exchange poe currency you can see poe vendor recipe.

- using orb of alteration on normal items to get magic items

- using orb of alchemy on normal items to get rare items

- using orb of chance on normal items to get magic items or rare items or unique items

i recommend you to use the following images as guides, so you can easily get great unique items.

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