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Path Of Exile 3.6 Synthesis Best Starter Builds, Best Poe Items, Skill Gems & Keystones For 3.6 Builds

3/8/2019 4:29:52 PM

the launch of path of exile 3.6 synthesis expansion for pc is around the corner! have you got the new league features? which build is best for poe 3.6 starter? here godlkk.com brings you the path of exile 3.6 synthesis best builds for the different tier and recommended top 5 poe best starter builds 3.6 with instruction, the best poe items, skill gems, and keystones/ascendancy skills for 3.6 builds.


path of exile 3.6 synthesis league best build 

- s tier best build: winter orb build, molten strike build

s tier: path of exile s tier including s and s+ tier, they are very strong and overpowered ascendancy classes, like saboteur, elementalist, and hierophant. s+ tier is usually great for the players like melting boss and obtains high damage, it works well even with no investment, but s tier needs some investment.

- a tier best build: arc, cyclone

a tier: balanced, the poe ascendancy classes are very viable, especially for casual players who just want to have fun and test out new interesting builds, like champion, gladiator, and pathfinder.

- b tier best build: vaal blade vortex, elemental hit, tornado shot

- c tier best build: herald of agony, scourge arrow

- d tier best build: vaal rain of arrows, lightning spire trap, vaal righteous fire, glacial cascade

- e tier best build: blade flurry, tectonic slam, vaal storm call, consecrated path

5 path of exile 3.6 synthesis league best starter build recommendation

1. quad frostbolt totems hierophant build

this poe build is very fast clearing and safe build, but in path of exile 3.6 the damage of this solid approach is receiving a huge damage buff. the build is played as a hierophant utilizing frostbolt threshold jewels frozen trail that allows you to cast extra projectiles from the frostbolt without having any downsides of it. it is based around cold damage and focusing on critical strikes enemies will be chilled frozen or chattered before you even see them, makes this build a viable for hardcore as well.

2. ed/contagion

with the upcoming chaos buffs in path of exile synthesis league, this would be the perfect time to bring out the big guns and show you the ed/contagion, which is considered one of the most solid and easy builds, since the release of the abilities and poe 3.6 synthesis, it can be played as both trickster or operatives, as a trickster being able to play this build in a solo self found state, it also has an insane roof on how much you can improve and invest into the build to make it add or handle content. please note that this build is strictly targeting new players and leak starter.

3. storm brand 

it is one of the fastest leveling skill in the game, the in-game viability of storm brand has been amazing on top of that now due to the nerfs in poe 3.6 synthesis patch notes come.

4. caustic arrow mf

caustic arrow has been a super solid league store durability for a long time and even for magic find, new players and fortune seekers alike can understand the build and enjoy it from the start of a league. the build is played as raider, it's fast, the reason for the ascendency choice is the quality of life features as damage is not an issue with this build, over 6000 life and tons of evasion as well as dodging spell dodged the build feels extremely safe to play and runs through content with magic find gear equipped.

5. molten strike jugg

if you sign the build to use molten strike and instead of focusing on super high end dps, it was directed to reaching a face tanking state where you could just sit in the boss's face till he dies, now the build is not cheap but for the endgame build he has to sign the build, so it can be played in low budget state as a regular molten strike rock style until you can afford the pieces.

path of exile 3.6 synthesis builds best poe items, skill gems & keystones

the best items, skill gems and keystones are the most popular choices for path of exile synthesis league starter builds, each of these items has unique function or feature on builds, for example, watcher’s eye is a poe jewel with optional modifiers that can add a lot of extra damage to almost any build.

top 5 best items for path of exile 3.6 synthesis builds 

watcher’s eye

the wise oak

atziri’s promise

dying sun


top 5 best extra skill gems for path of exile 3.6 synthesis builds

immortal call

flame dash

phase run

herald of ice

blood rage

top 5 best keystones/ascendancy skills for path of exile 3.6 synthesis builds


phase acrobatics

elemental overload

point blank

zealot’s oath


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