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Solution To Path Of Exile Synthesis Problems - Poe 3.6 Synthesizing Items, Nexus, Memories And More Issue Tips & Suggestions

4/19/2019 12:22:19 PM

there are lots of significant problems in path of exile synthesis league, in this guide, goldkk.com will bring you the suggestions and solution to path of exile synthesis problems, featuring four poe 3.6 key issues, complicated nexus, synthesizing items, decaying memories and more. 



path of exile 3.6 synthesis problems and issues with solution & tips

here are the four major problems of path of exile synthesis league as well as proposed poe synthesis problems solutions and suggestions. 

1. path around nexus is too complicated

this is a common issue in poe 3.6 synthesis, while stabilizing and gathering memory tiles is fairly straightforward and easy making, actual use of them in the nexus seems to be unnecessarily complicated, the best way to profit from the nexus, form a long chain of memories and spend some time seeking out memory modifiers with different chains then eventually running that initial chain to reap some solid rewards. the problem here is that it's never that simple between having to micromanage the chains you create, avoid failing decaying memories and not get fucked by rng tile spawns, it's surprisingly easy for things not to go as planned plus even when your hard work finally pays off and you find yourself running a crazy memory chain with 20+ mods on each tile, it doesn't feel all that rewarding.

solution/suggestion: make memory modifiers global

if you look closely at the initial trailer for poe synthesis, you can clearly see a global modifier box in the top left-hand corner of the nexus menu with new mods being added with the simple addition of a new tile, simply making the memory modifiers you collect affect your entire nexus would do an excellent job of cutting down on complexity, allowing for more frequent use of the nexus and making the lead mechanic more rewarding.

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2. decaying memories are terrible

when you interact with the memory in path of exile 3.6, it can be stable or unstable, obviously it's easy to deal with when it's stable, while when it's unstable, you need to race against with time and rng, as far as initially encountering memories go, if you're mapping, you may want to rush through them as quickly as possible, and the punishment for overstepping the boundary or going too slow is simply that you don't obtain that specific memory, but when you're in the nexus, trying your best to reach a memory modifier or get the most out of a memory chain, they feel horrible, if you get yourself in a high-pressure situation where you have 20 modifiers on a tile, you need to get to the other side and the layout is one of the many bad indoor ones, that's just a recipe for disappointment when you don't kill as many mobs as you would have or a broken monitor if you managed to get caught in the decay.

solution/suggestion: memories in the nexus are always stable

once you have encountered trouble of getting planning around and placing a memory tile, you don't have to rush through it, when they run out, they should disappear, the overall planning and complexity of the poe synthesis nexus system would not be affected, which make it easier for you to focus on planning your routes and obtain the rewards.

3. synthesizing items issues

you want to gather up fractured items with the correct base type and mods needed to create your desired item, then you drop them in the synthesizer and pass go, to successfully synthesize the item you want, the process thoroughly to sum it up the requirements are fucking ridiculous and unless we are all very wrong about how synthesizing works, no average player will ever be able to afford a decent synthesized item.

solution/suggestion: remove most implicits

the solution to this path of exile issue is to remove about 75% synthesis implicits. for example, if you want to craft a pair of boots with +1 endurance charge not only need three pairs of boots with strength rolls on them, ideally as fractured mods with at least one of them being high level for further crafting and all of them being acceptable base types but the total strength between them needs to be over 160, this is impossible to add a second or third implicit which is borderline inconceivable, eliminate most of the possible mods from the current pool would be quelled to reasonable standards.

4. path of exile synthesis is kind of a hot mess 

it is kind of a hot mess generally in poe synthesis league, it feels like the game could really use some polishing, general inconsistency, unveiling mods is tedious, katarina takes a long way to unlock and apparently many people's pc just can't handle intervention spawns, and more. 

solution/suggestion: take some extra time to polish the game

take a league off to polish the game probably sounds a little weird to the general player, but taking three extra months to thoroughly fix upgrade and clean up all the league mechanics currently in the game would go a long way towards benefiting its longevity. ggg keeps fixing the bug and issues of the game and improves the system, poe synthesis end-of-league and path of exile 3.7 expansion is scheduled to release in the next month, melee rebalance and more changes will be updated in the new league, maybe you can expect.

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