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Path Of Exile 3.6 Templar Purifying Flame Inquisitor Build Guide - Gems, Weapons, Armors, Skill Tree, Pantheon

4/20/2019 4:28:22 PM

in this path of exile 3.6 build guide, we cover the new skill purifying flame! here we will present a beginner guide for all content of poe purifying flame inquisitor build, including leveling, gameplay, gems setup, weaspons, armors, passive skill tree setup and pantheon.

path of exile purifying flame inquisitor build

path of exile purifying flame inquisitor build

the purifying flame, introduced into the game in path of exile synthesis 3.6, is a powerful skill with basic physical damage, which is then fully converted to elemental damage to increase damage. this skill also creates a sanctified earth that perfectly interacts with the acceleration of crites and the ascension class of the inquisitor. reliable and powerful poe 3.6 start build, which has excellent aoe coverage, as well as significant damage to single targets, has the ability to quickly pass cards and close the most complex game content.

the inquisitor in this build releases powerful waves of luminiferous energy, which explode when they collide with the earth, destroying enemies and creating consecrated earth.

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- budget for starting any league or racing event;

- high aoe;

-excellent level of recovery of life in battle;

-nice leveling;

-immunity to natural conditions;

- powerful dps.


- it can not strongly face the tan bosses, requires an active style of play;

- it is impossible to pass cards with a spontaneous reflect;

-some problems at the earliest levels, before going through the first maze.


gameplay (shaper killing):

video taken from the author - ulyuly, his topic on the forum.



you can start the game with the purifying flame as soon as you visit the first city in the game. there, as a reward for killing hillock, you will be offered a choice of various stones, including the purifying flame. at first, you can enhance this skill with lightning, battle rage, witch burst, or fire damage, depending on how many link slots are available and what color they will be. then, over time, with each completed act, connect those support stones that will be painted in the main section of the build stones.

if you find the purifying flame too slow at the beginning, you can use other skills, such as the cold wave, which can be used from level 1. stones of support with spell casting, battle rage, and lightning damage will be a great addition to the cold wave, so insert them into the connected sockets as you receive these gems.

then at the 12th level (or just when you get this skill on the quest) you will be able to access the chain of lightning or the mark of storms, with the same support gems they will show themselves even better than the cold wave fast and convenient skill for the caster to pump during the acts).


poe unique items that will make the process of pumping even faster and smoother (optional items):


lifesprig is a good starting path of exile weapon (the most starting one), it has only a little bit and will notably help you in the first acts. can be used from level 1.


wanderlast - give + 20% movement speed, immunity to freezing and a little mana regeneration. they will give a good acceleration at the early levels of the game, when it is hard enough to find rare boots with a speed of movement. available from level 3.


tabula rasa is a 6-link with no stats, used from level 1, gives a huge boost in damage and killing speed of monsters due to the ability to link active skills with support stones. it is worth about 16-20 chaos at the beginning of the league, then it is compared with the price of devine orba (divine sphere), the pleasure is not for beginners (most often).


goldrim - gives a large amount of resistance to all elements, is used from the 1st level, will allow you to forget about the incoming damage from the spell for a long time.



general overview of the most useful characteristics on items for this build, which should be searched for items:

fire damage;

- damage from spells;

- damage from the elements;

- damage to critical hits;

- the chance of critical hits;

- global physical damage (the one that works for the spell, too, and not just for the melee);

- resists;

- life;

- spell casting speed.

next will be considered items separately, with a reference to mandatory characteristics that should be present on them. remaining parameters choose from the list above, whenever possible.


any rare armor on armor + energoschit (on such a base you can more easily get the necessary colors of the nests) having life and resists in stats.

as a very powerful breastplate, the carcass jack is well suited, it gives an increase to life, resists, but most importantly, it will increase the area of damage and damage to the area. ideal for damage.

loreweave - a more protective option: an increase in elemental damage, slightly hp, increases the maximum of resists to 78%, and also gives crit. chance and a bit to all attributes. you can also farm on the solo league. it turns out when selling 60 any unique rings to the vendor. but! with high rolls and life, and resists, and damage to the elements will be very expensive!

main weapon:

any rare scepter or rare dagger for spell damage, elemental damage, fire damage, and spell casting speed. any scepter with weaker stats will go to catalyst jibadi. also, the strongest stat for the build is "gives x% physical damage in the form of fire damage", having caught this stat on an item, you can add other modifiers there by means of a multi-craft and get the best item in the slot.

cerberus limb is a great unique budget item with a lot of enchantment damage and speed of enchantment.

a good unique option, which nevertheless will eventually still need to be changed -

doryani's catalyst vaal sceptre, will give a lot of spontaneous damage, crit, life lich and speed of creation of charms.

additional weapon:

weapons with the priority of the same stats as in the case of the main weapon.


rare helmet on armor or energy shield with life and resists.


rare silk gloves (fingerless silk gloves) with life, resists, and if there is a desire to attack speed, to accelerate the movement on the cards. if there is no access to the silk mittens, then any rare gloves on armor or energy boards will do.


rare boots on armor and / or energy board with life, speed of movement and resists.


a rare belt on the life and duration of the action of the bottles, then try to find resists on it. at the shaper base you can find a decrease in the damage received from critical hits, as well as an increase in the speed of creation of the spell under the action of the bottle. an example of a shaper belt on a trade, please note, at the beginning or end of the league there may not be enough of them or there are few, as these are quite rare modifiers.

rings - starting budget option:

two rare rings with life and resists. a good damage mod is a percentage increase in fire damage. while using such a set-up ring, either look for a rare amulet x% fire damage is stolen in the form of life (this mod should not be expensive), or use the doriane catalyst as a weapon that in itself gives a little lich life. or, insert into the bundle the creation of the enchantment when receiving damage + call for immortality + renewing as the fourth stone the mark of the leader of the 5th level. so you will get life and manic from the nearest enemies after you receive a certain portion of damage on your own. with such a setup of rings, it is also required to have a life vial with instant recovery and a mana vial with instant or accelerated recovery. without them, survival will be questionable.

ring number 1 when you can buy items of average value

the rare ring with the influence of elder on it, with the mod “when striking a blow, curses the enemies with the label of the leader of the # level” is not the cheapest pleasure for saving your poe currency items, but it will provide us with extremely important life and manic with our spells.

budget replacement elder rings - mark of submission. insert the stone of skills to the label leader. this is a very cheap unique ring that will curse enemies when struck with a curse inserted into it, that is, will replace the elder ring modifier. the problem of this is unique only in that, besides the curse itself, it gives nothing more. no life, no resists. but we really need life and mana lich, so it’s better to donate a small portion of life, but to have a way to regenerate it quickly.

ring number 2 when you can buy items of average value

if you have a rare ring with an elder effect on it (tentacles in the background), then the mark of the shaper, which will give an increase in damage and life, will be the ideal choice in the second slot. the mark of the shaper gives much less bonuses without an elder-ring in a bundle, so it makes no sense to use it without an elder ring in the first slot.

in case you can’t afford the creator tag or you don’t have the elder ring labeled by the leader or you don’t have a suitable choice, a rare ring with resists, life, mana and lightning damage (if possible) will be the right choice.


rare amulet. with life, spell damage, fire damage and crits.


optional: or 1 divine flask with instant life recovery and bleed removal or 1-2 eternal flasks with accelerated life recovery, or with a hybrid where 50% of life is restored instantly.

1 diamond flask - mandatory! increases damage greatly.

cinderswallow urn silver flask - gives us a battle rage and we do more damage to the enemies set on fire. mandatory!

1 perpetual mana flask - will help with the recovery of mana in the early stages, with good equipment it is no longer needed.

1 basalt flask to reduce the incoming physical damage that hits us very much.

wise oak increase in protective indicators, as well as penetration of enemy lightning resists, for this, keep your lightning resistance the highest among the three resists (not limited to 75 percent).

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enchantments from the labyrinth:

helmet: enemies on consecrated ground created by the cleansing flame receive increased damage by #% - the top option.

boots: x% increase in attack and cast speed, if you recently committed a murder. also good - damage breaks x% resistance to elements.

gloves: it does not matter, glove enchantments are universally weak.


skill gems:


purifying flame

spell echo


added fire damage

intensify (if there are 5 link sockets)

controlled destruction (if there are 6 link sockets)

main weapon

armageddon brand

increased critical strikes

power charge on critical strike

additional weapon

cold snap(level 7)

cast when damage taken(level 1)


gloves, helmet or boots

vaal righteous fire

increased duration

these two bunches must be separately!

herald of ash


gloves, helmet or boots

wave of conviction

arcane surge (level 1, increase as long as the mana spent by      active skills supported with it will be enough to clear the spell cast      itself)

flame dash

faster casting

gloves, helmet or boots

cast when damage taken (level 1)

immortal call (level 3)

summon stone golem

increased duration


details about the skills:

purifying flame - our main skill for the destruction of enemies.

wave of conviction - debuff enemies, minus their resistance to fire damage.

immortal call - when you receive a certain amount of damage, a short buff will automatically be placed on you for invulnerability to physical damage.

flame dash - our constant movement skill.

zealotry - aura of damage and crits.

ash of ash - a huge boost damage and speed stripping cards.

armageddon brand - generates energy charges.

summon stone golem - additional passive regeneration hp.

vaal righteous fire - a short-term buff for damage by enchantments, which also initially selects a portion of our hp. use neatly and on the bosses, the benefit of the skill is extremely high.

cold snap - generation of rage charges, as well as a reduction in the speed of enemy actions, works automatically when receiving damage.


passive skill tree, ascendancy and pantheon

passive skill tree:

· tree for level 60

· tree for level 70

· tree for level 80

· tree for level 90

· tree for level 100

path of exile 3.6 purifying flame inquisitor build - passive skill tree - full build at level 92

you can take talents on +30 to strength and +30 to dexterity if you are critically short of these stats for stones.



first labyrinth: sanctuary, huge mana regeneration, generation of consecrated land when you are static and increasing the damage taken by enemies on it.

the second labyrinth: the righteous path (pious path), increasing the speed of enchantment, constant consecrated earth, a huge flate regeneration of the energy shield and immunity to natural conditions on the consecrated earth.

the third labyrinth: anticipation of repentance (augury of penitence), increasing the damage received by the enemies of natural disasters, reducing us received natural damage.

uber labyrinth: pious forethought (righteous providence), a powerful crit boost and damage in general.


major gods

soul of the brine king or soul of lunaris

minor gods

soul of gratkul or soul of shakari


recommended attributes on ordinary poe gems:

l  casting speed;

l  increased life;

l  crites;

l  enchantment damage.

recommended attributes on the abyssal gems:

l  flash hp;

l  flat physical damage to charms;

l  flat physical damage to spells using duals;

grants % physical damage in the form of fire damage if you have recently delivered a critical hit.

from the powerful modifiers in the eye of the guardian, a unique gem that falls out of the strongest game boss, the following can be noted: enemies take increased damage on consecrated ground created by fanaticism, critical damage ignored by% elemental resistance, while fanaticism affects you, increasing the critical rate against enemies staying on consecrated ground while fanaticism is acting on you.

quest robber squabbles:

help alira, killing the rest of the robbers, it will be easier to start and easier to get a cap of resists.

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