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Path Of Exile Chaos Orb Farming Guide (2019) - Best & Fast Way To Farm Poe Chaos Orb

5/19/2019 1:29:59 AM

chaos orb is one of the main path of exile currency items to action and is therefore one of the most popular currency in the game. in this guide, we reveal the benefits of chaos orb, recipe and tips on how to farm chaos orb easy and fast in poe 3.6.


poe chaos orb benefit & function

although the chaos orb is one of the most important poe trading currency items, it was originally created for crafting. with chaos orbs we change the modifiers of rare (yellow) items. this works for equipment, jewels and maps. the new modifiers are selected at random. since there are many different modifiers, there is a very small chance that we will receive an item that has only desired modifiers. so if you want to use the chaos


for crafting equipment, you should have some experience. things look different again with the poe maps. often, these unwanted or deadly modifiers for your own skill, such as reflective damage. in that case it is worth changing the modifiers through the chaos orb.

path of exile chaos orb


poe chaos shard

occasionally we find chaos fragments in path of exile. once we have found 20 chaos shards, they are automatically converted into a chaos


. chaos shards we get only from "harbingers" as drop. this type of opponent has been added to the harbinger league and is rarely seen. we occasionally find harbingers on some zana missions, as well as in the azurite mine.



poe chaos orb recipe

path of exile traders give us 1-3 chaos orbs when we bring them the right items. it is always a whole set of rare items, which looks like this:

  • two-handed weapon or two one-handed weapons

  • helmet

  • chest armor

  • boosts

  • gloves

  • belt

  • amulet

  • two rings

all items should have at least level 60. there is no limit to the top. an item must not be higher than level 74. if we hand over a complete set of items with level 75-100, we get exalted


instead of chaos orb. how high the item level is we see with pressed alt key and the mouse pointer on the item.

  • - we get 1 chaos orb for a set of identified items.

  • - we get 2 chaos orbs for a set of identified items with 20% quality.

  • - we get 2 chaos orbs for a set of unidentified items.

  • - we get 3 chaos orb s for a set of unidentified items with 20% quality.

those who like to identify items use the first recipe, otherwise we exchange unidentified items. collecting items with 20% quality makes little sense to me, as we simply find too few items of the highest quality.

most players will now have the same problem as me. you only get items that are far above level 74. i solve the problem by collecting in a big chest all needed items from level 75 sorted. the screenshot below shows two-handed weapon in the first row, chest armor in the second row, etc. as soon as this bag is full, which does not take very long, i collect items with item-level 60-74 for a few minutes. rings, amulets and belts are best because they do not consume much space in the inventory. for this also reaches a small chest. items with this item level are farmed either in low-level maps, or at a corresponding depth level in the azurite mine. i prefer the mine, because it is very fast there. with this method i grow a lot of chaos orbs very quickly and very easily.


poe 3.6 chaos orb farming guide - best ways to farm chaos orbs fast

farm chaos orbs from the azurite mine

in the azurite mine we get a lot of chaos orb as drop. it is most effective when we control hollows with the chaos orb as an icon. that is where we mainly get currency items. but we also get occasional chaos orbs as random drop in the other cavities. we often find them in the hidden treasures in the dark or in the vaal outposts. the azurite mine is generally a very good source for farming all currency items. how best to cope there, we explain in our path of exile azurite mine guide.

farm divination cards to get chaos


we receive different numbers of chaos orbs by exchanging them for certain divination cards. we can do this at tasuni in the highgate (act 4 & 9). these divination cards are traded through trading platforms such as poe.trade or the official poe site and are worth more than you get by swapping the card.

divination cards are given in certain areas and can thus be farmed specifically. below is an overview of all maps and areas in which we receive the divination cards. the values in parentheses are the levels of the cards.

the wrath

path of exile divination cards - the wrath

10x chaos orb

number of cards: 8

drop area

- the cathedral rooftop (act 5)

- the cavern of anger (act 6)

- the canals (act 10)

- the feeding trough (act 10)

- tower (81/14)

- lava lake (82/15)


chaotic disposition

path of exile divination card - chaotic disposition

5x chaos orb

number of cards: 1

drop area

- poorjoy's asylum (76/9)


three faces in the dark

path of exile divination card - three faces in the dark

3x chaos orb

number of cards: 7

drop area

- the marketplace (act 3)

- the grain gate (act 8)

- the imperial fields (act 8)

- the refinery (act 9)

- factory map (77/10)

- arsenal map (78/11)


rain of chaos

path of exile divination card - rain of chaos

1x chaos orb

number of cards: 8

drop area

- castle ruins (76/9)

- the crossroads (act 2)

- the imperial fields (act 8)


emperor’s luck

path of exile divination card - emperor’s luck

5x currency (random)

number of cards: 5

drop area

- gardens map (72/5)

- orchard map (75/8)

- terrace map (79/12)

- the high gardens (act 8)

- the imperial gardens (act 3)

farming chaos orb

who farms chaos orbs in the azurite mine or chaos orbs and divination cards in the maps, can significantly improve the drops again. for this we increase the amount of items and / or the item rarity. we increase these values with individual cards or equipment with a so-called magic find build. since this is not only good for farming we've created a general guide to currency farming. there you will get more details on our path of exile currency farming guide.

buy chaos orb from a reliable seller

sometimes we need quite a few chaos orbs and do not have time to farm. in that case we just buy them. more specifically, they are exchanged for other currency. there is an official trading platform where all currency from path of exile are traded. just click on big deal on the official poe page. or you can buy cheap poe currency items on goldkk.com directly. 

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