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Path Of Exile Currency Farming Guide - How To Earn Poe Currency Fast With Divination Cards, Shaper Maps, Prophecy, Uber Lab In 3.6 Synthesis?

4/23/2019 11:17:01 AM

one of the biggest questions that can arise before a player in poe after he got a little comfortable with the game, we realized what trade is and what it is eaten with - how to earn more poe currency to buy poe unique items needed for a build. or start experimenting with something, make more playable characters, it doesn’t matter, the point is that there is always a need for funds, which can be satisfied in more ways in a lively game market. it is them that we consider below.

path of exile 3.6 currency farming guide


path of exile currency farming guide & tips

of course, the main and most important way how people earn path of exile currency is simply cleaning the maps. the more maps you clear, whatever they are, the total random of the game will definitely give a reward. currency, random expensive unique items, good rare items and so on. many western streamers like zizaran, rizkuyti, tarke, matil, grimro and so on have repeated this hundreds of times on their streams - the more often you run randomly, running through the new map the more chance you get a good reward. the faster and more optimally you manage your time, the more you will get.

therefore, all the methods described below are either somehow related to the maps, or are also time-consuming, but it cannot be otherwise. if you want to receive something, you need to spend time, play the game, all that this guide can help you with is how practical it is to spend this time.

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1. farm divination cards

the easiest, most popular and reliable way, which, however, requires a certain knowledge of the game. why simple and reliable? there is an exact location in which a certain card definitely drops, this card is worth something and will be to buy it, at least if it is necessary and useful cards. the smallest number of factors of a random house that can only be found in poe, or rather, only one factor is the chance of the card itself dropping out.

how to farm divination cards fast in path of exile?

for those who do not know what divination cards are in their own right - cards are items of a certain type, they are assembled into decks, and when you hand over a deck of cards to the required npc, you receive a guaranteed reward that was written on the cards themselves. example: the heart of a leader, when collecting a deck of 8 cards, you can exchange them at nawali or tasuni for kaom’s heart unique expensive armor.

this is one of the ways a truly targeted farm, when you clean only the map you need, waiting for the cards to drop, which you then use or sell. also a great way to earn money for those who do not have premium tabs and do not want to trade via chat / forum. you can choose maps where divination cards drop: treasure of the christians, forgotten wealth and skopids that the sphere of elevation gives at the exit. the path of exile currency market works in both directions and in order to exchange expensive currency for cheap or cheap for expensive, you do not need a premium tab, so you can farm exalted orbs, trade them for example on chaos orbs, or directly buy items for yourself.

in addition, the essence of this method is that in parallel, while you are a fortune-teller, you also drop all the loot that would drop on other maps, you just have to look at it with the same outward look, district after time.

useful links for this method:

https://poe.ninja/ here you can find prices for different maps and items.

https://www.goldkk.com/poe-data/divination-card here what items drop on which divination cards.


2. farm maps under the influence of the shaper / elder

for this method, there are quite complex optimization mechanics, but this is not about them, because there is absolutely not for beginners there the information and actions for its implementation are confusing and complicated. the reason for passing such a short is simple: rare (yellow) items drop on them, distorted by the influence of the shaper or elder. their background shines with a starry sky, or dark tentacles are drawn on them and these items are relatively rare, and with the right modifiers they can be very expensive. they need to be identified by everyone, they can be sold as bases for crafting serious guys (especially if it is jewelry and it was selected on a 12+ shooting map), used as a good enhancement of their own equipment or sold twice as expensive if the modifiers and rolls were good.

how to farm poe currency on shaper / elder maps fast?

it is also an extremely simple way to get additional poe currency, because you don’t need to do anything except monitor the stellar glow and the tentacles on the atlas, but try to clean these particular maps.

it is suitable as a lazy way, however there are problems with understanding whether a good item fell to you. we will not be able to paint all the useful rolls for it is very long, considering that they are different for each type of item, but you can ask at least an approximate price in the chat, because even the latest troll will not appreciate the fine item in 5 chaos orbs, but also you should understand that those estimates are extremely approximate.

if a lot of people tell you at once that the item is expensive, do not be lazy and check on the analogue exactly for each stat, so you can get an additional 10-20 chaos orb or even 2 exalted orbs, just because you know the exact price and not make a bad bargain.

at last, we’ll say that this method probably will not bring much, because basically such items drop with bad modifiers and can be thrown away by vendors, but the maps themselves under the shaper / elder influence have more monsters or enhanced bosses, which will have a positive effect on all types loot, currency, unique, etc. therefore, combining this method with the first one, choosing those maps where good divination cards drop and there is the influence of one of the bosses - a very good tactic, if you are a beginner and just want to have fun, run around with lots of mobs and potentially tasty treasures.


3. prophecies

this is not so much the pharma currency itself, but rather an auxiliary element in this matter. the game has the mechanics of prophecy. for 1 silver coin from nawali you can get a random event that will happen to you in the future. that is why this is prophecy. basically, there will be dropping prophecies like “you will meet a suffering spirit and free it”, “a rare monster will give up more rare treasures when dying” and so on, which are minor magnifiers of your loot when you pass the maps. most prophecies are like that.

there are those that transform some unique item into an improved version, if you take the original item and with it in the inventory kill some kind of boss from old acts or on maps. such prophecies can bring from 10 chaos orb down to a couple of spheres of elevation, these are some of the most fat and classiest, but also, only on some popular items, the rest can be useless. prophecies may drop on a labyrinth, on a guaranteed 5 or 6 link, which are expensive, and so on. in general, loot different nemer, now in the rest of the aspects of mechanics.

how to farm prophecies in path of exile fast?

the way is passive, there is no need to do much - to approach navali and take new prophecies. the only thing is that you will have to buy silver coins on a po.trade for they are spent with a large number of map passes quickly.

now to the minuses you will meet. any prophecy can be removed and sold to be fulfilled by another person. basically, all the expensive prophecies go away, but for removal, you need from a couple to a dozen silver coins. with an average rate of 1 chaos = 4-6 coins, everything is not expensive. but there are chain prophecies that can get rid of - this is a pain in the ass. you need to fly to some location of the 25th level, look for useless mobs there, that they won't even give much loot, kill them, and only then such a prophecy will be fulfilled and will free up space, and in the future you will be able to get another part of this chain.

you can just fly to the necessary locations, immediately flying away from there, not fulfilling the prophecies, but as if he were triggers, but then you won’t get even the minimum loot, and you won’t be able to move along the chain just spend a little time and one silver coin. the problem with such chains is that even for the implementation of the whole one they do not give something special, in the time spent on the whole you will hardly get 5-10 chaos (although who knows what things will be popular in the future, there may be pale advice or something else some of the prophecies of the chains will be expensive, but so far it is not so), and you will have to spend time so well. a couple of cards would have had time to run through. and to clean up such prophecies basically costs 7-8 silver coins, which is quite expensive and unpleasant, so it’s better to just trigger them, spending ten to twenty seconds to teleport to the desired location.

also, the prophecies associated with the additional number of mobs, like the heap of rats or other ordinary, often come across cheap prophecies do not proc with a 100% chance. that is, double enchantment in the labyrinth - it will definitely work, but you can find an additional stray exile in the next map or in a dozen. therefore, it is very fast to turn the wheel of prophecies, replacing the old ones with new ones, is possible only if you spend a lot of silver coins on the removal of cheap ones, which is not useful. therefore, the way of making money as such is not a way, but rather an aid.


4. chance items

the game has unique items that are always in demand. of course, with the introduction of new content, it is becoming more and more difficult to keep abreast of trend items, but if you know which unique ones are expensive now, you can use another random method to earn money. as you progress through the game, spheres of good fortune will often drop to you; these spheres turn a white object into a subject of random rarity with a given base. random here includes a unique rarity too.

simply put: you take white gorgeous battens, click on them. sphere of luck, which often costs 1/10 of chaos, you can drop magical, rare magnificent patches, and koma's heart can drop, which is now cheaper, but cheaper than 50 chaos at the start of the league just will not cost.

this is a cheap way, but hemorrhoid. you need to set up in the loot filter the display of white things of the bases you need, you need to spend time selecting these bases, then let them rely on random. read and know exactly what items are needed. in general, it is problematic, but as a way it can be considered. and also for solo players, this is one of the ways to get the unique item they need, aimed at “farm” it in such a way.


5. farm uber labyrinth

the uber labyrinth is a maze that will open to you after passing the necessary tests, randomly spawning on the maps. for each entry, you will need an offering to the goddess, it drops after passing those same tests, and also sold for 3-5 chaos on average.

what is needed to make uber labs easy to farm in path of exile?

first of all, the build should have a lot of protection against physical damage and be sufficiently mobile in terms of jumps, since the final boss, izaro, in addition to his daily changing strengths, always beats physical damage and has many aoe skills that can be dodged. in the maze you will have to run a lot, because the goal of the passage is not the monsters inside, but to reach the main key places in the chain of cards and kill the boss izaro. roughly speaking, you first need to jump from a dozen locations, half-tingling there mega punks, visiting hidden altars and killing the mini-boss of argus, and then complete the passing of the cards by killing izaro himself. for slow builds, the exercise will be too time-consuming and impractical, for builds made to clear the cards with packs of thin monsters too heavy due to the large number of physical. damage to izaro, for which the build may not be ready.

secondly, the knowledge of what, where and how lies in the maze today. uber lab is updated every day in order to know exactly where a bun is a detailed english-language site, but this is extra time spent reading and studying, not a game, so you choose.

the gameplay will be basically like this: logged in to the map, visited one or more key places on this map, quickly ran to the next one in the chain. this is repeated until you reach the applicant's test for the first time, where you meet with izaro, fight, demolishing a third of his hp. go further. all this is repeated twice - and now you are ready to receive the main profit.

profit in the maze comes from two sources: heaps of chests that are waiting for you after the killing of izaro, the number of keys to such chests depends on how many key places you visited on all maps of the maze and how correctly they killed izaro. going to the uber lab for 2-3 keys at the end is not logical and meaningless, so if you plan to farm currency in this way, you will have to prepare and do everything carefully.

and the second source is enchantments. path of exile gloves, boots and a helmet in this game can be enchanted on a special altar of the labyrinth, which is in the room after the battle with izaro. this altar is in all the complexities of labs, but the most powerful enchantments can only be obtained from uber labs. the main slot, on which the most diverse infusions are, is a helmet. the bottom line is that many popular poe builds get a wild boost to damage, having an enchantment on the skill they need, which are only on helmets. and due to the fact that there is simply a ton of useless or useful less popular builds of enchantments, it turns out that some of them are unreally expensive due to the rarity + popularity of the build itself.

as a result, the next game with randomization, if you get a good enchantment - you bathe in chaos, maybe even exams. if not, come back again. for this method of earning there are necessary preparations, without which there will be no use. first, buy or discover the prophecy for double enchantment. this will add you another use of the altar at the end of the labyrinth and can double the profit per run. it is always worth in different ways, but usually at the beginning and middle of the league is not cheaper than 4 chaos orb and no more than 10. something between. for a newbie, it is expensive, but the possible profit of 60-80 chaos is also not just given. or spend twice as much time for more labyrinth passages, here is someone better.

second cooking - always have 2 or more devoto’s devotion helmets or starkonja’s head in the chest, which you will use enchantments for. these two are ideal, because many popular path of exile builds are associated with them, in particular those for which there are the most expensive enchantments, as for example additional projectiles for the queue for archers. the helmets themselves can also do at the beginning from a couple and up to 6-7 chaos, but what to do.

useful link for lab-farmers: https://www.poelab.com/ here you can find all the information about the daytime changes in the maze, everything that you may need to go through the labs.

the method is rather unfriendly for beginners, but if you like the concept less fights and crowds of monsters, more movement between valuable objects, with a strong boss and a boo-rich fat loot at the end - this style of pharma is for you.

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