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Best Poe 3.7 Starter Builds Guide - Cheap & Easy Path Of Exile Legion League Beginner Friendly Builds

6/6/2019 6:04:25 PM

this week, the first patch notes of path of exile legion league - poe 3.7.0 patch notes has been published and follows with most of the important expected information like item filter and gems, especially level 20 with 20% quality for the new and reworked gems for the legion expansion allows you to get stuck into planning your builds. so, here goldkk.com list some best poe 3.7 starter builds that are cheap and easy with building details showcase, more poe beginner friendly builds 3.7 will be updated here for different classes, hope you can find out what you want.

best path of exile 3.7 legion starter builds - poe 3.7 cheap starter builds

please note that the main recommended poe legion starter builds guides are going to be mostly melee focused but there's a lot of stuff like caches are from previous leagues as well.

1. the ultimate 2h resolute technique slayer

slayer which is like all melee skills if you want to play two-handed tanky melee, this is a great build for you, all of those skills have been buffed as well as slayer, you could do it as gladiator berserker, champion, they've all been buffed so you can do that with any of those or you can just follow this guide, it's really great build that getting stronger and stronger each league basically and legion league they've given reworked lacerate, you can do blood and sand lacerate as well which is pretty cool. 

check out the following video for build details:

2. infinite tinkerer, the lightning trap saboteur (everything/budget viable)

it's completely unchanged in poe 3.7 legion league, there's like three skill points different on the skill tree otherwise completely unchanged, if you played it lastly with league before, it's still really solid and you'll have a great time with it. it's just a crit lightening trapper basically and you can use more or less any trap scale with it if you don't want to use the lightning trap, like art traps and purifying flame traps literally any spell, works with a trap should work with that skill tree.

check out the following video for build details:

3. the most min maxed 9 endurance nebuloch juggernaut tank 

this is a molten strike juggernaut build, the molten strike has been changed, so it's like less single target, but it's fine, it's like one of the highest single target scales in the game and really doesn't matter. it's just a super tanky build built based around stacking endurance charges and nebuloch, so you get less elemental damage taking burned are in charge and your juggernaut character can be used as a lab farm or it can be used as a league starter, it's just a great all-around scale from early on to about level 100.

check out the following video for build details:

4. through reality with inquisitor flicker strike

this is a flicker strike build which has insanely fast clear speed with infinite potential to min-max to perfection. this is a flicker truck inquisitor crit one-handed swords and you can just come to it everyone and shield, but you just flick around they both, flicker strike pretty heavily this league and you're just playing crit blank, it should be really fast and  fun you'd be kind of squishy but you'll be the one shotting everything if you have good gear.

check out the following video for build details:

5. lael's 8 golem elementalist budget boss killer

golem elementalist completely unchanged, you basically just run around and let your golems kill everything, it's a very budget to start, you can start it off with just two of the golem one-handed maces, it's also a great boss farmer or lab farmer, you can put melee splash into the minion and make it like pretty good.

check out the following video for build details:

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