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Poe 3.7 Atlas Strategy - Path Of Exile 3.7 Legion Best Maps To Farm/Shape For Each Tier

6/6/2019 12:14:35 PM

before path of exile legion launching on pc, the poe 3.7 atlas has approached. new maps will be available in the next league, then which maps are the most profitable one to farm? what's the difference from synthesis? here goldkk.com bring you the recommended poe 3.7 best maps to shape based on clear speed, mob count, layout, divination cards, profits and more factors, check out and master the poe 3.7 atlas strategy throughout the legion league.



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path of exile 3.7 best maps to shape - poe legion best maps to farm

each map is not a perfect one for all palyers to run, here we picked some relatively better maps considering lots of attributes for path of exile 3.7 atlas farming. 

tier 1 - haunted mansion

the path of exile 3.7 best maps to run for tier 1 should be haunted mansion, because it has decent clear speed and decent mob count, then it's been very popular throughout leaks, a lot of people will probably get orb from this one, but it has an easy posture negative is that it's gonna be some out inside and it's a bunch of rooms and the boss is also in a different room, so you need to go away through a little bit of an instance and then get to the boss.

tier 2 - alleyways

alleyways map is extremely good layout, you can basically run from one hand to next and it's extremely little backtracking involved in this and if you run a few of this map, you are definitely able to know the layout, in and out like ten maps, you're gonna know this in the back of your hand. it has not the best mob count but it's decent and has a super easy boss that you just need to run right through and kill it.

tier 3 - leyline

leyline map is also the best maps to farm for poe synthesis. it has an extremely good layout that makes you run from one end to the next and only decent mob count, but there is not any good divination card attached to it, so it's basically trash divination cards. it's not an elder option as the best maps to elder would need to have some kind of a thing that gives us high map count and high divination count in currencies.

tier 4 - channel

the channel map is on our elder area as it has extremely good map count and top tier clear speed, it just goes from one end through next and a little bit backtracking here and there, another important reason is that it has the humility card, which is going to be a very good thing to divination card because they drop a lot of them in each of these maps, if you are putting all the currency into this, you will get a lot of poe currency back through the humility card which can be exchanged for tabula rasa, extremely good leveling item. people have killed over elder with this item on and still may do with it.

tier 5 - burial chambers

headhunter got a nerf or everything that is involving headhunter, drop rate didn't get a nerf so there may be a lot more burial chambers needed to get all the doctor cards to exchange for headhunter. burial chambers map has more than decent clear speed and mob count the only downside is that the boss.

tier 6 - atoll

moving to tier 6, you almost have most maps can be your running option why to poe 3.7 atoll map? the first reason is the good layout, another one of the best is that it's super easy in the game, if you missed any mobs here, you just need to run around the circle basically, but the cons of the map is the mob count, which may be one of the worst in the game. if the mob count has been changed, then it's the actual best time to do it. in addition, good divination cards are available here, the wind card which gives us the windripper, it's a very good item for our ball fields that do it quantity and their bow bells, the spark and the flame is obtainable here as well.

tier 7 - waterways

waterways map is similar to channel with basically same layout and lots of things, it can drop the humility card as well, good mob count, great layout and the humility card can be collected for tabula rasa, which is easy to sell and earn profits or if you want to use it yourself you can farm it up. racecourse map also might be a good choice for tier 7, even better layout and free bosses in it, each boss has a higher chance of loot and map drops, the unique enemy that gives us +2 into tier, but it has really poor mob count.

tier 8 - toxic sewer/estuary

for tier 8, toxic sewer and estuary map is recommended because you can get shaper's orb here. first of all, the toxic sewer map has a decent layout, very little backtracking, secondly, decent bosses, it's kind of cancer boss there for early leveling, then good mob count as well as divination card - the throne, which gives you the corrupted kaom's roots, boost it for tons of life, but it's very dark to navigate. estuary is also a good option.

tier 9 - moon temple/arsenal/underground sea

- we choose moon temple as the first choice for poe 3.7 best maps to farm, great mob count, ideal clear speed, especially if you can jump around with your movement skill, divination card the twilight moon for the twilight temple, it's usually a quite rare and expensive map not because it's very good, you can make a good profit and it's a really good map and easy boss in the end really super easy.

- arsenal is one of the best mob counts choice, not the best layout even poor, but it's profitable here, poe divination cards abandoned wealth and the saint's treasure are both probably drop from here and can be exchanged for exalted orbs, makes it a really decent choice.

- underground sea has been popular throughout all this league, good mob count, decent layout, a two-faced boss after 3.6 arrived, it goes good with beyond.

tier 10 - bazaar/volcano/plateau

- there are also three great maps can be shaped for tier 10. picking bazaar for the first option due to it has the second best mob count in the game, and good layout apparently,if you play a few of these, you can learn the layout fully which means that you'll clear it fully every time

- the second one is volcano, the king's heart that exchange for kaom's heart drops here, this one has been especially in the melee league with life as a matter we're gonna need kaom's heart, which may go up in value. if you get some good corruption, make sure you hand it in on the right level of the character, otherwise, you're not gonna hit those good corruptions. last but not least, decent clear and mob counts.

- plateau, has not many decent things other than the great layout, but with the spark and the flame card for berek's respite ring.

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For the path of exile 3.7 legion elder map choice are crater, channel, and precinct. poe 3.7 beginner guide and news are updating continuously, find out all details of the new league from poe 3.7.0 legion patch notes.

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