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Path Of Exile 3.7 Currency Farming - 6 Poe Currency Making Tips For 3.7 Legion Starter

6/12/2019 11:15:59 AM

in path of exile game, every league has an economy reset, and 3.7 legion is no exception. then how to fast make poe currency in legion league? here goldkk.com brings a path of exile 3.7 currency farming guide, helping you increase your profit in the early part of the poe legion league. 

poe 3.7 currency farming

best path of exile currency farming tips for 3.7 legion beginners

if you're new to path of exile 3.7 legion league can be extremely overwhelming, difficulty spikes feel unfair, the global chat is giving you cancer and half the words on your supposedly beginner-friendly guide don't make sense at all. however one thing is for certain pretty quickly, you'll start to realize that to do anything in this game, you're going to need some currency. but the poe 3.7 currency storing is not that easy for most legion starters. here this guide will introduce you 6 beginner tips to start making poe currency in 3.7.

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rush poe maps

the first method of our five methods for improving your currency generation at the start of the league is simply to rush maps. it is to focus your character in on getting two maps and letting nothing stand in your way, so getting the maps means that you're able to be a seller of any additional and extra maps that you find, so as you push your atlas and as your character continues to level and as you continue to fill out your atlas, every single map that you're not planning on running then becomes sellable material, and there is no greater time to sell them during the early parts of a league. maps themselves have a premium value early on during leagues as the vast majority of players who purchase maps do, so in order to bolster their atlas completion percentage at the beginning of the league, what you should take away from this as a general principle is maps are at their highest value in relationship to the time played in a league, there is a time in which they will go static and their value no longer increases and may even decrease at a certain point. 

so early on in a league match are at a premium value. so rushing maps is a completely viable method. if you actually want to play the game and interact with the game and make a bunch of poe currency, rushing to maps is one of the ways to do it, the further you can push in maps and on map progression towards completing your own atlas, the greater trade rewards for you await as your inventory and extra maps essentially become stock for you to then sell and make larger amounts of trades and higher value trades. higher tier maps that other players need access to in order to complete their particular atlas, so doing things like improving your play speed through the 10x story campaign as well as learning different map layouts and learning your build that you chose as your league starter, and how it racks with different map bosses and which map bosses in which map affixes are particularly dangerous for you and costly for you to re-roll, those are all things to take into consideration as you choose for yourself to rush maps. 

discover the league mechanic 

the second poe currency making method is discovering the league mechanic. this is a high-risk/high-reward way to go about making currency early on a league. some league mechanics offer massive rewards to players and the first players to discover the techniques and tricks for farming those particular mechanics can be competitive for a very long time in the market space, or maybe even have a monopoly on a particular market. when a league launches is just how much information actually gets disseminated and figured out by the community. that's really awesome, if you can do that discovering a league mechanic and how to farm it for profit, so knowledge is currency whenever a new mechanic gets introduced in path of exile knowing how quickly to respawn particular mechanic encounters such as low-level delve or betrayal or even alva temples that can be incredibly profitable for you early league, it means that you're one of the first and maybe only person to farm and trade that highest demand items related to the league because everybody's excited for a new league mechanic, and so  everybody wants to try it out with legion league. that's going to be probably revolving around incubators as well as around legion jewels, but maybe we'll discover other things as well maybe we'll discover the location of new divination cards for instance, that's always a great thing to discover, very early on and then get the corner on magic finding and farming for divination cards in a particular map or tile set ,that's a great way to make money early league. 

player-to-player trading

player-to-player trading is also a feature of the path of exile gameplay, and it is yet another way to get poe currency in legion. you will be able to sell weapons or equipment that you find on your journey to players who have need of it. if you trade wisely, you can even do some flipping and make money by buying goods at a lower price than what you sell it for.

target farm masters 

the forth way to start your poe currency at the league start is to target farm masters. this can be less wide-ranging in terms of high-risk/high-reward, it's generally more stable in terms of the value, but it also tapers off a little bit quicker, because there are a lot of players who choose to do it. so each of the new masters (niko, alva, jun, einhar, and zana) ,they all offer unique rewards. so targeting one of these masters is essential for you to cut off and quarter your aspect of the market for whatever it is that you'd like to do. so if you target niko, this allows you to go deep in bell, if you just want the prestige of having your name ding up on global notifications, that you're the first one to reach certain delve depths. then target and eco is the way to go if you're doing it for currency purposes, then fossils bossing and the six-link recipe are all reasons to target farm niko and go deep early in league. targeting elva allows you to reap the benefits of the tempo of that swaddle including corruptions divine's at subtle mods which are unique to add swaddle himself as well as currency, which you never know exactly what's going to drop from you in a temple. sometimes a temple in and of itself is incredibly rewarding in terms of the maps/in terms of the currency, that it can potentially drop for you, so targeting alva can be very lucrative even if you don't have something, that you want to corrupt yourself simply farming up a temple, so that it's got a double corruption temple, and then you can sell that to another player, that's another great way to earn currency early on in the league. targeting john allows you to either sell or unlock crafting along with betrayal progression. targeting einhar allows your to have a wide variety of single use crafts (currency, items). targeting zana allows you to unlock map mods (mapping density/rewards).

farm prophecies 

silver coins are still something of an enigma to the vast majority of path of exile’ player base, not just new players. so if you're new when you're going you can make money off of silver coins, you can make big-time money. one of the reasons why people will trade you chaos for silver coins is because those players aren't just using the silver coins to trade away for other currencies, they're actually using them to farm and to spam prophecies, so despite being introduced to the game now three years ago in may of 2016, most players do not leverage the reward of several silver coins very well, most players simply get them and they rot in their stash or they flip them into chaos early on in a league, and another place who are acquiring silver coins are the ones who are reaping really great benefits, so it's primarily an orangy based system (which turns many players away). prophecy farming/sapmming can be profitable early league for the uniques, chains, or area modifying prophecies that later on in the league are common and worthless. if you decide to go this route, make sure you’ve researched historically relevant prophecies!

guild hedge fund

the sixth and the most important poe 3.7 currency making method is having a guild hedge fund. playing a build in path of exile which can clear four zones in one hour while all other things being equal generate less currency than a build which can clear eight zones in one hour. faster builds can quickly produce results in more currency than average or it's slower than average builds. playing faster gets you more stuff than playing slower, that's the general principle.


using any of the above 3.7 poe currency farming methods can be a good way to start your league in path of exile legion, just try them out!

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