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Path Of Exile 3.7 Legion Best Maps To Shape/Elder - Poe Legion Atlas Shaping Strategy

6/5/2019 4:04:46 PM

the long-awaited 3.7 legion league is finally live in the path of exile with some generous rewards dropped and melee combat featured. ggg has also revealed some new atlas of worlds for this new expansion poe 3.7.  as every new season is very short which only exists for 3 months, choosing an atlas strategy for legion league will require a lot amount of time spending and poe currency to bring fully online. for this reason, goldkk.com here will present the best poe legion atlas strategy covering which are the best maps to shape/elder in legion league.

poe 3.7 legion best maps to shape

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path of exile 3.7 legion best maps to shape - atlas strategy for poe 3.7 legion league

in path of exile, atlas/maps are the main types of endgame content and there are over 150 different maps to play. since the poe 3.7 legion has been released, the new atlas has arrived (as ggg will change atlas every 3 months), with new locations for existing maps, new sextants, new reworked and improved atlas maps. then which are the best poe 3.7 legion maps to shape? this guide brings the poe legion atlas shaping strategy for you. 

check the poe 3.7 legion maps list covering 16 new poe atlas from tier 1 to tier 16:

tier 1:

sulphur vents map

haunted mansion map

desert map

ivory temple map

tier 2:

glacier map

thicket map

alleyways map

lookout map

barrows map

armoury map

tier 3:

leyline map

mausoleum map

ashen wood map

relic chambers map

pier map

arid lake map

arachnid tomb map

flooded mine map

wharf map

pen map

tier 4:

excavation map

crater map

city square map

fields map

cage map

grotto map

cursed crypt map

strand map

channel map

beach map

the coward's trial

whakawairua tuahu

tier 5:

marshes map

spider lair map

tropical island map

ramparts map

burial chambers map

mesa map

jungle valley map

peninsula map

arcade map

fungal hollow map

tier 6:

mud geyser map

courtyard map

ancient city map

atoll map

maze map

promenade map

cells map

phantasmagoria map

waste pool map

overgrown ruin map

primordial pool map

doryani's machinarium

the hall of grandmasters

maelström of chaos

the vinktar square

tier 7:

residence map

spider forest map

arena map

dungeon map

racecourse map

graveyard map

vault map

waterways map

conservatory map

laboratory map

overgrown shrine map

acton's nightmare

tier 8:

iceberg map

pit map

ghetto map

bone crypt map

chateau map

toxic sewer map

scriptorium map

dunes map

factory map

necropolis map

estuary map

olmec's sanctum

perandus manor

pillars of arun

death and taxes

tier 9:

arachnid nest map

port map

villa map

mineral pools map

underground river map

underground sea map

castle ruins map

shore map

moon temple map

arsenal map

lighthouse map

mao kun

the twilight temple

caer blaidd, wolfpack's den

oba's cursed trove

tier 10:

sepulchre map

coral ruins map

volcano map

geode map

bog map

plateau map

lava chamber map

bazaar map

academy map

temple map

poorjoy's asylum

tier 11:

infested valley map

dig map

lair map

malformation map

siege map

gardens map

crimson temple map

precinct map

colonnade map

museum map

the putrid cloister

tier 12:

lava lake map

cemetery map

vaal pyramid map

park map

shipyard map

core map

carcass map

canyon map

colosseum map

hallowed ground

vaults of atziri

tier 13:

tower map

sunken city map

defiled cathedral map

belfry map

coves map

shrine map

plaza map

terrace map

reef map

tier 14:

primordial blocks map

orchard map

wasteland map

crystal ore map

courthouse map

basilica map

dark forest map

tier 15:

summit map

caldera map

acid caverns map

desert springs map

palace map

tier 16:

vaal pyramid map

forge of the phoenix map

maze of the minotaur map

pit of the chimera map

lair of the hydra map


- all maps should be in range of 5 sextants

- unique atlas drops are estimates, so overlapping “unique zones” may or may note drop both related items. 

- opal rings, marble amulets, steel rings and blue pearl amulets only drop on the inner circle zones. (channel to conjure an orb above you, which pelts nearby enemies with projectiles that impact the ground and explode. channeling for longer builds up stages on the skill. when you stop channeling, the stages decay over a duration).

- all other unique atlas bases fro on the full quadrant, including inner circle. 

- the map is based on information known from 3.6 synthesis, so thins what's the low tier alpha no

poe 3.7 legion best maps to shape/elder - low tier maps

- maybe before you get your elder org, basically what you need is a map that only has one adjacent higher tier map, so you can use your shape or aura on that and then you can basically just spam a low tier map over and over, so alleyways map is the first one of these candidates, you would shape up peer to tier eight and then have no two to three is completed and you can just spam alleyways. 

- same thing for grotto map which is my second candidate. you would shape up fungal hollow and then you can just have no fours or fives completed and just spam grotto, the other maps are cage, graveyard, vault pen channel. these are all good low tier atlas can go strategy maps, because they have good divination cards on them or generally pretty easy favorable to run.

- if you are a little bit more developed in your outlets, you've completed the quest line and you have your elder orb and you want to still out, can go a map like burial chambers, one thing you can do is you can shape up maze for example, and then elder promenade, shape up promenade and elder up maze and have no fives or six completed and then you can spam, tier 5 burial chambers might be a popular strategy if you're looking farm doctor divination cards, so that is something you can do to do your shape or elder orb combo.  

- then the sana map device mods that i like for to chaos, the abyssal jewels have been nerfed but abysus are still just great you know, when they're running around they're spawning normal lots of normal monsters, but then also rare monsters and at the very end there's a cache, all of these things can hold maps in them and when you get the abyssal depths, to socket tune fists try to light lists, there's lots of valuable items at those abyssal depths as well as those abyssal depths actually are one tier higher than your current map, so you can get maps from those two and they're just tons of extra monster tons extra value great for map sustain.

- perandus manor, it's one of those things where if everybody's doing per andis it's actually not that good from like a currency perspective, but if nobody's doing perandus, then those brandes coins can kind of pay for the investment that you put in, so definitely just look out on the economy you know supply and demand for that, but this is overall i think the the best one just because all the options aren't too bad. 

note: lower tier maps can also be hit by white sexton's which are more common and easier to sustain and just generally you're getting more value. 

poe 3.7 atlas strategy - zero maintenance elder square

zero maintenance elder square, so the elder candidates i have our channel and notice channel can be attacked from three directions, burial chambers which can be attacked from four different directions and grotto which can be attacked from three different directions. elder would spawn in an area, so i would ignore him for twenty maps, when he went to wait it actually kept elder influence on a certain part of the map and this is kind of important for the zero maintenance elder square, because that elder would go away and he would take all of the influence with him that actually doesn't happen, it stays with the main cluster of influence. what we know about elders so far is that he generally prefers high clusters of influence and he generally prefers higher tier maps.


that’s all about the poe 3.7 legion best maps to shape/elder tips. hope this atlas strategy can help you a lot in path of exile maps shaping! we'll keep updating more poe 3.7 atlas strategy, please focus on our news page or poe wiki & database!

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