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Top 10 Poe 3.7 Legion Fast Leveling Tips | Path Of Exile 3.7 Leveling Guide For All Classes

6/11/2019 5:40:31 PM

how to level up your character in path of exile 3.7 legion fast and easily? in this path of exile leveling guide, we list top 10 useful poe 3.7 leveling tips to help you clean maps and gain xp extremely quickly!

path of exile 3.7 legion leveling guide - top 10 poe 3.7 fast leveling tips & tricks


in path of exile, the rate of flow in acts is very much dependent on the base archetype and the class of your build. therefore, in any case, the speed and ease of attack by a mage will differ from the attack speed by a melee character and so on, but there are general poe 3.7 legion speed leveling tips that will be useful to everyone.


universally useful path of exile 3.7 fast leveling tips for all classes

1) look for the movement speed on the boots, use one or more quicksilver flasks, use the blood rage support gem, do not use the helmet, it reduces movement speed by a few percent (if possible, you can wear it only in boss fights, where the movement speed is not so important). remember that the speed of movement is a very important guarantee of the passage of content acts faster, since the lion's share of the gameplay itself is assigned to moving between different maps.

boots with the movement speed can be purchased from the vendor, whose offers are updated every new level you take. this is a particularly current purchase from a merchant in the first act, which will allow you to run it faster. you can also just pick up boots (magic and rare) in the hope of finding yourself the speed of movement there. in the future, as you progress through the acts, you will find a recipe for the completion of the movement speed attributes on any boots. check out the guide to learn how to onslaught movement speed boots in poe

blood rage support needs to be fixed to the main attacking or caster skill that you use (unfortunately, summoners cannot use this). blood rage gives 20% attack speed, movement and creation of enchantment. however, it can be obtained as a quest reward for all the classes. if yeena does not sell it and she did not give you a reward for completing the act 2 quests - create a secion, run through the act 2 and yeena will give her blood rage as a reward, which you can then use to pass through the trunk on the main character.

quicksilver flask can be obtained as a reward for the second quest in act 2; it is also desirable to apply the sphere of transformation to it, since it can receive useful modifiers for the duration of the action or additional movement speed.


2) use the skills to move, try to increase the speed by using of appropriate poe gems. when you have a less good attack / casting speed, start moving around the locations with the skill of movement, such as leap or flame dash. it will accelerate you greatly.


3) do not stop picking up magic flask of life and mana. they can be with an instant treatment modifier, which is very useful and will save your life more than once.


4) once you get access to the jade / granite flasks - try to start using them. 4 life flasks, you do not need anything, but a ton of flattened evasion or armor is very useful.


5) for crit builds, diamond flask is very useful. as soon as you get access to it, use it immediately.


6) use skills with high impact damage, even if their speed / frequency is low. example - frost bomb, allows you run through the act 1 thanks to the damage it has. run past the dense pack of monsters, put a bomb there and run further, after a split second it explodes and kills all the monsters. and if you used a fireball, you would have to stand 4-5 seconds to shoot them all. yes, the frost bomb has a rollback, but it is great for early leveling, allowing you to kill everything around you on the run and our goal is just not to stand still for half an hour, but to do everything between times.


7) do not try to kill all monsters by cleaning every corner of the map. look for the passage to the quest / portal to the next location and on the way kill large packs of monsters. do not be distracted by one or two, standing somewhere far away.


8) you do not need to overlay the maps (only if you are trying by all means to go through the acts faster, if not, then calmly over level). lagging 2-3 levels from the level of the map in which you are located is absolutely normal. but if you are higher by 2-3 levels, then you can run through more enemies in the following maps, not reacting to them in order to save extra minutes.


9) try to use a totem bait against bosses. on many bosses, this is very useful and he can notify them to make a difference. like it - play with it, do not like it - throw it away.


10) next comes the specifics for poe 3.7 archetypes and builds:

poe 3.7 leveling up tips for mage builds

starting with powerful skills - frost bomb, explosive trap. the explosive trap is especially strong on bosses.

the fastest skill for further dps - storm brand (but it doesn’t have perfect damage on single targets, so you can use an additional skill for this purpose). even if you play a fire or ice build, you can safely run the first 3-5 acts with a non-core brand for you. it allows you to hang yourself on enemies and frees for you a ton of time that you can spend running to the next map.

feel free to use other things that can accelerate your dps automatically. holy flame totem is a good example. you can put it running further, while it kills the monsters behind, without wasting any time on the spell itself. yes, it will not cause tons of damage, but you can dispose of it, as well as its damage will not be superfluous on the bosses. after all, you have a lot of pieces of equipment with links, and you can fill them with useful additional skills.

how to make a weapon at the first levels, which perfectly propels you up to act 4-5 (and you can continue) and which will not have to be changed? budget you can say that.

pick up a 3-link wand with the colors you need or buy from a vendor. next, make it magic (or if you have already found the magic, no need to do) by using the orbs of transmutation. take a ring (if you use a red skill gem and lightning skill, take the topaz ring; if you use cold skill, take the sapphire ring), a rod that made the


of chance. sell all this to a vendor and get a rod with a +1 level to the gems of a certain element (fire, lightning, cold). this is a very powerful enchantment modifier and such a 3-link will be better than a 4-link without such a modifier, since the enchantment receives a lot of flat damage for each level. such a weapon is enough for a long time. the main thing to remember is that the main bundle of skills you need to insert it into it. this mod can be obtained on the item just as well, having found it in the form of loot, therefore crafting through a vendor is not necessary.

by the way, a ring with a ruby / topaz / sapphire can either be found or bought from a vendor or you can craft an iron ring with a desired color (for a ruby is a red gem, for a topaz is green, for sapphire is blue).

and in general, the essence is not only in the weapon itself and the method of obtaining it, the essence should be remembered is - the modifier + gem level - this is a very strong modifier for spells.

poe 3.7 leveling up tips for poe 3.7 melee builds

skills for strong dps - split arrow, double strike, and more - we have no idea yet because the melee reworked with powerful buffs, most likely playable almost everything.

do not forget to use the ancestral warchief or the ancestral protector. powerful bonus damage. do not forget about the ability to instantly damage receiving or about the skill bias.

how cheap to craft powerful weapons for attacking?

take the best base of weapons for your level, a blacksmith's whetstone and a rare or magic belt (better rare, damage is more giving, but if you don’t have rare, then take the magic) and sell to the vendor. get a% increase in damage on the arrow. such weapons should be enough for current levels, as soon as your base starts to become very obsolete, you need to take a new top base and do the same. therefore, the advice is to pick up rare items and blacksmith's whetstones.


poe 3.7 leveling tips for summoner builds

minions are very good. just remember this. furious spirits are also quite good, but minions in most cases will be the main damage, no matter which build you wouldn’t start.

how to make a good items for summon raging spirit cheap?

a magic helmet with 4 links (or how many of them you may have at the moment, but preferably a 4-link and with the right colors, the recipe is not so simple), the scope of changes, the life flasks with the revitalizing modifier on it. getting such a flask is not as easy as getting a rare sash, but such a helmet upgrade can serve you even as far as kitawa in act 10. since it is doubtful that you will receive a 5-link in the process of attacking, but apart from the +1 level, the minions' gems and the support gems themselves of minions or summon raging spirit can not be strengthened.

so here is the same thing as casters. + to the levels of minions gems - a very strong thing, that for minions, that for violent spirits, that for skeletons. (but for spectra it's pretty useless)

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