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Path Of Exile Best Leveling Uniques - Top 10 Poe Leveling Uniques (2019)

6/13/2019 12:03:46 PM

path of exile 3.7 legion league is running on each platform now with standard league, some beginners and returning players may feel a little difficult to level up faster, there are some poe items in the game can make a lot easier on the whole. here goldkk.com introduces the top 10 best poe leveling uniques including weapons, amulet, ring, sword, robe and more.


top 10 path of exile best leveling uniques (2019)

here is the list of top path of exile best leveling uniques items with a consideration to try to based on each class and longtime use in the leveling process. 

top 10. hyrri's bite - sharktooth arrow quiver

hyrri's bite is a very useful versatile unique item and powerful leveling tool in path of exile. it not only allows bow characters to level up smoothly but also makes characters that don't get access to a lot of dexterity to level up like a bow character. hyrri's bite gives a lot of life gain on hit, increases attack speed, cold damage and it is also giving you some area of effect, so you want to level up a character as a rain of arrows character and switch to tornado shot later on. 

top 9. goldrim - leather cap

goldrim is not a controversial option, lots of players may have been using this for a long time. it gives you a ton of elemental resistances very early and it's going to be difficult to replace until the later game, when you start using it and later, you need life and resistances and get your resistance is sorted out, you can take care of this, but it will make sure you're not taking too much elemental damage in your journey through wraeclast.

top 8. oni-goroshi - charan's sword

oni-goroshi can only be obtained as a drop from hillock in a modified encounter, or by turning in a set of 27 rebirth divination cards. this means you're only able to farm it using a certain method and it's a weapon you can start using from level one as soon as you get it. it is going to be six-link equipment at all times, so when you get it, it'll be a six-link, you can keep adding your links to it, in addition, it actually scales damage as you level to makes it extremely powerful. this sword will keep you pretty much hop off undamaged throughout your entire run.

top 7. praxis - paua ring

praxis can be gained through farming hubris, blind venture or jack in the box. this poe unique ring requires level 22, so you won't able to use it immediately even though you get it, when you use it, it will make sure that there are no mana problems throughout your level of experience especially when you are using a six-link with an item, it is a very powerful leveling item for literally any poe build that relies on mana.

top 6. sacrificial heart - paua amulet

sacrificial heart needs level 32 and it is only available in the vaal omnitect. but when you start using it, you can get a bunch of bonuses like fire, cold and lightning damage, as well as life and mana increased. if you are using a ball scale to levels,  that's very nice and if you're using an attack build or an elemental spell of any type, this is going to be extremely powerful, it's going to put you leagues ahead in terms of dps compared to a lot of other items you can get at this level and it'll carry you on pretty much until you get too close to endgame, you can also scale things through percentages a little better but in the early game, when the base damages aren't so high, all of this added damage increases your base damage by an enormous amount.

top 5. karui ward - jade amulet

this is a relatively lower level unique item in path of exile, you can get it through the following divination cards or prophecy reward: the ward's ward, jack in the box and arrogance of the vaal. it gives you a 10% movement speed which is fantastic, movement speed is a key attribute while leveling up, it also gives you 20 to 30 increased strength and dexterity as well as the 30% projectile damage and projectile speed, which can be very useful on some builds, the accuracy can very nice if you're playing an attack build, so this is a great build for zooming through the game and it gets even more bonuses if you're playing a skill that uses projector.

top 4. lifesprig - driftwood wand

lifesprig is one of the most widely regarded leveling items, you can get it through lots of solutions like the hermit and the traitor card, this wand would be good enough, if it gives you the spell damage, cast speed, max life and mana, making it easier to sustain your spell's and survive, it also gives you life regeneration when you cast a spell and +1 to the socket gems that you, so it basically is almost like an extra gem link you can use from the beginning of league, sometimes you can use it for a very extended period of time and actually be successful. overall, this is a very strong wand and definitely worth picking up, it'll speed up your early game incredibly.

top 3. axiom perpetuum - bronze sceptre

axiom perpetuum is a strong unique bronze sceptre, it gives you a decent amount of elemental damage when you first equip it, but the greater benefit is the amount of spell critic gives which is an outstanding amount, this is way more than you can roll on endgame ones, so if you're running an elemental crit build, it is going to last you all game eventually, you will find something better, this is an absolute beast for leveling of elemental spell builds, if you want to get those crits and get them very frequently, axiom is a good choice.

top 2. wanderlust - wool shoes

literally, wanderlust can be used for all character, you can get 20% movement speed when you equip it, which is a great bonus in early game, you can't be frozen and being frozen does slow you down and you get a fairly sizable amount of mana regeneration from this as well, so while it doesn't provide you with a lot of survivability stats necessarily outside of the in need of breeze, it does provide you with a lot of very valuable utility stats.

top 1. tabula rasa - simple robe

moving the last one, also regarded as the best leveling uniques in path of exile, tabula rasa may not be arguable. it's obtainable through lots of ways, like dropping from cleanser of sins or the poe 3.7 new divination cards vanity. this unique robe has 6 linked white sockets, allows you to run a six-link where you don't have to worry about the colors because all the slots are white, you can put any gems into any slot and run a six-link at once from the beginning, if you're not going to have enough gems or to actually run a six-link in the beginning, you can have a single target and an aoe ability in the same six-link, basically have two five links or add them as you go, it's really powerful for leveling. 


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