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Path of Exile 3.10 Delirium Atlas Guide - POE 3.10 New Maps and Atlas Changes

3/13/2020 11:43:25 AM

The Path of Exile Delirium challenge league is going to be officially launched today, which brings you a fresh start. Lots of information have been released through the POE patch notes 3.10.0, featuring new content and features, Atlas changes, skill reworks, Ascendancy balance, item balance and more. Here goldkk.com will present POE 3.10 map list and Atlas changes

POE 3.10 map list & atlas changes

Path of Exile 3.10 Delirium Atlas of Worlds - New POE 3.10 Maps List

POE 3.10 Delirium introduces new mechanics, you need to know what changes from the new patch to previous ones, for completing challenges and earning more POE items faster. In this challenge league, you can encounter the Mirror of Delirium in each area, once you touched it, your reality will turn to mist and your nightmares will manifest. Rich rewards hide in deep Delirium, there are more dangers and new monsters need you to beat before getting the rewards. Here is the list of POE 3.10 new maps for tier 1 to tier 16.

Tier 1: Wharf, Beach, Pier, Jungle Valley

Tier 2: Villa, Underground Sea, Sulphur Vents, Strand, Fungal Hollow, Ramparts, Peninsula, Orchard, Mausoleum, Lookout, Laboratory, Haunted Mansion, Graveyard, Glacier, Fields, Desert, Cursed Crypt, Ashen Wood, Armoury, Alleyways

Tier 3: Wasteland, Waterways, Volcano, Toxic Sewer, Vault, Temple, Vaal Pyramid, Cemetery, Cage, Bog, Belfry, Bazaar, Arena, Arsenal, Arcade, Ancient City, Relic Chambers, Primordial Pool, Racecourse, Dunes, Coves, Pen, Overgrown Ruin, Museum,  Mud Geyser, Moon Temple, Mesa, Leyline

Tier 4: Waste Pool, Thicket, Shore, Conservatory, Colonnade, Bone Crypt, Barrows, Arachnid Tomb, Academy, Plaza, Pit, Phantasmagoria, Park, Lava Chamber, Defiled Cathedral, Crystal Ore, Courtyard, Estuary, Geode

Tier 5: Tropical Island, Tower, Scriptorium, Reef, Marshes, Chateau, Castle Ruins, Canyon, Caldera, Basilica, Atoll, Arid Lake

Tier 6: Port, Excavation

Tier 7: Precinct, Burial Chambers

Tier 8: Siege, Lair

Tier 9: Iceberg, Gardens, Flooded Mine, Factory, Courthouse, Maze, Shipyard

Tier 10:, Residence, Lighthouse, Cells

Tier 11: Crater, Sepulchre, Dungeon, Dig, Core, City Square

Tier 12: Primordial Blocks, Ghetto, Colosseum, Arachnid Nest

Tier 13: Underground River, Plateau, Overgrown Shrine, Channel

Tier 14: Sunken City, Spider Lair, Spider Forest, Shrine, Mineral Pools, Malformation

Ivory Temple, Infested Valley, Dark Forest, Crimson Temple

Tier 15: Terrace, Acid Caverns, Palace, Necropolis, Lava Lake, Grotto, Desert Spring, Coral Ruins

Tier 16: Summit, Vaal Temple, Promenade, Forge of the Phoenix, Maze of the Minotaur, Lair of the Hydra, Pit of the Chimera, Carcass

Path of Exile 3.10 Delirium Atlas of Worlds - POE 3.10 Atlas Changes 

GGG has made a number of improvements for the POE Atlas of Worlds.

- Conqueror presence and their influence mechanics are now spawned deterministically, with progress between each influenced map tracked on the Atlas itself. You can see this on the lefthand side of the Atlas panel, connected to the Watchstone inventory.

- The chance for a Conqueror to occupy an Atlas region is now 50% (from 33%), if the conditions are met.

- Conquerors will now sometimes grant buffs to map bosses in their region.

- Improved how progress through the Conquerors of the Atlas quests are tracked. It should be significantly easier to see what your next steps are.

- You can now clearly see which Watchstones have Sextants applied to them when they are in the Watchstone inventory.

- Added a short Watchstone tutorial which takes you through how to use and store your Watchstones.

- The Awakening Level of your Atlas is now the number of Watchstones you have socketed, divided by 4, and rounded down. In other words, you will now gain Awakening Levels gradually, rather than only when you fill a Watchstone Altar.

- If you fail to defeat a Conqueror, you will no longer get additional monster packs or Influenced items from their Influenced region until you do defeat them.

- Improved the visibility of active Conqueror Citadels on your Atlas.

Bonuses for completing Atlas Bonus Objectives and Awakening Bonus Objectives have changed:

- You will no longer gain additional chance for maps to drop one tier higher from Awakening Bonus Objectives.

- The base chance to gain an Atlas Mission upon map completion is now 35% (from 40%).

- You will now gain 1% chance to gain an Atlas Mission upon map completion per 15 maps with the Awakening Bonus Objective complete.

- You will now gain 1% increased Map Mod Effect per 6 maps with the Awakening Bonus Objective complete.

Changes to the Sirus, Awakener of Worlds fight:

- Sirus' Apparition is now more active during the arena phases.

- Sirus now heals to 75% of his maximum life at the start of his final phase at Awakening level 8 (from 50%).

- Sirus now teleports away from the player before using his Corridor skill. He takes 80% less damage during the Corridor skill, and the projectiles he fires now pierce all non-player targets.

- The rotating quad-beam ability now has larger beams and applies a new debuff which reduces your action speed and causes you to take increased damage.

Changes to several Sextant modifiers that were overly rewarding:

- The Unidentifed Map Sextant modifier now grants 20, 25 or 30% increased quantity of items found based on Sextant tier (from 25, 30 or 35%) and 9, 12 or 15% increased monster pack size based on Sextant tier (from 12, 15 or 18%).

- The Sextant modifier that granted additional monster packs and increased the damage you take now grant 4, 6 or 8 additional packs based on Sextant tier (from 6, 8 or 10).

- The Sextant modifier that populated maps with barrels now grants 15, 25 or 35 barrels based on Sextant tier (from 20, 30 or 40).

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