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Path Of Exile 3.7.4 Patch Notes - Stackable Fossils, Improvements, New Features & Bug Fixes For POE 3.7 Legion League

7/24/2019 11:38:27 AM

Legion League has been thoroughly enjoyed by POE fans across the board, but it’s not without issues. Since the release of Legion, We have published several patch notes - 3.7.1, 3.7.2, 3.7.3 patch which features many of the bug fixes, improvements and new contents. Since then we’ve been still focusing on the POE 3.7.4 update that includes the stackable Fossils feature, various improvements and bug fixes. Here goldkk.com will be presenting the preview of Path of Exile 3.7.4 patch notes and introducing the details of POE 3.7 Stackable Fossils

Note: The POE 3.7.4 patch on consoles will be deployed as soon as possible after its release on PC. 

Path of Exile 3.7.4 patch notes

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Path Of Exile 3.7.4 Patch Notes - New Update, Stackable Fossils, Bug Fixes For POE Legion League 

GGG is going to introduce Stackable Fossils by the end of this week in the 3.7.4 update alongside other Legion improvements and some much-needed fixes. Since the launch of the Delve expansion last year, many of players have been asking them to make Fossils stackable. So they managed to resolve technical issues which prevented earlier implementation of this feature. Once the 3.7.4 patch goes live, you’ll be able to stack your Fossils, and will be able to socket them directly into Resonators from a stack. Now check out this new update POE 3.7.4 patch notes. 


- The amount of Rage that you have is now displayed as a numerical value above your Mana Globe.

- Exclamation marks above NPCs can now also be seen on the minimap.

- Common Delve Fossils can now be stacked up to 20. Rare Delve Fossils can now be stacked up to 10. All Delve Fossils can be stacked up to 5,000 in the wildcard slots of a Currency Stash Tab.

Bug Fixes

- Fixed a bug introduced in patch 3.7.0 where the "+x% to Fire Resistance while on Low Life" modifier found on Rise of the Phoenix was not working.

- Fixed a bug where Shaper dialogue would play when a Shaper Guardian fragment dropped from Legion sources.

- Fixed a bug where Cyclone and Righteous Fire's area of effect was visibly scaling with Character Size. This has no functional effect on its area of effect.

- Fixed a bug where the visual indicators in the Vaal Oversoul encounters did not always match where damage would be dealt.

- Fixed a bug where using a skill that shared a cooldown with other skills (such as Molten Shell and Steelskin) then quickly disabling that skill (such as by reducing your attributes) would cause the cooldown to pause until you re-enabled the skill that was used.

- Fixed a bug where, if two Legion Historic Jewels were altering a Keystone passive and one of them would result in the Keystone being Dance with Death, while the other jewel was actually the one altering the Keystone (to something other than Dance with Death), you would be unable to equip a helmet.

- Fixed a bug where channelled skills could sometimes fail to deal damage while on Predictive networking mode.

Crash Fixes

- Fixed a client crash that could occur during the Elder encounter.

- Fixed three instance crashes. 


Hope you enjoy this 3.7.4 patch notes preview! we’ll keep working on further improvements and update news about upcoming POE Legion changes as soon as GGG announced. For more POE Legion details please head over to POE Wiki & Database.

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