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Bots & Cheating Are Not Allowed For Rocket League Crate Simulator Giveaway - 100% Fair For Each Player To Get Real Free Items, Keys/Crates

8/1/2019 9:19:42 AM

To add the fun of the game, new benefits are added to our Daily Rocket League Crate Simulator Giveaway. Play Goldkk.com RL crate opening simulator you can win free Rocket League keys, crates and items without spending any single penny, more than 100 free keys and crates give away every day. Now in order to offer a more fair environment to our giveaway and ensure every player can win the free RL items with same opportunities, our system and rules got updated!

100% Fair For Each Player To Get Real Free Items, Keys

No Cheating & Bots! Every Player Have The Same Chance To Win Free Keys/Crates

Rocket League Crate Simulator Giveaway is supposed to be a welfare for players, but recently, we found a few people used multiple accounts and even used bots to swipe the ranking list, this caused a lot of people can’t win free items, keys or crates fairly, which is a serious violation of our fair principles! In order to prevent cheating, now we’ll clean up the bots and accounts every day to ensure each player can get real free keys. To be 100% fair for all players, we've upgraded our system and rules, check out the below updated giveaway rules:

- Any plugins and bots are not allowed here, if your openings are detected suspicious by our system, we will not send out the rewards.

- Multiple accounts from same IP are not allowed. If our system detected, we will not send out the rewards.

- Only the first account registered from the same IP will be admitted in the Rocket League Crate Ranking List, other accounts from the IP will not be counted.

- If anyone has same IP, the IP will be banned on Goldkk.com, and any account from the IP would not show up on the Ranking list, you will lose the chance of winning free RL items!


Our RL Crate Simulator Giveaway will be complete safe and fair to all players. Now joining the Daily Crate Simulator Giveaway to win free Rocket League items, all crates are available, you can choose anyone, 20 x Crates are offered for one round.

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