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Path Of Exile 3.8.0 Patch Notes - Blight League Improvements/New Features, Ascendancy Balance, Map Changes & More

9/4/2019 3:38:13 PM

The full details of the POE 3.8 expansion and Blight League are revealed! That GGG has just released the full patch notes for Path of Exile Blight. As usual, to help you prepare your builds and update your item filters for the launch, they've also gathered all the Passive Tree and Item. Read below preview of Path of Exile 3.8.0 patch notes.


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Path Of Exile Blight Patch Notes - Bug Fixes, Reworks, Improvements & Update To POE 3.8 Blight League

GGG has revealed the full patch notes for POE 3.8 Blight update with some new contents/features, bug fixes, map changes, improvements, balances to items (Ascendancy, character, skill) and more, which are a huge amount of changes to a lot of systems in POE Blight league. To help you understand the detailed changes to Path of Exile 3.8.0 better, here Goldkk.com will list all information of the POE Blight patch notes. 

New Contents & Features 

- Added a new Dexterity Skill Gem - Plague Bearer: Gain a buff that stores the damage of Poisons you apply. 

- Added a new Dexterity/Intelligence Skill Gem - Withering Step.

- Added a new Dexterity/Intelligence Skill Gem - Cobra Lash: Hurl a poisonous projectile that chains between enemies.

Added a new Dexterity/Intelligence Skill Gem - Venom Gyre: Hurl a poisonous projectile that will return to you. 

- Added a new Intelligence Skill Gem - Summon Carrion Golem: Summon a Carrion Golem that adds physical damage to your non-golem minions while active. 

- Added a new Intelligence/Dexterity Skill Gem - Stormblast Mine.

- Added a new Intelligence/Dexterity Skill Gem - Summon Skitterbots.

- Added a new Dexterity/Intelligence Support Gem - Swift Assembly Support.

- Added a new Dexterity/Intelligence Support Gem - Nightblade Support.

- Added a new Intelligence Support Gem - Meat Shield Support.

- Added a new Intelligence Support Gem - Deathmark Support. 

- Added a new Intelligence Support Gem - Feeding Frenzy Support.

- Added a new Intelligence/Dexterity Support Gem - High-Impact Mine Support.

- Added a new Intelligence/Dexterity Support Gem - Charged Mines. 

- Added 16 new Unique Items.

- Added 19 new Divination Cards.

- Added a new Wand base type for high-level Summoner characters.

- Added two new Ring base types.

- Added a new item type, Oils.

- Added a second set of keybinds, accessed by holding Ctrl.

- Updated the art of all flask basetypes.

- Added new mods that can appear on flasks.

- Added more audio cues for various events.

- Added more Labyrinth enchantments for new skills, as well as on boots.

- Added two new Grandmasters to the pool of Grandmasters.

- You can now use up to two Helmet Attachment cosmetic effects at once.

- Improved the voice and sound transitions between creating a new character and logging out to the menu or character selection.

Atlas Mission Changes

- The way daily Atlas Missions are handled has been reworked.

- There's no limit to the number of Atlas Missions that can accumulate, so there's no pressure to run the missions as you get them. 

- Your Atlas Missions are now tracked on the quest tracker as soon as you enter the map.

- You'll encounter random Masters in maps less frequently, with this chance moved to the map-completion mechanic.

- More Missions can be earned by completing maps. Each time you complete a map (typically by killing the map boss), you'll have a chance to earn an Atlas Mission. The chance to earn Missions has been significantly raised.

- Once you have unlocked the Atlas, you will now earn one Atlas Missions for each Master per day. These are not assigned to a specific map, but are assigned to a specific map tier-colour. You must log into your account to receive these missions.

Summoner Rebalance

- Many sources of additional maximum minions have been moved to the skill gem, making summoners less reliant on specific unique items. Most minion gems now grant additional minions as the gem levels up.

- All minions have received substantial increases to their base accuracy, and are much more likely to hit monsters.

- All minions have received substantial increases to their base accuracy, and are much more likely to hit monsters.

- Added and improved Many minion passive skills on the passive skill tree.

Mine Rebalance

- The first mine you detonate will detonate instantly.

- The first mine you detonate will detonate instantly.

When detonating multiple mines, they are detonated in an accelerating sequence based on distance from your initial detonation target.

- Each mine you throw now reserves a flat amount of mana based on the cost of the skill (and therefore affected by Support gems).

Mana Rebalance

- Removed the last vestiges of Mana leech available to spellcasters. 

- Rebalanced Mana Flasks game-wide, provided more and greater sources of mana on many items, and rebalanced many sources of increased mana on the passive tree.

Character Balance

- Added a new type of modifier which grants additional levels to all gems of certain types, as opposed to only gems socketed within specific items. If you have one such source (in a weapon, for example), then all gems that fit the type, regardless of where they are socketed will benefit. 

- You can now have up to 15 mines active at once by default (from 5).

- All instances of Mine Laying Speed are now Mine Throwing Speed.

Skill Reworks For POE 3.8

- Freeze Mine has been completely reworked, and is now a blue gem with minimum level 12. Base mine detonation time is 0.3 seconds.

- Each mine applies 10% increased Critical Strike Chance to Hits against Enemies near it, up to a maximum of 500%.

- Fires an additional projectile for every 2 prior Mines in Detonation Sequence.

- Fire Nova Mine (now named Pyroclast Mine) has been completely reworked, and is now a blue gem with minimum level 28. Base mine detonation time is 0.35 seconds.

Skill Balance

- All Aura skills you cast now have a base radius of 40 (from 36) to compensate for changes to Aura Radius on the Passive Skill Tree. Likewise, the radius of Flesh and Stone now has a base radius of 28 (from 24), War Banner and Dread Banner now have a radius of 46 (from 40), and all Aura gem qualities that increased the Aura's radius now increase it by twice the amount (from 2% to 4% per 1% quality).

- Several Damage over Time-only skills can now break barrels and other objects throughout the world.

Specific Skills

- Bodyswap

- Bone Offering

- Chaos Golem

- Clarity

- Contagion

- Convocation 

- Cyclone 

- Desecrate

- Dominating Blow

- Explosive Trap

- Fire Trap

- Flame Dash

- Flesh Offering

- Flesh and Stone

- Herald of Purity

- Ice Shot

- Ice Trap

- Lightning Arrow

- Lightning Golem

- Raise Spectre

- Raise Zombie

- Reckoning

- Righteous Fire

- Riposte

- Stone Golem

- Scorching Ray

- Scourge Arrow

- Searing Bond

- Smite

- Smoke Mine

- Spectral Shield Throw

- Spirit Offering

- Split Arrow

- Summon Raging Spirit

- Summon Skeletons

- Vengeance

- Viper Strike

- For more details please check pathofexile.com forum thread POE Blight patch notes.

Vaal Skill Balance

- Vaal Cyclone now has a base radius of 24 (from 13), no longer gains additional radius based on Melee Range.

- Vaal Immortal Call now prevents Soul Gain while active, and cannot have its expiry rate modified.

Support Gem Reworks

- Remote Mine Support now causes supported skills to deal 35% less damage at gem level 1, up to 25% less at gem level 20.

- Minefield Support skills can now have up to 4 additional Remote Mines placed at a time.

- Minion and Totem Elemental Resistance Support no longer supports Totems, has a mana multiplier of 130%.

- Inspiration Support now grants 1% increased Inspiration Charge duration per 1% gem quality. 

Support Gem Balance

Every skill has apparently received some updates (flat damage, attack time multiplier, numbers tweaks, etc). if your favourite skill isn't listed here yet, stay tuned.

- Advanced Traps Support

- Ancestral Call Support

- Charged Traps Support

- Fortify Support

- Cluster Traps Support

- Mana Leech Support

- Minion Life Support

- Minion Speed Support

- Multistrike Support

- Multistrike Support

- Pulverise Support

- Trap Support

- Unbound Ailments Support

- Vicious Projectiles Support

Passive Tree Balance 

- Added 13 new notables revealed only when you obtain them through Anointing an item.

- The Utmost Might cluster has been moved south, and is now next to the Bloodless cluster.

- All small passive skills which previously granted 20% increased Aura area of effect now grant 12% increased Aura area of effect.

- Champion of the Cause now grants 12% increased Aura area of effect (from 20%).

- Leadership now grants 30% increased Aura area of effect (from 50%).

- Elemental Overload now causes Ailments to never count as being from Critical Strikes.

- Perfect Agony now causes modifiers to Critical Strike Multiplier to apply to Damage over Time Multiplier for Ailments from Critical Strikes at 50% of their value, rather than 30% previously.

- Mortal Conviction now specifies that only Non-banner, Non-mine skills reserve no mana.

POE 3.8 Blight Ascendancy Balance

- Ascendant

- Berserker

- Chieftain

- Guardian

- Hierophant

- Raider

- Saboteur

- Trickster

- Assassin

- Slayer

- Necromancer

- Elementalist

- Occultist

Item Balance

- Several Staves are now classified as Warstaves. Warstaves can no longer roll caster-related modifiers, while Staves retain their old mod generation behaviour.

- Warstaves can no longer roll caster-related modifiers, while Staves retain their old mod generation behaviour.

- Sceptres are now identified as a separate class to one-handed Maces.

- Elder and Shaper gloves can no longer roll the +1 Traps Thrown/+1 Mines Placed modifiers.

- Daggers and Rune Daggers can now roll modifiers to Chaos Damage over Time Multiplier.

- Jewels can now roll Physical Damage over Time Multipler modifiers.

- Belts can now roll Mana prefixes.

- The increased mana modifier available on Jewels can now roll between 8 and 10% increased mana. 

- The Glass Shank basetype can no longer roll caster modifiers.

- A number of Accuracy modifiers for Minions have been added to the mod pool for both Abyss and ordinary Jewels.

- Added a new set of modifiers for Intelligence-based armours which grant added Energy Shield and Mana.

- The Poet's Pen: Now triggers socketed spells at the end of an attack, rather than at the start. Now has a cooldown of 0.15 seconds.

- Doomsower: No longer causes socketed Red Gems to gain 10% of Physical Damage as extra Fire Damage.

- The Star of Wraeclast: No longer grants Illusory Warp, and instead grants Level 10 Frostblink. Now also grants 50% increased duration for Frostblink. Existing versions of this item are unaffected and cannot obtain these changes.

- Fortified Legion: Can no longer drop. Has been replaced by a new unique item which uses the same art.

- Apparitions: Can no longer drop. Has been replaced by a new unique item which uses the same art.

- Violent Dead: Can no longer drop or be obtained from quests.

Crafting Changes

- The Hybrid Life and Mana crafted modifiers have been split into flat Life and Mana Regeneration, and flat Mana and Life Regeneration modifiers.

- You can no longer craft a mana cost reducing modifier onto an Incursion mana cost reduction ring.

- Re-added the flat Energy Shield crafted modifiers for Rings and Amulets that mysteriously vanished.

- Veiled Flask modifiers now only need to be Unveiled once to be crafted.

POE Changes

- World Changes

- Monster Changes

- Monster Changes

- Betrayal Changes

- Azurite Mine and Sulphite Changes

- Prophecy Changes

- Map Changes

- PvP Changes

Bug Fixes For POE 3.8 Blight 

- Fixed a bug where some unique Strongboxes would override the Sextant modifier which caused Strongbox monsters to drop significantly more items.

- Fixed a bug where Elemental Hit attacks which did not hit a target would still produce an explosion.

- Fixed a bug where Daresso's combo attack was only dealing damage with the first swing.

- Fixed a bug where auras which affected nearby enemies would not update in time for skills which teleported you to affect them.

- Fixed a bug which allowed you to teleport into and out of the Mesa Map boss arena.

- Fixed a bug which caused the incorrect Life values of summoned skeletons from gem levels 3 and up to show.

- Fixed a bug where the Monolith Aura effect would interact with wind physics.

- Fixed a bunch of cases where the Monstrous Treasure prophecy would prevent fun mechanics from triggering.

- Fixed some small cases of desync that could occur during the Elder encounter.

- Fixed some skill gems missing the correct tags.

- Fixed several cases of mods that were craftable alongside mods they should not have been craftable alongside.

- Fixed a bug where you would fail to create a portal with Cast on Death if you were frozen at the point you died.

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