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POE 3.8 Best League Starter Builds - 5 Budget & Strong Path of Exile Blight Builds Guide for Beginner

9/5/2019 4:47:10 PM

After the POE 3.8.0 Patch Notes update, do you have a complete understanding of Blight league? Are you looking for powerful beginner friendly builds? Here goldkk.com offers the POE 3.8 best league starter builds guide featuring 5 budget and strong Path of Exile Blight builds for new players. 

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Cheap Path of Exile Blight Builds Guide - 5 POE 3.8 Best Starter Builds

Based on the Path of Exile 3.8.0 Patch Notes, here are 5 reliable and strong 3.8 league starter builds collected from Youtube and official forum. 

1. Impale Champion Perforate + Bladestorm

The first one is Astarift's Bladestorm Champion build, which is ideal for POE 3.8, especially for melee enthusiasts, impale generally receives no direct nerfs for pure physical attack builds, it provided over 100% more damage against enemies that lived long enough to let you rack up several hits of them in the case of champion, the ascendancy does not have obvious changes in the Blight league, this multiplier is even bigger and also comes along with a massive chunk of flat physical damage and armour. 

Pros: budget, large boss damage, solid tackiness, amazing endgame scaling

Cons: its dependence on good weapons and ascendancy points

Click here to get the build details. 

2. Spectre Summoner Necromancer Build

Necromancer ascendancy has been revamped a lot in the 3.8 league, as the changes to minion gem scaling and the addition of minion AI altering supports, it could be your league starter option. The build guide we want to suggest is Angry_Roleplayer's Spectre Summoner. You can summon real monsters effectively to fight for you through using spectres. Actually, this build is practicable and strong for many leagues.

Pros: safe, flexible, great single target damage, fast map clearing

Cons: not super tough

Click here to get the build details.

3. Essence Drain Trickster

The third one is for Trickster, whose chance to evade, damage taken and amount of Energy Shield recovered for Ghost Dance passive has been reduced. This means the build is indirectly nerfed going into this patch, but neither of these changes are all that significant as the contagion nerf isn't terribly noticeable and you don't have to take Ghost Dance anyway, so does in this Essence Drain Trickster build.

Pros: decent clear speed and damage required, almost no investment, unique playstyle

Cons: average boss damage

Check out the build details in the video below.

4. Spell Glacial Cascade Totems Hierophant

As you know, the core mechanic of POE Blight challenge league is tower dense, so the tower build should be strongest. Hierophant is a traditionally premier ascendancy for most spell totem builds. The recommended build here is Thi3n's Glacial Cascade Totems. Glacial Cascade is also a cold spell that plays similarly to Freezing Pulse but has worse clear speed in exchange for higher single target damage. If the POE 3.8 tower defense mechanics of light end up requiring some serious DPS to take care of the tankier mobs, this might be the ideal totem choice.

Pros: safe, beginner-friendly, huge single target damage

Cons: can't use a Spell Totem MTX

Click here to get the build details.

5. SSF Max Block Herald of Agony Gladiator

The last Blight league starter is POE 3.8 Herald of Agony build. Gladiator with Cyclone and newly revitalized Herald of Agony (there are no changes to Gladiator). The build is greatly improved and appropriate for new players and it's getting safer. The following video introduces the build setup, gear, items, progression and more contents very detailed. 

Pros: flexible ascendancy, solid boss damage, low investment requirement

Cons: subpar clear speed

Click here to get the build details.

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