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Path Of Exile 3.8 Mine Builds | 5 Best Mine Builds For POE Blight League

9/24/2019 10:19:51 AM

Before, we have presented a number of great Path of Exile 3.8 starter builds in order to help you level fast or make more currency in Blight League. Today we’re going to show you 5 best and viable builds holding mines saboteur and pretty much any other ascendancy which can walk with a mind seeing a free pointed politely.

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Path Of Exile 3.8 Mine Builds Guide/Tips - 5 Best Mine Builds For POE Blight League 

We have ReWalk freeze mine into the icicle mine, we have reworked them finally mine into the park last manner. Overall mines and traps are a little different because mines required detonation and at the same time, mines have one big advantage over traps which is the otter aiming, that's why minds work better with some skills like the Glacial cascade and the ice fear and the fireball because you don't really care where monsters are, because mines effectively shoot towards the enemies, it's one of the reasons why some skills far prefer of over the traps. Here this guide brings 5 best POE Blight mine builds. All of these builds fits the requirements of being easy to level and will give you plenty of options to ensure the best start to the new league.

Check the list of top 5 best Path of Exile 3.8 builds for Blight League:

Glacial Cascade Mines Build POE 3.8 Blight  

> Hardcore viable

> One of the best single target damage dealers in the game

> Smooth leveling experience

> Can be played on a budget

> Reflect does not matter

< Due to the skill mechanic clearing can feel clunky sometimes

< Might be slower when it comes to clear speed, compared to other builds

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The first POE 3.8 build on the list is definitely the Glacial cascade mines. The Glacial cascade mine is like a baseline mind that comes to mind when you start playing. I will be also playing glacial cascade if it stills as strong as I think it will be so - Lucas gate is a spell that cast some kind of cascade towards the enemies and it's fused to coal conversion. The reason why the glacial key skate is so powerful and strong is because it actually deals quite a bit of damage, but on top of that it can double deep and convert a shit ton of damage from physical to elemental from elemental to chaos, and all this double-dipping mace make special cascade one of the strongest. Overall this is a strong build in POE 3.8 Blight League. 

Frostbold Mines Build POE 3.8 Blight 

> Easy to level up

> High damage

> Good clear speed

> Extremely fun to play

> Immune to reflect map mods

< Clearing end-game bosses would require excessive investments in gear

mediocre defenses

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The second build on the list is the frostbold mines. This is probably the most up-to-date build that I found so far in the forum's even though it's definitely not the strongest build in the universe, but it's exceptional fun.

Frostbold is a cold spell that shoots a projectile and with a threshold Joule, we can pretty much throw a ton of these projectiles. The string above the build is that they are piercing automatically against all enemies and literally can cover the whole fucking screen is just one wave of these cold balls. That's the reason why I decided to select this build as the minor build. It's a Prudential piercing spell which literally works wonders in the open areas especially good and the breaches and this kind of type of big open areas big Maps the damage is also very high, it's one of the strongest call skills in the game. It has no problems with any enemies, it's a crit based build. So the damage is also fantastic, so it's a very cool combination of skills, you should definitely check them out.

Toxic Rain Mines Build POE Blight

> Hardcore viable

> Can be played on a budget

> Great at both clearing and boss fights

> Feels safe due to the fact it is a bow build and the Toxic Rain Toxic Rain slow effect

> The build is unaffected by any type of reflected damage.

< Playing a poison build means the front-end damage is low, therefore it is hard to rely on leech effects

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Another best POE Blight build on the list is a very cool way to play toxic rain. And this toxic rain can also be played as a miner in not just a ball user. Mechanically technically this is pretty much the same, you use a bow and just land mines instead of throwing kind of projectile arrows, so mechanically it's the same but technically. It's even possible to land a ton of mines with the extra projectors and by staking poison and chaos damage. The damage looks absolutely puckers. I think it might be even the stronger version of the toxic rain than the manually shooting toxic rain for the ball. So this is the variation of the build that I found is pretty strong. The damage is pretty crazy and that toxic rain is so viable as a miner. so if you want to play some unorthodox way to utilize toxic rain, snake chaos damage and all this stuff definitely try out the toxic rain miner is worth.

Toxic Rain Mines Build POE Blight

Arc/Ice Spear Mines Build POE 3.8 Blight 

> 100 Chaos Budges bosser

> Damage output is insane

> Can do all content

> A decent amount of layers of defense

> Can do any map mod in the game

> Tanky

< Ice Spear single target can be awkward sometimes

< Has fast map clear but not the fastest: B+ tier

< Allies cannot die auras are annoying

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Another build on the list is an hour mine in the Ice spear mine by an actual horn. The build walks is you are using the ark mine for clearing most trash mobs and even after the nerves arc mine and ark in general is to exceptionally strong and does wonders through all this chaining and still clears the trash the trash just fine for the single target, you use Ice spear mines and this is where things becoming really serious. Because Ice spear is like a barrage a spell which shoots a ton of projectiles and I kind of a small conve if they all hit the same target, they literally kind of chain gun and machine gun at the same time and shotgun, so they deliver like a giant burst of single kind of crazy damage that literally kills bosses and phases them in under a second. So the build is probably one of the strongest mind builds in the game. I definitely can recommend to try out .

Fireball Mines Build POE Blight

> High damage 

> Fantastic mapper on a budget and great league starter

> Extremely beginner and console player friendly

< Not a Juggernaut or Occultist

< Reliant on regeneration for sustain.

Click HERE to find the complete guide for this build

If you want a versatile cheap and strong mind build, the last but not the least on the list is actually the fireball miner build. And this is a true visual eye cancer build and this specific variation of the build uses the sire of shards to make it even more eye cancer, but at the same time visually crazy so the build uses fireball and fireballs kind of automatically aim towards your enemies and sort of shards make it absolutely insane. However, sort of shards is not really necessary to make the build viable. There are a couple of different variations of the build without the set of shots and they actually stronger, because you need to push this fireball towards the enemies. There are three different builds for the fireballs and even though this is not the strongest and probably not the weakest but still kind of decent build. If you want to play something completely unorthodox and non trivial something extremely cool and visually appealing and dealing a decent amount of damage, definitely take a look at the fireball mines.


For more details please head over to Path of Exile Wiki & Database. More popular best POE 3.8 builds guide will be updated in our news page, stay tuned! 

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