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Path of Exile Blight Challenges Guide - How to Complete POE 3.8 Blight Challenges

9/30/2019 5:54:37 PM

Towards the end of September, how many Path of Exile Blight challenges have you completed? Do you want to know which ones are easier to do? In this POE Blight challenges guide, goldkk.com brings the list of all 40 challenges and how to complete them in 3.8 league. 

Path of Exile 3.8 Blight League Challenges List & Completing Guide

You can win Blight Helmet, Portal, Wings and Challenger Trophy when you finished specific number of challenges. Click here to learn about all the details of POE 3.8 Blight challenges rewards.

1. Identify Rare Items - All of 9 (Very Easy)

Identify Rare items of each of the following item types. These can be identified by using a Scroll of Wisdom: Amulet, Belt, Body Armour, Boots, Gloves, Helmet, Ring, Shield or Quiver, Weapon

2. Complete Blight Encounters I - All of 3 (Very Easy)

Complete each of the following tasks during Blight Encounters: 

Build a Blight Tower

Upgrade a Blight Tower

Complete a Blight Encounter

3. Complete these Quests - All of 5 (Easy)

Complete each of the following quests:

The Great White Beast

A Fixture of Fate

The Silver Locket

The Wings of Vastiri

Map to Tsoatha

4. Defeat Act Bosses I - All of 5 (Easy)

Defeat each of the following Unique Act Bosses.

Act 1: Merveil, the Twisted

Act 2: Vaal Oversoul

Act 3: Dominus, Ascendant

Act 4: Malachai, The Nightmare

Act 5: Kitava, the Insatiable

5. Complete these Encounters I - All of 5 (Very Easy)

Complete each of the following Encounters.

Open a Vaal Vessel in a Vaal Side Area

Gain the Acceleration Shrine buff

Modify an Arcanist’s Strongbox

Defeat a Tormented Thug

Use a Remnant of Corruption on an Essence Monolith

6. Build Blight Towers I - All of 6 (Very Easy)

Build each of the following Blight Towers: Chilling, Empowering, Fireball, Seismic, Shock Nova, Summoning

7. Complete Vendor Recipes - All of 10 (Very Easy)

Complete vendor recipes to receive each of the following items. A vendor recipe is when you trade a specific pattern of items to a vendor, not when you buy items from his/her purchase screen: Blight Oil, Cartographer’s Chisel, Chaos Orb


, Gemcutter’s Prism, Granite Flask, Life Flask, Magic Boots with 10% increased Movement Speed, Orb of Alchemy,


Orb of Chance,


Vaal Orb


8. Defeat these Act Bosses II - All of 5 (Easy)

Defeat each of the following Unique Act Bosses.

Act 6: Tsoagoth, The Brine King

Act 7: Arakaali, Spinner of Shadows

Act 8: Lunaris, Eternal Moon and Solaris, Eternal Sun

Act 9: The Depraved Trinity

Act 10: Kitava, the Insatiable

9. Defeat Blight Rare Monsters - All of 77 (Normal)

Defeat each of the following Rare Blight Monsters: Blight Herald, Blight Lurcher, Blighted Ancient Archer, Blighted Arcmage, Blighted Assemblage, Blighted Blood Ape, Blighted Bone Rhoa, Blighted Bonestalker, Blighted Bramble Cobra, Blighted Brine, Blighted Bullock, Blighted Burned Hellion, Blighted Cannibal, Blighted Carnage Ape, Blighted Chieftain, Blighted Cinder Elemental, Blighted Colossal, Blighted Cultist, Blighted Dead, Blighted Deadeye, Blighted Devil, Blighted Elite, Blighted Evangelist, Blighted Experimenter, Blighted Fiend, Blighted Fire-eater, Blighted Fire-raiser, Blighted Fowl, Blighted Frozen Titan, Blighted Gladiator, Blighted Goliath, Blighted Great Rhoa, Blighted Guardian, Blighted Hellion, Blighted Highwayman, Blighted Hound, Blighted Icy Manifestation, Blighted Impaler, Blighted Incinerator, Blighted Initiate, Blighted Lanternbearer, Blighted Larva, Blighted Leaping Spider, Blighted Mage, Blighted Miner, Blighted Murk Runner, Blighted Necromancer, Blighted Outcast, Blighted Pitbull, Blighted Punisher, Blighted Rattler, Blighted Regurgitator, Blighted Relic, Blighted Rhoa Scavenger, Blighted Rumbler, Blighted Scout, Blighted Serpent, Blighted Shaman, Blighted Sister, Blighted Sniper, Blighted Spawn, Blighted Spider Crab, Blighted Spine Constructm, Blighted Spray Crab, Blighted Stalker, Blighted Stone Crab, Blighted Tarantula, Blighted Thug, Blighted Thundercaller, Blighted Tidal Crab, Blighted Undying, Blighted Virulent Spider, Blighted Volatile Fire, Blighted Ward, Blighted Wolf Alpha, Blighted Zealot, Blighted Zombie Rhoa

Completing Tips: You can find all the monster types randomly in each area, just keep doing the Blight mechanic.

10. Defeat Elder Guardians and Elder - All of 5 (Normal)

Defeat The Elder and each of his Guardians: The Enslaver, The Eradicator, The Constrictor, The Purifier, The Elder

Completing Tips: Start elder's influence to get Elder Guardians spawn; spawn them in white tier. 

11. Defeat Rogue Exiles - All of 32 (Normal)

Defeat each of the following Rogue Exiles: Ailentia Rac, Antalie Napora, Armios Bell, Ash Lessard, Augustina Solaria, Aurelio Voidsinger, Baracus Phraxisanct, Bolt Brownfur, Damoi Tui, Dena Lorenni, Eoin Greyfur, Igna Phoenix, Ion Darkshroud, Jonah Unchained, Kirmes Olli, Lael Furia, Magnus Stonethorn, Minara Anemina, Ohne Trix, Orra Greengate, Oyra Ona, Thena Moga, Thom Imperial, Tinevin, Highdove, Torr Olgosso, Ultima Thule, Ulysses Morvant, Vanth Agiel, Vickas Giantbone, Wilorin Demontamer, Xandro Blooddrinker, Zacharie Desmarais

Completing Tips: Make use of The Four Feral Exiles/Waiting In Ambush prophecy, or rare strongbox that commonly had "contain rogue exile" mod.

12. Craft Modifiers - All of 9 (Easy)

Use the Crafting Bench to craft a modifier on the following item slots: Amulet, Belt, Body Armour, Boots, Gloves, Helmet, Ring, Shield or Quiver, Weapon

13. Turn in Divination Cards - All of 8 (Normal)

Turn in Divination Cards which specifically grant each of the following reward types.

Completing Tips:

Bow - Hunter's Resolve

Corrupted Item - The Throne, Turn the Other Cheek

Currency - Emperor's Luck

Divination Card - The Gambler

Essence - Three Voices

Gem - Gemcutter's Promise

Map - The Encroaching Darkness

Ring - The Metalsmith's Gift, The Opulent

14. Complete these Encounters II - All of 4 (Normal)

Complete each of the following Encounters.

Completing Tips:

Defeat Shavronne the Sickening in the Cells Map while she has full Energy Shield. - only deal chaos-degen-damage on her or low life using Southbound

Defeat Pagan Bishop of Agony in the Cursed Crypt Map while he is affected by at least 2 Curses. - your character need to able to apply 2 curse on the boss, then only kill it.

Defeat Rek’tar, the Breaker in the Glacier Map after he has become exhausted at least 3 times. - just let it do his jumping phase for 3 times then on kill it.

Defeat Barthol, the Corruptor in the Haunted Mansion Map while affected by a Heretical Flare. - just lower its life then wait for it cast that rain skill, tank it then kill it.

15. Complete Blight Encounters II - All of 3 (Easy)

Complete Blight Encounters while each of the following conditions are true.

With no Towers built

While the Ichor Pump has 1 Durability remaining

While the Ichor Pump is at full Durability

16. Anoint Items - All of 4 (Normal)

Anoint the following items by using Blight Oils: Amulet, Ring, Blighted Map, Blight Unique Item

Completing Tips: Anoint is the new crafting method that introduced in Blight league, talk to Sister Cassia to get it. Blighted Unique Item should exclusively drop from Breathstealer, Cowl of the Ceraunophile, Cowl of the Cryophile, Cowl of the Thermophile, Sporeguard, and The Stampede.

17. Complete Twinned Maps - Any 10 of 15 (Normal)

Complete 10 of the following 15 Map Tiers while they have the Twinned modifier. Maps are completed by killing their Unique Bosses: Tier 1 to Tier 15.

Completing Tips: try roll a magic rarity of the map with "Twin" mod to make the fight easier.

18. Open Blight Chests - All of 3 (Normal)

Open the following Blight chests the specified number of times.

Blight Cyst (599/650)

Blight Pustule (59/150)

Blight Sack (145/150) 

Completing Tips: keep grinding blight content, they are probably achievable within a month. These chests are randomly spawn. 

19. Complete Unidentified Maps - Any 10 of 16 (Normal)

Complete Rare Maps in 10 of the following 16 tiers while they are unidentified. These Maps are completed by killing their Unique Bosses: Tier 1 to Tier 16.

Completing Tips: you can obtain unidentified rare map by doing the map vendor recipe or corrupting rare map.

20. Achieve Ascension - All of 4 (Easy)

Use the Ascendancy Device in all 4 Labyrinths.

The Labyrinth

The Cruel Labyrinth

The Merciless Labyrinth

The Eternal Labyrinth

21. Defeat Blight Unique Monsters - All of 24 (Normal)

Defeat each of the following Unique Blight Monsters.

Arduk, Spreader of Rot

Axehorn, Earth Flattener

Banisher of the Cleansed

Beacon of Inevitability


Eden, Blightspeaker

Ephrexis, Blight Strider

Gangrel, the Mangled

Ghroth, Sporebreath Corruptor

Hazarat, the Propagator

Jodin Dusk, Infected Advocate


Lathaniel, the Mindless

Mishne, Stipecrawler

Orolath, Slug Crusher

Rattleback, Hollow Matriarch

Rosaria, Spore Siren

Scree, the Infected


Sketh, Spore Amalgamation


Stenly, the Rot-Headed


Ystral, Winter Stalker

Completing Tips: farming those blighted maps that drop exclusively from blight encounter, blight encounter with white bubble has unique monster.  

22. Complete these Encounters III - All of 4 (Normal)

Complete each of the following Encounters.

Completing Tips: use your map device modifier. start with Fortune Favours 30 times as it help unlock the other while you doing it. 

Defeat Harbingers (13/150) - Zana's Harbinger map modifier

Defeat Warband Generals (8/50) - Zana's Warbands map modifier

Open Breaches (24/150) - Zana's Breach map modifier

Open Maps with Fortune Favours the Brave (0/30) - Zana's map modifier

23. Complete Synthesis Unique Map - Any 1 of 5 (Normal)

Complete one of the following Synthesis Unique Maps.


Altered Distant Memory

Augmented Distant Memory

Twisted Distant Memory

Rewritten Distant Memory

Completing Tips: These maps just spawn from Zana's atlas mission, a proper POE build required to defeat these unique map bosses.

24. Build Blight Towers II - All of 12 (Easy)

Build each of the following Blight Towers.

Arc Tower

Flamethrower Tower

Freezebolt Tower

Glacial Cage Tower

Imbuing Tower

Lightning Storm Tower

Meteor Tower

Scout Tower

Sentinel Tower

Smothering Tower

Stone Gaze Tower

Temporal Tower

25. Obtain rewards from Blight Chests - Any 19 of 23 types (Normal)

Obtain 19 of the following 23 reward types from Blight Chests: Abyss, Armours, Bestiary, Blight, Breach, Currency, Divination Cards, Essences, Fossils, Fragments, Gems, Generic, Harbinger, Labyrinth, Legion, Maps, Perandus, Prophecies, Scarabs, Talismans, Trinkets, Uniques, Weapons

Completing Tips: these rewards are easy to obtain, just keep doing blight mechanic until you collect 19 of them.

26. Complete Legion Encounters - All of 6 (Normal)

Complete each of the following Legion encounters. 

Completing Tips:

Complete a Legion Encounter in the Azurite Mine. - doing delve mechanic from Niko

Complete a Legion Encounter in the Temple of Atzoatl. - doing incursion mechanic from Alva

Obtain a Legion Reward from a Betrayal Safehouse. - doing betrayal mechanic from Jun

Use a Legion Scarab in the Map Device with a Map. - doing betrayal mechanic from Jun

Complete a Map affected by a Legion Sextant modifier. - use legion scarab

Complete the Domain of Timeless Conflict.

27. Use Blight Oils to Modify Items - All 12 oils (Normal)

Use each of the following Blight Oils to modify items: Clear Oil, Sepia Oil, Amber Oil, Verdant Oil, Teal Oil, Azure Oil,Violet Oil,Crimson Oil, Black Oil, Opalescent Oil, Silver Oil, Golden Oil

Completing Tips: not much RNG needed for this challenge just need more grinding

28. Spend Blight Resources - All of 6 thresholds (Normal)

Spend Blight Resources on each of the following Tower Types.

Cold (148,300/200,000)

Lightning (13,950/200,000)

Fire (20,600/200,000)

Physical (90,250/200,000)

Minion (5,500/200,000)

Buff (19,300/200,000)

Completing Tips: more blight resources can be obtained in higher tier maps and the resources can be spent faster.

29. Reach Level 90 (Normal)

Attain character level 90. This challenge still counts even if your character dies afterwards.

Completing Tips: a decent build required to do this, takes around a month. 

30. Complete these Encounters IV - All of 4 (Normal)

Complete each of the following Encounters.

Completing Tips: 

Defeat Bazur in the Tower Map without being hit by any of Liantra’s skills after having killed at least 8 Tomes of Thunder. - try get a range skill to destroy those book while trying avoid 2nd phase boss attacks.

Defeat Nightmare Manifest in the Malformation Map while 7 Eye Hatcheries are alive. - lower the boss life then wait all 7 Eye Hatcheries around it to revived then only kill it.

Defeat Jaesyn, Kruug, the Frayed, Balah, Duke and Maker of Mires in the Hallowed Ground Map within 10 seconds of one another. -  lowering all bosses life except for Jik'Shah(Vaal Oversoul).

Defeat Kitava, The Destroyer in the Lava Lake Map without killing any Champions or Shamans of the Feast. -  kill the heart as soon as possible without hurting a lot those unique monster, till the heart low enough life then the monster will auto disappear, do it twice.

31. Defeat Blight Lanes - of 7 (Normal)

Complete Blight Encounters that have at least the following number of lanes while receiving a reward from all spawned lanes. This cannot be completed in a Blighted Map: Two to Eight

Completing Tips: make use of Ice Tower to slow down fast enemies, or build a bunch of Minion Tower to block off enemies. 

32. Complete Blighted Maps I - of 6 (Normal)

Complete Blighted Maps that are affected by each of the following modifiers with at least the specified magnitudes.

Completing Tips: use anoint crafting on blighted map to earn more rewards

10% reduced Monster Movement Speed - Clear oil required

Towers deal 20% more Damage - Sepia oil required

20% reduced Cost of Building and Upgrading Towers - Amber oil required

3 Blight Chests are Lucky - Crimson oil required

15% increased Experience gain - Azure oil required

35% chance for Blight Chests to drop an additional Reward - Black + golden oil required

33. Complete these Encounters V - of 4 (Normal)

Complete each of the following Encounters.

Completing Tips:

Kill 1000 Monsters in a single Rampage kill streak - use Bisco's Leash, Wyrmsign, or Sinvicta's Mettle to grant Rampage effect or swap back your proper gear after the effect is triggered.

Defeat a Possessed Beyond Boss - getting near a beyond spawn with map, beyond modifier, and a torment scarab or use Ending The Torment prophecy

Complete The Beachhead - get it through The Landing divination card or upgrading map by using Harbinger's Orb

Defeat the Pale Council - complete all those 4 boss at

34. Complete Atlas Missions - 525 Missions (Hard)

Complete 525 Atlas Missions.

Completing Tips: Atlas missions can be accumulated from killing map's bosses and complete dailies when you login, then you can use them from talking to masters in hideout that open up a similar UI to a map device.

35. Complete Unique Maps - Any 15 of 19 (Normal)

Complete any 15 of the following 19 Unique Maps on your Atlas. A Map is completed by killing its Unique Boss or Bosses if it has any. Maps without Unique Bosses are completed by opening specific Unique Chests.

Acton’s Nightmare

Caer Blaidd, Wolfpack’s Den

Death and Taxes

Doryani’s Machinarium

Hall of Grandmasters

Hallowed Ground

Maelström of Chaos

Mao Kun

Oba’s Cursed Trove

Olmec’s Sanctum

Perandus Manor

Pillars of Arun

Poorjoy’s Asylum

The Coward’s Trial

The Putrid Cloister

The Twilight Temple

The Vinktar Square

Vaults of Atziri

Whakawairua Tuahu

Completing Tips:make use of The Encroaching Darkness divination card

36. Complete these Encounters VI - of 4 (Hard)

Complete each of the following Encounters.

Completing Tips:

Defeat Chayula, Who Dreamt outside of its Domain - defeat the one spawn in the maps

Defeat Amanamu, Liege of the Lightless while at least 2 Stygian Hearts are active - do this during the third phase.

Defeat a Bestiary Boss - buy any cheap unique beast like Saqawine Rhex, Craicic Spider Crab, Fenumal Hybrid Arachnid, or Farric Tiger Alpha

Defeat The Vaal Omnitect while you are affected by a Tempest and Lightning Exposure - lower the boss life to cull range, in 2nd phase wait for it to shoot out lightning wave and also your character stay under effect by the tempest then only kill it.

37. Complete Blighted Maps II - of 15 (Normal)

Complete Rare Blighted Maps in each of the following tiers: Tier 1 to Tier 15

38. Complete Deadly Encounters - of 4 (Hard)

Complete each of the following deadly encounters.

Mastermind at an area level of 83

The Shaper

Aul, the Crystal King

Atziri in the Alluring Abyss

Completing Tips: collect the entrance key or make the boss spawn

39. Complete Zana's Questline (Hard)

Complete the entire questline given by Zana.

Completing Tips: the whole questline is around defeating Uber elder

40. Complete Endgame Grinds - Any 4 of 6 Grinds (Hard)

Complete any 4 of these encounters the specified number of times.

Level 100

Defeat Uber Elder (0/40)

Defeat Shaper Guardians or The Shaper (7/125)

Defeat Argus in the Endgame Labyrinth (0/100)

Complete Blighted Maps (0/100)

Spend Sulphite in the Azurite Mine (27,038/650,000)

Completing Tips: skip reaching level 100

Invite experienced player to help you or pay for someone. Detailed explanation and completion method please refer to the POE Blight league challenges analysis/newbie guide from the professional player on Reddit.

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