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Rocket League Last Crate - Vindicator Crate & New Blueprints System

10/7/2019 2:55:44 PM

In December Rocket League says goodbye to the paid, randomized Crates. In an official blog entry, the developers have introduced their new monetization system called Blueprints.

Rocket League Vindicator Crate - Sentinel

In August 2019, the developer Psyonix announced to remove the crates from Rocket League and replace it with another system - Blueprints. Originally, the fans wanted to hold on to the crates because they feared a shop. Now the Rocket League team introduces its new system based on blueprints.


How The New Blueprints System Works In Rocket League?

This is how the new Blueprint system works: At the end of 2019, an update will be released which will throw out the crates and reward you with the chance of a blueprint after a match. This will immediately show you which item you can make with it. Alternatively, you have the opportunity to spend money and to receive the Rocket League item of the blueprint directly.

Rocket League Blueprints System

An in-game Item Shop is coming: The concerns of the fans were not entirely unfounded, because together with the blueprint system, there will also be an in-game item shop. It works similar to Fortnite's and offers you new quotes at certain intervals.

Trading is restricted: Along with the change, item trading between players is subject to new rules. Blueprints, items from the shop and old content from the crates can not be exchanged. Only the free drops after a match you can continue to act without restriction.


What Happens To the Rocket League Crates?

Last Rocket League Crate - Vindicator Crate: before Psyonix says goodbye to the system, there is one last new crate. It will be released on October 3, 2019. You can get the new Sentinel Battle Car and the Neuro-Agitator Goal Explosion from there.

Rocket League Vindicator Crate

Rocket League Crates are converted: With the release of the update, all keys in your inventory will automatically be converted into credits. On the other hand, remaining loot boxes become blueprints.

Only at the end of August launched the fourth Rocket Pass. An important change is that your weekly challenges will not expire here. The end of the pass is the 4th of December.

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