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Top 7 Rocket League Designs – Best Painted Werewolf Cars With Mainframe Decal & Cruxe Wheels

2/5/2020 5:46:43 PM

Bored with your old Werewolf car? Looking for new and stylish designs for playing better in the game? Here goldkk.com will present you 7 stunning werewolf designs with painted mainframe black market decals and cruxe wheels, covering pink, cobalt, forest green, lime, crimson, purple, saffron colors. If you are looking for cheap Rocket League credits & Items, welcome to choose goldkk store.

7 Newest Rocket League Designs Painted Werewolf On Goldkk


Decal & Cruxe Wheels

Car: Pink Werewolf

Decal: Pink Mainframe

Wheels: Pink Cruxe

Primary: C10-R4

Accent: C14-R1

RL design 1

This pink Werewolf car design shows an extraordinary style. it’s a very popular choice with the Cruxe wheels which are very rare wheels and looks quite nice. The whole body is painted with pink color, definitelly suitable for both men and women gamers. 


Car: Cobalt Werewolf

Decal: Cobalt Mainframe

Wheels: Cobalt Cruxe

Primary: C8-R4

Accent: C1-R3

RL design 2


Car: Forest Green Werewolf 

Decal: Forest Green Mainframe

Wheels: Forest Green Cruxe

Primary: C2-R5

Accent: C4-R4

RL design 3

The forest green Werewolf car design can be one of the best colors in rocket league cars which gives gamers more power and the color is very rare, and the appearance looks very special and dazzling. do not miss out such a nice car!


Car: Lime Werewolf

Decal: Lime Mainframe

Wheels: Lime Cruxe

Primary: X1-R4

Accent: C5-R4

RL design 4

The lime werewolf with lime decal mainframe  is a gorgeous car design that you can pick up. Which looks best is when you have a green primary and then a yellow accent and that really helps to make the car pop.


Car: Crimson Werewolf

Decal: Crimson Mainframe

Wheels: Crimson Cruxe

Primary: C8-R4

Accent: C1-R7

RL design 5

With amazing accent, beautiful rocket league which gives people passion, unique styles, you are worthy of owning this car design with stunning attraction. 


Car: Purple Werewolf

Decal: Purple Mainframe

Wheels: Purple Cruxe

Primary: C10-R4

Accent: C13-R4

RL design 6


Car: Saffron Werewolf

Decal: Saffron Mainframe

Wheels: Saffron Cruxe

Primary: C1-R4

Accent: C1-R7

RL design 7


How To Get Best Painted Werewolf Designs With Mainframe Decal & Cruxe Wheels

You can choose to cost RL keys to trade with other RL players, or you can trade in rocket league store. But the most cost-effective and best way is that you directly buy rocket league items from goldkk.com to match them together as we always provide cheap RL items with fast delivery. 

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