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5 Custom Rocket League Ronin GXT Designs With Shortwire Wheel and Tidal Stream Decal

4/29/2020 3:35:55 PM

Today we are showing 5 custom painted Rocket League Ronin GXT car designs with Rocket Pass 6 Shortwire wheel and Tidal Stream black market decal. What designs can be created with these new Rocket League items? More ideas about Ronin GXT and Ronin battle car will be updated on goldkk.com, welcome to visit our design list. 

5 Painted Rocket League Ronin GXT Designs with Rocket Pass 6 Wheel and Black Market Decal

With the progress in Rocket Pass 6, many players should have unlocked lots of premium items. While the Rocket League Ronin GXT is set as the reward of the highest tier - tier 70, it should be a long journey to win it in the game. Now, Goldkk.com provides the showcase of varying Ronin GXT cars with different colors and items, if you have the interest of getting it, you can buy it with budget Ronin GXT prices here and experience the use of Ronin GXT in advance. Let’s take a look at the 5 Ronin GXT designs for Rocket League.

1. Rocket League Titanium White Ronin GXT Design

Bodies: Titanium White Ronin GXT

Wheels: Titanium White Shortwire

Decals: Tidal Stream

Primary: C4-R7

Accent: C1-R1

Values: PS4 - 21.1K, Xbox One - 22.5K 

2. Rocket League Orange Ronin GXT Design

Bodies: Orange Ronin GXT

Wheels: Orange Shortwire

Decals: Tidal Stream

Primary: C4-R5

Accent: C15-R1

Values: PS4 - 21K, Xbox One - 19.2K

3. Rocket League Crimson Ronin GXT Design

Bodies: Crimson Ronin GXT

Wheels: Crimson Shortwire

Decals: Tidal Stream

Primary: C8-R5

Accent: C12-R5

Values: PS4 - 20.6K, Xbox One - 19.5K

4. Rocket League Lime Ronin GXT Design

Bodies: Lime Ronin GXT 

Wheels: Lime Shortwire 

Decals: Tidal Stream

Primary: C9-R1

Accent: C5-R2

Values: PS4 - 21K, Xbox One - 19.8K

5. Rocket League Sky Blue Ronin GXT Design

Bodies: Sky Blue Ronin GXT

Wheels: Sky Blue Shortwire

Decals: Tidal Stream

Primary: C4-R4

Accent: C1-R3

Values: PS4 - 21.2K, Xbox One - 19.5K

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