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Path Of Exile 3.10 Mapping Guide - How To Get Maps Easily In POE Delirium League

5/7/2020 3:36:02 PM

It's league start, there's a lot of new players and you might be asking the age-old question of “how do I fill my maps out, how to get more maps?” Here is a quick guide on how to get maps easily to fill out your atlas and increase your map completed at the start of a league. This article will cover the strategy and the map recipe.

how to get maps the easy way POE 3

Path Of Exile 3.10 Mapping Guide & Tips

With Path of Exile 3.10 Delirium arriving, Grinding Gear Games has gradually released its new content, changes and improvements through patch notes, of which Atlas and map changes are key features, it added the ability to set 3 favorite maps in each region of the atlas, and the mapping guide is about how to get the maps in POE 3.10 Delirium with easiest way. 

Let's take a look at these POE 3.10 maps: Path of Exile 3.10 Delirium Atlas Guide - POE 3.10 New Maps and Atlas Changes

How To Get Path Of Exile 3.10 Maps The Easy Way

1. Buy maps 

So the old way used to be go on the market POE trade and and buy maps, you can still do that, I wouldn't suggest doing that for earlier maps because you can pretty much just craft your way through it, so fundamentally I actually have a Maps tab that I bought on the end, on the Pew II store and this is one of the few tabs, if you're really going to get into the game, they're actually worth purchasing for the few bucks, they're worth and the reason being is these little lines down the bottom mean everything. So a map that's complete and the atlas bonus is complete, it'll tell you that the atlas bonus is complete. If you get the gist that's the first step of knowing what you haven't completed, so usually what I do is I'll just dump all my maps that I collect from doing my map pool or doing mapping and I'll have done that really easy. 

2. Take a map and grab orbs and horizon 

So the next thing is obviously there's maps in here that we haven't done at all and that we don't have copies of, so what I'll do is simply take a map that's in large volume. I'll grab my orbs and horizon, and we didn't previously have the laboratory map and this has actually worked out absolutely perfectly. Now we have a lab laboratory map that will complete. This is fundamentally the easiest way to go about accumulating a mapping pool, if you're running some Quan Kier like my knock boots her 16% increased quantity and I'm running a Bisco collar, so I get increased quantity on normal sled enemies. Your map drops as you can see I have a shitload of maps will increase. 

3. Take three maps of any type in the map recipe

The other thing that you can do to get more maps is there's actually a map recipe, so if you take three maps of any type, so I'm not doing T1 maps at this stage and you go and you trade them in you get another map of the next tier, so in this case I've got a level 2 armory map and then I'll do it with the second model that I've got here and a villa map, so I'm pretty sure I have done both of those maps, I haven't done armory BAM, there's another map that I'll now complete that's basically how you expand your map cool, that's probably the most efficient way. What I like to do at the very start of the league when I'm increasing my mapping pool is I've cleared it completed all tier 1 maps and then I'll complete all tier 2 maps, obviously this is contingent on once you start actually accumulating a bunch of maps, so I've got a decent amount of maps like these 2 times of 30 maps apiece, I can actually start crafting maps and horizon or Bing Maps to get the maps that I need to complete my atlas and that's basically the easiest way to go about completing your atlas earlier, that's the secret of doing atlas.

What do they call them bonus completions at the very start and the reason why we want to have the bonus completions done is because it actually increases, so kill boss of magical high version map, it actually increases the chance for maps to drop one tier higher across the entire Atlas. So in this case I've completed 54 Atlas bonus achievements which means I've got 50 for increased chance for higher tier maps to drop one tier higher and that means that I can continually just increase my mapping pool with Quan increased chances for higher TM maps, and the goal is to get to at least get to like 100, 130, 140.

Once you've gotten to the point where you've got your awakened bonuses, then you'll want to complete your awakened bonuses and this is going to further enhance your drops and that's pretty much the secret of how to map in POE 3.10 for anyone who was new to a Path of Exile Delirium or didn't fully understand it.

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