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Top 5 Rocket League Car Designs - Coolest Designs With Popular Rocket League Items on a Budget

12/6/2018 12:27:38 PM

Have you ever hesitated to choose which kinds of combination of car bodies and wheels to make it good-looking and unique? Do you want to have your own outstanding designs on a budget? Next, Goldkk.com will show you the top 5 best coolest Rocket League car designs with different kinds of popular and cheap Rocket League items.

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The top 5 coolest unique Rocket League car designs with popular items

1. Rocket League Road Hog Designs

Car: Road Hog

Decal: Skulls

Wheels: SARPBC-10


2. Rocket League Crimson Nimbus Designs

Car: Crimson Nimbus

Decal: Kaleidoscope

Wheels: Crimson Wonderment

Topper: Deadmau5


3. Rocket League Black Twinzer Designs

Car: Black Twinzer

Decal: Trace Racer

Wheels: Stallion

Topper: Black Surfboard


4. Rocket League Octane ZSR Designs

Car: Octane ZSR

Decal: Arachnophobia

Wheels: Servergate

Topper: Pirate's Hat

Antenna: Skull


5. Rocket League Sky Blue Animus GP Designs

Car: Sky Blue Animus GP

Decal: L-ITA 99

Wheels: Sky Blue Hiro

Topper: Snowboards


Here is the video showing how to match Rocket League items for the unique car designs:


Price of Rocket League Designs Items On a Budget

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