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Unwritten Rules, Secrets and Tips of Rocket League You Should Know

6/9/2020 5:00:28 PM

Rocket League is a popular video game always attracting new players due its low barrier to entry and high pleasure. But it’s difficult to master the game once you start. How to get better in the game? Other than the guide to beginners, we have collected multiple Rocket League unwritten rules and secrets you may not have found out, they are from the community, Reddit, Youtube, and other sources to make somethings easier.

rocket league unwritten rules

Rocket League Unwritten Rules, Secrets and Tips for Better Game

Tips and Tricks for Rocket League - What to do in the game

1. Try to go for aerial shots instead of sitting on the ground waiting for it to land.

2. The left player always go for the kickoff, the next one follows in 2v2 and 3v3s.

3. Respect those of higher MMR (matchmaking rating) completely, disregard those of lower.

4. If you are drunk or intoxicated, you have to let every people you play against know that.

5. If you are on a smurf, you have to let your opponents know.

6. Put your twitch link in your steam name but never actually stream.

7. If some else has twitch in their steam name, and you beat them, you can go into their chat and give them unsolicited tips on how to improve next time.

8. After the game, regardless of how cool of a goal you just scored, the less you react, the better. But secretly save the replay and go back watch here from everyone’s perspective.

9. There is an inverse correlation between your rank and the amount of Quickchats used in top 100, in a quick chat desert you can go hours with no sign "gg", no "Nice one".

10. Only adding or copying whatever and put in front of the profile name automatically makes you a worse player.

11. Use your Rocket League wheels to show if you go for the ball or for boost.

12. Always look for a teammate when you are trying to do something.

13. Avoid blaming your teammates, but give them constructive criticism.

14. If an opponent and you are stuck driving into each other front-to-front, don't puss out, both need to keep pushing and then until a goal is scored.

15. If you and anyone (including teammate) end up in a Nose/Nose situation, you have to keep holding down the gas.

Tips and Tricks for Rocket League - What not to do in the game

1. Never use a topper

2. Never say “gg” after a loss

3. Never talk after a loss, quit communicating, especially when you are playing with a team

4. Never take the ball in front of your own goal 

5. Don't just hit the ball without any meaning

6. No bumping or demoing

7. Do not break the link when you and an opponent somehow end up facing each other driving straight at each other. Under no circumstances do you break away. Stay holding accelerates at the other person and they will do the same.

8. Don't insult your teammates for no reason

9. Don't play if your connection is bad

10. Never do ball chase

More Unwritten Rules in Rocket League

1. If someone has equipped a Season 6 Grand Champion tag or higher, they are immediately terrible.

2. If someone goes the same direction as you on kickoff, even though you are clearly going that direction, you get 10 free passes to cut them off throughout the rest of the game.

3. If someone on your team has a boost other than standard boost Sparkles boost or Alpha boost, you are gonna lose.

4. Holy cow is better than savage

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