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Rocket League Free To Play Guide - Most Anticipated Things In RL Free To Play Update

9/16/2020 5:09:26 PM

It is confirmed that the Rocket League will go free to play on September23rd. And an update has just dropped today to prepare Rocket League for the free to play transition. Here we share all the details about the new update contains cross platform progression, legacy status and items, and enter Rocket League into Epic’s Support A Creator program. We also go over top 4 most anticipated things in Rocket League free to play update. 


Rocket League Updates

  • 1. Cross-Platform Progression: You'll be able to link your platforms to your Epic Games Account starting today for existing players!

  • 2. Legacy Status And Items: For those who already own Rocket League and are eligible for Legacy Status, the items that were revealed in July (Golden Cosmos Boost, "Est. 20XX" Title, Huntress Player Banner, Rocket League-branded DLC, etc.) will hit your inventories from today.

  • 3. Support A Creator: In addition to joining the Epic Games Store, Rocket League will also be joining Epic's Support-A-Creator program. You can choose to support a Creator of your choice in-game by entering the Creator's code in the Item Shop. For Rocket League, accepted Creators will earn 5% of Credits spent while using their Creator Code. Codes for Creators currently in the program will work in Rocket League starting tomorrow.

  • 4. Other Things In Today’s Update:

- New Quick Chats

- Heatseeker in Private Matches

- Larger item pool for Trade Ups

- Solo Standard removed

- New Bot difficulty 

- New Merc Hitbox

- Rocket League X Monstercat Remixes

- Updated Menu

- Changes to Achievements

What Can We Expect To Come With The Rocket League Free To Play Update?

With the new Rocket League update coming out soon with free to play, what do you think is going to be probably the most anticipated features or what things you were looking forward to? While we all wait in anticipation, these are your top five things in the Rocket League free to play update.

Merc Hitbox Update

This is going to give us six unique car bodies total. It could possibly lead to a lot of really cool stuff in regards to the fact that Psyonix is possibly going away from the kind of one size fits all with the hitboxes and providing a level of uniqueness out of all of these.

New Challenges/Cosmetics/Tiles

In Rocket League right now it feels a little bit stale where all you have to do is play the same game mode every single time, and when you're a higher level player you play ranked and that gets boring after a while especially when the seasons are kind of elongated to the point where they are, you can go play the other game modes in the extra modes. When a new season or when fresh content comes out it reinvigorates that drive to go and want to find more. So the fact that you can earn new titles or there's gonna be new cosmetics in the rocket pass or the challenge system being updated. 

Overall Game Growth/Viewership

This goes a couple different ways not only from the content creation side but just overall many eyes on the game the benefit of the game coming free to play, it should expand the player base for a multitude of reasons, not just people that are coming in to play the game but also for friends. For a lot of people that want to introduce that for organizations or collegiate systems or high school teams or middle school teams that have to buy copies of the game for every single thing. The fact that it's not just free and you can download it is going to really increase and build a better foundation around the game that should also ultimately create a influx of viewership for all things.

Tournaments Update

What tournaments could have been at the beginning they're fixing a lot of the features, the ability to spec to determine that you create even if you get knocked out early. The fact that you can earn titles and it keeps your top three results, it incentivizes you to play the game and achieve things and constantly do better. This is a really cool update that's going to be coming with and it's going to really populate that casual fan base and get them involved more into the competitive scene. The fact that you're able to earn items and you can earn titles and just so many different things with a system that is built into the game. 

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