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How to Air Dribble in Rocket League - Rocket League Air Dribble Tutorial 2020

10/23/2020 10:59:00 AM

Air dribble is an important mechanic in Rocket League and has multiple stages, including approach, setup, first touch, and dribble, which exists side by side and plays a part together. How to air dribble in Rocket League, maybe you can get some useful tips from the Rocket League air dribble tutorial 2020.

Rocket League air dribble tutorial

How to Air Dribble in Rocket League (After Free to Play) - Rocket League Air Dribble Tutorial 2020


The approach is getting the ball to roll up the wall smoothly and with a little bit of speed, you can either drive at the ball to do this or flip at the top half of the ball to give it just a little bit of topspin and the ball will stay grounded and roll smoothly. Just practice driving into the ball as it's easier to gauge the speed, there isn't some magic height on the wall, the ball needs to be for you to execute an air dribble but getting the ball higher up the wall does give you more height to work with, which means you can use less boost trying to push the ball up once you've started your dribble, make sure to get a clean separation between the ball and you by the time it gets to the corner, that way you aren't continuing to change its speed once it's reached the wall.


Setup is easy to mess up, the part you need to focus on the most including three points. 

- Hit towards the net. The first one, also probably the single most important part of the entire dribble mechanic, hit the ball on an angle that will lead it directly to the center of the net, if you forget every other step of this process, remember that it will make just about everything else in the dribble go smoothly and require you to use less boost adjusting make it to there, if you hit the ball just perfectly, it'll go into the net even without touching it. If you find it's going off to either side of the net that means it would have been difficult to execute an air dribble. 

- Hit with the center of the car. Make sure your point of contact with the ball is center between your headlights, the point of this is that you're going to take your car along for that ride on the perfect angle to your opponent's net, if you hit the ball correctly, your car will already be facing the perfect direction to literally follow the ball and get your first touch in the air, but if you hit the ball with the lower edge of your car you're likely going to fly too far above and in front of the ball to execute the dribble, if you hit the ball with the upper edge of your car you're likely going to be too far in front of the ball and underneath it to execute the dribble.

- Perfect power. Find the perfect amount of power. If you do the first two steps right, this one is pretty easy to do, but it does take some mentioning, your car can't be going too much faster than the ball at the point of contact, otherwise, your car will actually fly above the ball and make it almost impossible to execute a dribble. What gonna happen is you're only going to have access to the side of the ball making it more of a push instead of a dribble, the problem with this is that you aren't really in control of the max speed of the ball when you're doing a push, once the ball goes supersonic you become predictable and therefore easier to defend against, if you're constantly going higher than the ball, you may not be getting enough speed from the approach and so you're compensating by going faster than the ball at the point of contact, so fix your approach then spend the most time practicing the setup.

The First Touch

If your first two parts are going well, this part will be much easier. But it’s still difficult after the point of contact, you have a narrow time frame before you need to jump off of the wall and air roll towards the ball, this time frame varies but at most, it's half a second, the reason being is that you want to make your first touch before the ball starts descending downwards, if the ball is allowed to gain downwards momentum, it is going to take an enormous amount of boost and control in order to counteract the effects of gravity making it near impossible to execute correctly. What you're gonna focus on is jumping a split second or two after the point of contact, this will give you the fraction of a second, you need to assess where the ball is going and to jump correctly for it. A pro tip for this is to stop accelerating on the wall after the point of contact, if you keep driving forward, you can pretty easily drive yourself too far above or in front of the ball and make your jump more difficult. When approaching the ball you want to close the distance between you and the ball quick enough that the ball doesn't start descending, but not so quick that you accidentally eat it out of your reach on the first touch, aim for the lower part of the ball, this is the sweet spot for dribbling, you gotta have finesse here catch it, when it's in its state of weightlessness between rising and falling and be gentle letting off the boost before you touch it is a given, because remember you have finesse. Then after you touch the ball, let out a little more boost to close the gap you likely just made from your first touch experiment with ball cam and car cam after you jump off the wall.


Actually, the dribble is the easiest part if you completed the previous three parts correctly. If you are on the sweet spot of the ball, you have all the power over your opponents, you can gently fall with the wall internet, if you expend boost to steer the ball into the exact place you want to go in the net, you can even choose to leave the ball and remove your opponents by going for a demo. One rule to live by here is to try and prevent yourself from going supersonic, unless you are satisfied with where the ball is going, because once you are supersonic, you’ll lose control of the trajectory of the ball, once you’ve got this mechanic down, you will find that it opens up the gateway to a lot of higher mechanics. 

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