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ACNH Gold Nuggets Grinding Methods - Best Ways To Find Gold Nuggets In Animal Crossing

4/21/2021 10:30:34 AM

Gold nuggets are crafting materials used in ACNH to make unbreakable golden tools. To help you collect as many gold nuggets as possible, we’ve put together this guide. We cover the best ACNH gold nuggets grinding methods, how to get gold nuggets, where to find them and how they can be used. 


Animal Crossing New Horizons Gold Nuggets Guide

Gold nuggets are sought-after items in Animal Crossing New Horizons. They are required for many of the coolest crafting recipes in the game. And they’re required to show your friends how much better you are than them at Animal Crossing. These nuggets are difficult to come across. They’re a rare spawn and you can’t find them often. So, what’s the best way to grind them? There are some best ways you can find gold nuggets in ACNH. Rocks on your island, mystery islands, and balloon presents that fly across your island.

Best Ways To Find ACNH Gold Nuggets

- First up, your rocks. Hitting these every day is the best way to increase your chances of getting a gold nugget without having to go anywhere. You’ll mostly end up with clay, stone, and iron, but every now and then, a gold nugget will decide your worth enough that day. Keep hitting those rocks, and one will find its way to you eventually. 

- The other way to find gold nuggets on your island is through balloons. There are numerous items you can receive from these falling presents. Everything from clothes to furniture to AC bells and even gold nuggets. Balloon probabilities were data mined previously. According to the Animal Crossing wiki, there is a 1% chance a gold nugget will spawn in a balloon present. The wiki goes in-depth about drop rates for items that can appear in these floating mysteries.

- Gold nuggets can be found on Mystery Islands using Nook Miles Tickets. There are at least 4 rocks on every island. These rocks will act similarly to your home island’s rocks. But these seem to have a higher chance of producing gold nuggets. 

- Mystery island rocks seem to be the best way to get gold ore. The fact that you have to pay ACNH Nook Miles Tickets to be able to access one makes sense that the chances of finding the gold increase. There is one mystery island that gives you a 100% chance of getting 8 gold nuggets. Gold Rock island exists. It requires a ladder and pole vault to access. In the middle, there is one rock. When hit quick enough, the rock will produce all gold nuggets instead of the usual materials. According to Nookipedia, this island has a 0.3% chance of showing up. 

- Nookazon is also a good place to find some gold nuggets for pretty cheap. If you’re running low, it’s always a good site to check and see if anyone is willing to trade for stuff you have. 

What Can You Do With Gold Nuggets In ACNH

These gold nuggets are used for a variety of crafting recipes, most notably the golden tools. Many times, they’re required for Celeste recipes as well. There are a total of 38 recipes that require gold nuggets, and you need 109 nuggets to craft everything once. They’re basically for looks and don’t do anything special over other furniture items. Except the gold tools. They are more durable, but still break. Make sure you stock up, if not for the cool furniture, then for the gold tools so you look cool. They do last a bit longer, but you’ll probably save bells by selling the gold nuggets for 10k and buying the regular tools from the cabinet in Nook’s Cranny. 

What’s your favorite way to grind out gold nuggets? 

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