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How To Change and Pick Specific Villager Be Kicked from Campsite In Animal Crossing New Horizons?

4/21/2021 6:08:16 PM

How to reroll the villager a camping area visitor asks to change for in Animal Crossing: New Horizons without time traveling? Follow these tips you will learn how to kick your specific villager from Campsite when you are asked to replace villager for the 10 slots. 

ACNH Villager Kick Off Tips

How To Reroll Specific Villager Is Kicked from Campsite?

As you know, one of the ways to kick out a neighbor is for someone to come to the camping area, let's talk to him and convince him to stay on our island. However, if we already have 10 villagers on our island, this new camper will ask us to change for one of our neighbors and does not always choose someone we want to kick out.

In this case, there is a fairly simple trick that allows you to rotate the neighbor that the new camper chooses. The process is explained in the video below, but here are the tips:

  • When a visitor arrives at the camping area, go talk to him until he asks you to stay on the island

  • If you already have 10 neighbors, he will tell you if he can switch to one of them and stay in his place.

  • If he says to change for a neighbor that you have a lot of appreciation for and you prefer to change for another of your residents, then close the game without saving just when in the conversation the visitor mentions the name of the neighbor for whom they want to change

  • Start the game again and talk to him again: now the visitor should propose to change for a different neighbor

  • Repeat the process until the visitor proposes to change for the neighbor of your island that you want to leave and replace the new visitor

  • Keep in mind that if the game saves itself in the process, the visitor will no longer change his option and will always ask to change for the same neighbor

  • Scanning with amiibo cards to invite the neighbor of the letter works differently since it allows us to choose the neighbor we want to change to.

Hope this guide will help you easily kick out your hated villagers from your island and welcome to get more Animal Crossing tips here, cheap Animal Crossing items for sale are available for you. 

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