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How To Get Cloud Over Specific Villager Head in Animal Crossing: New Horizons | ACNH Villager Kick Out Trick 2021

4/20/2021 4:02:41 PM

As you well know, one of the ways to kick out a villager on our island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is to talk to them when they have a cloud over their heads and they ask us to leave. However, you may be wishing that a specific villager leaves and precisely that one does not have the cloud appear in his/her head to ask to leave. So in this guide, we will tell you how you can get rid of any unwanted villager without time traveling by using the trick of “Cloud Over Villager Head”!

How To Rotate Cloud Over The Head of A Specific Villager & Kick Out Him/She?

Well, recently we have been able to know an interesting trick that does not imply changing the time of the console and serves to make that cloud rotate until it appears over the head of the villager that we want to move out. 

  • The cloud above the head asking to leave appears over the villagers from time to time undefined. Normally it usually appears between 15 and 30 days with respect to the departure of the last neighbor who left your island.

  • If the cloud appears over a villager that you do not want to leave, what you have to do to make that cloud rotate and be on the head of another neighbor (perhaps the one you want to leave) is the following:

  • Locate the villager who has the cloud over his head: if he is not who you want him to leave, ignore that neighbor for the whole day, do not talk to him and do the rest of the tasks, talk to other neighbors and save the game correctly normal

  • Soon after, between one and three days later, the cloud will appear over the head of another villager: if it is not the neighbor you want to leave, repeat the process and do not talk to that villager.

  • Repeat the process until one day the cloud appears over the head of the villager you want to leave: then talk to him and tell him to leave.

  • Keep in mind that the cloud above the head to ask to leave always appears before talking to that villager in question that day. If you have already talked to him that day and the cloud appears, you can talk to him without problem since it will be for another matter such as giving you a gift or changing your nickname.

  • lIn addition, it seems that when a villager calls you by your name one day and starts chasing you to talk to him, on that day no one will ask to leave the island.

  • Finally, remember that the last villager who has moved to your island will never ask you to leave and other details about the way in which the villagers decide to leave that we shared with you a while ago.

The process is perfectly shown in the video below, watch it to get more details: 

Hope this guide will help you easily kick out your hated villagers from your island, and welcome to get more Animal Crossing tips here, cheap Animal Crossing items for sale are available for you. 

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