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Best Way To Create A Sunken Waterfall In ACNH - Sunken Waterfall Speed Build | Terraforming Tutorial

5/15/2021 2:48:35 PM

Nature and the world around us are the most beautiful reminders of what is possible. They have a proclivity for drawing attention to themselves from the audience. If you enjoy greenery and want to make your island as environmentally friendly as possible, then building Sunken Waterfall is the perfect option for you. Here’s the easiest way on how to create the sunken waterfall area on your island in Animal Crossing New Horizons. 

Best Way To Create A Sunken Waterfall In ACNH - Sunken Waterfall Speed Build

Make sure that most part of your island is elevated to the second tier. The Sunken Waterfall is virtually quite appealing and really enhances the overall look of your island. 

First, you're just going to open up your island designer app, go ahead and having your area in mind. Look at this little section right here, add my water and then have three sides built up. So you've got these three sides and then got one side still open, this just allows you to exit and come back in if you need to. If you don't have that as a possibility, this was in the middle of your island somewhere and that's where you wanted to create it, that is totally fine, you don't have to have a section open just know that you'll be a little bit more limited and also you will have to be a little bit more careful with where you are doing your waterscaping as far as what order you're doing it all in.

Clean up this edge, have this waterfall kind of be a stream leading into a bigger water area and this one's just gonna go straight into the water, so go ahead and start waterscaping here, so something to keep in mind with waterscaping is it's really important to start in the middle. If you're doing a larger area and you have the room, to do this, just start in the middle and that gives you the option to curve the edges that you want curved. 

So waterscape in front of the waterfall and then go to this block next to it. Try to make the corner of the cliff round and also make sure to build a piece of land on the ponds. Build some free areas near the water as opposed to having it all filled in with water. It'll look nice to place some flowers, benches or other Animal Crossing items to sit on some land portions or just something to catch your eye as you're walking by instead of just having everything be water. Then work on connecting this little stream area, so have this just curve around and then have it curve to meet over here. And change up this path just because that corner is going to be a problem. So get rid of this path and then finish up the waterfall.

Then it's time to go ahead and do the terraforming on the other side to close in the sunken area. One thing to keep in mind when doing this as well is try not to let it be just one straight line of cliff.

Now you have that cliff completely filled in, this area is not easily accessible at this point and this is where you should take the time to fill in this area with whatever you want to put down here. It’ll probably just fill it with some flowers, you could put butterfly models, or a bench down.

So obviously this area could use a little bit more work, it definitely needs to be more flowers behind it. Just added a little seating area down there, a butterfly model and some flowers. You can probably remove some of this cliff because it does impede the view a little bit, but you need this area to connect to this bridge. Hope you enjoyed this little ACNH sunken waterfall sunken area tutorial!

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