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All ACNH Lucky Items To Boost Happy Home Points In Every Season | Animal Crossing New Horizons Luck Mechanic

5/15/2021 2:38:22 PM

We're taking a look at the luck mechanic in Animal Crossing New Horizons and breaking down all of the lucky items we know about in the game.

How Does The Lucky Mechanic Work In Animal Crossing New Horizons?

Recently we mentioned the lucky items mechanic that can be found in Animal Crossing New Horizons but it seems quite a few people were unsure of how this works and what Animal Crossing items are considered lucky, so with this in mind especially with all the new players out there joining our community every day, we think it's time to look at this mechanic in more detail and highlight all of the lucky items that can be used in Animal Crossing New Horizons. 

Now ever since the original Animal Crossing on Gamecube there has been an element of luck in the game that you could manipulate in a variety of ways, the most common were by placing furniture on certain sides of the room to complement the Feng Shui or by decorating your house with specific items to increase that luck factor. Typically the amount of luck a player had helped increase the value of items you sold, the rarity of items you found, boosted the happy home score you earned, and generally increased the luck you had in the game.

Katrina the fortune teller also played a part in helping increase your luck on bad days, sadly as far as we can tell this luck mechanic isn't a feature in New Horizons, have the lucky items aspect does exist. 

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How To Use Lucky Items in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

Now lucky items at least in Animal Crossing New Horizons are a set of items that when placed in your home as part of the interior design boost your happy home academy score and really seems to be the only part of the luck mechanic that has returned from previous games or at least the part we can control. 

Happy Home Academy - Anyway once upgraded from a tent to a house in New Horizons, players join the happy home academy and receive a score based on the interior design every Sunday and are rewarded a bunch of plaques and trophies for reaching certain goals.

Use Lucky Items To Earn Happy Home Points - As you probably guessed by now, the purpose of using lucky items in Animal Crossing New Horizons is to increase your score rather than your luck to obtain these rewards. Now every lucky item when placed in your home increases your happy home academy score by 777 points so is one of the most effective ways to boost your score. In animal crossing Population Growing, Wild World and let's go to The City, there are a handful of items that granted this luck all year round as the series evolved the mechanics did too and in New Leaf, there were a few items that increased your luck permanently but the vast majority of items only affected your luck in certain months.

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, there is once again a handful of items that affect your luck permanently or for as long as you use them but the majority now affect your luck seasonally instead of monthly. This is why some players may have noticed their happy home scores change from week to week, despite not changing the items placed in their homes. Now Animal Crossing New Horizons seems to have the least amount of lucky items compared to previous games, which makes sense given the luck mechanic isn't really a feature anymore. 

All Animal Crossing New Horizons Lucky Items

In total there appears to be around 32 lucky items that will increase your happy home academy point.

ACNH Yearly Lucky Items

The lucky items boost your points all year round include:

  • New Horizons Nintendo Switch

  • Crescent Moon Chair

  • Gold Bug Trophy 

  • Gold Fish Trophy 

  • Gold HHA Trophy

  • Gold Rose Wreath 

  • Golden Candlestick 

  • Jingles Photo

  • Kanji Tea 

  • Katakana

  • Koi

  • Lucky Gold Cat

  • Popeye Goldfish

  • Ring

  • Robot Hero 

ACNH Lucky Items

Any Villager Photo (as long as they're resident on your island)

ACNH Spring Lucky Items

The lucky items boost your points in the Spring include:

  • Bamboo Shelf

  • Cherry Blossom Bonsai

  • Wobbling zipper Toy

ACNH Spring Lucky Items

As you can see they are all seasonal items so that makes sense.

ACNH Summer Lucky Items

The lucky items that boost your score in the summer include:

  • Anchor Statue

  • Artisanal Bug Cage

  • Horned Hercules

  • Napoleon Fish

  • Palm Tree Lamp

  • Scorpion

  • Shell Wreath

ACNH Summer Lucky Items

Given there's more items that will affect your score in this season, it's likely you'll have a greater chance to unlock the rewards during the summer.

ACNH Autumn Lucky Items

The items that boost your score in the autumn include:

  • Cricket

  • Mush Parasol

ACNH Fall Lucky Items

We are not sure why but it seems these are the only two items that will affect your score during the fall other than the yearly items

ACNH Winter Lucky Items

The lucky items that boost your score in the winter include:

  • Big Festive Tree

  • Frozen Tree

  • Stringfish

  • Tarantula

ACNH Winter Lucky Items

Feng Shui Luck Mechanic In Animal Crossing New Horizons

So basically if you place any of these items in your home in the corresponding season, you will benefit from 777 bonus points for every item you use which is pretty awesome. 

It's also worth mentioning just quickly that the Feng Shui still exists in Animal Crossing New Horizons too, and every item in the game has a theme or color assigned to it and in short if you place a particular color in certain sides of the room as shown here you will boost your score even more, for example if you place the lucky golden cat that has an assigned color of yellow against the west wall, you'll earn even more points when compared to a non-lucky item if that makes sense. Feng Shui is quite a complex topic and the mechanic has evolved through the years, but it's definitely worth knowing that combining feng shui with lucky items can increase your score even more. 

There we have it that's pretty much everything you need to know about lucky items, how they can be used in the game and a breakdown of all the lucky items found in new horizons.

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