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Rocket League Speed Flip Guide 2021 - How To Do The Fastest & Most Effective Flip?

5/18/2021 6:05:13 PM

If you have been struggling to do the fastest and most effective flip in Rocket League, check out this speed flip guide, which covers the easy-to-learn tutorial and useful tips!

Rocket League Speedflip - Most Effective & Fastest Flip Mechanic

Speed flip - the fastest flip in Rocket League, the go-to for all high-level players across the board. It was kind of popularized by musty around a year ago and ever since has become the standard flip people want to use if they want to make it around the field as fast as they can. You can use the speed flip for just moving around the field, but can also use the speed flip as the speed flip kickoff.

How To Do Speed Flip in Rocket League Effectively?

While it may seem overly difficult, there isn't too much to it at all, all you really need to know is how to flip cancel, the rest comes down to timing and understanding your car's positioning. Here Goldkk.Com - your reliable Rocket League items store - puts together a speed flip tutorial to help all of you learn or master this mechanic:

Step 1 - Learn Flip Canceling

So like all tutorials head into free play and first start with flip canceling. 

How To Do Flip Cancelling - Starting a flip then pulling back on your analog stick to stop the motion mid flip. This is the basic part of the speed flip, so once you've got this down and you understand the timing needed to flip cancel, you pretty much have all the hard work already done.

This one move is really all it takes to speed flip. So knowing that and moving forward, let's get into the actual speed flip itself.

Step 2 - Perform Speed Flip

The motion you will need to make with your analog stick is a very very slight diagonal front flip, you can go left or right. Once you've done this, you need to immediately bring the analog stick straight down and hold it down until you land. Here we list the detailed steps for you learning:

  • 1. Start a small diagonal front flip then immediately stops it and spins the car so that the nose ends up facing down towards the ground.

  • 2. At the same time, this keeps the momentum of the diagonal flip but now allows you to boost the entire time, because the flip cancel will keep your boost facing backwards the entire time

  • 3. Your car is going to travel forwards with its nose facing towards the ground, which then means you're going to have to hold air roll as you come out of the flip to make a very slight adjustment to get you back facing the right way. The movement isn't major, it's just a small flick of the analog stick to bring your car facing forwards again.


  • 1. A bonus is if you have air roll and drift bound to the same button as this is going to allow you to make that small adjustment at the end of the flip, and it's going to continue your momentum with the power slide if you still land slightly off.

  • 2. The other bonus of this flip is that because the nose of the car is facing the ground, you're going to make contact with the ground much faster which gives you a quicker landing time resulting in more time for you to control the car afterwards. 

More Tips For Mastering Speed Flip In Rocket League

  • The quick tips we can give you are the whole power slide the entire time, as it gives you much more wiggle room in case you slightly mess up and allows your momentum to carry forward coming out of the flip. 

  • Next try to use it not only on kickoffs but as often as you can around the field, as this is going to train the muscle memory a lot faster and will get you moving around a bit quicker as well.

  • Finally, please keep in mind that this is not absolutely essential to learn, if you're struggling and you can't get it no matter what you do just leave it for a bit and come back to it. You can go without it as it can be counted pretty easily as well. Just don't be too hard on yourself if you find it difficult at first.

Rocket League Speed Flip Training Pack

Now while this mechanic isn't hard in theory, the timing and understanding of the movement does take some getting used to. Do not be upset if you can't do this immediately, it can take some work. It is also something that you technically can learn at any rank if you have an understanding of the flip cancel movement, so if you find yourself struggling to learn this in free play or finding it hard to see if you're actually doing it correctly, here are some speed flip training packs that you can test with:

  • BFAA-45A5-7A56-73CC

  • D278-781E-6C94-C1A1

  • 509F-22E6-1441-05AD

It's a very simple way to get the motion down while actually also getting results on whether or not you did it correctly, because if you don't you're simply not going to reach the ball in time.

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