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Rocket League Top 5 Budget Car Designs - 500 To 2K Credits Budget Car Designs In Rocket League

8/13/2021 4:04:37 PM

A lot of people have been asking online about some budget car designs in Rocket League. and depend on what your budgets are, we are giving you one car design for every kind of budget range from 500 credit to 2 000 credit car. we also have some dark designs, some vibrant colorful designs, and even a pro players car design for only a very cheap price.  we will list all the rocket league items and their prices down below, let's get right into it! 


#1 500 Credits Burnt Sienna Dragon Lord Design

- Burnt Sienna Octane For 300 Credits

- Burnt Dragonlord For 50 Credits

- Burnt Sienna Troika Wheels For 70 Credits


#2 1000 Credits JSTN Ice Cream Pro Players Car Design

- Pink Octane For 350 Credits

- Pink Zombies For 300 Credits

- Pink Griffon Decal For 100 RL Credits

- Pink Laser Wave 3


#3 1500 Credits Preset Pro Players Car Design

- Black Neptunes For 900 Credits

- Crimson Eurobands At 400 Credits

- Anodized Pearl Paint Finish For 200 Credits


#4 2000 Credit Feunky Heat Wave Preset Car Design

- Lime Octane For 700 Credits 

- Heat Wave For 1300 Credits


#5 Champ Purple Car Design

Purple Boost

Purple Luminous

Kalos For 100 Credits

Champ Decal For Free



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