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Rocket League 5 Best Dominus Designs 2021 - Painted Dominus Car in Rocket League

8/13/2021 5:37:30 PM

The Dominus is a top-of-the-line DLC car. Fortunately, Psyonix made available to all players for free last December, all new Rocket League players will be able to own the Dominus as soon as they launch the game. Do you own the Dominus, but don't know where to start designing it yet? This guide provides the 5 best Dominus car designs for your reference.


Rocket League 5 Best Dominus Designs 2021

The Dominus is one of the most popular car choices among advanced players. It has a Batmobile flatbed, plays well in the air, handles corners better than a flatbed, and Dominus has two different advantages between a plank crash box and an Octane crash box, allowing it to maneuver in the air like a flatbed while handling ground balls like an Octane, enough to make it popular.

5 Best Painted Dominus Car Design 

1. Purple Dominus Design 

Bodies: Dominus-Purple

Wheels: Clodhopper-Purple

Decals: 20XX-Purple

Primary: C10-R3

Accent: C9-R1


2. Sky Blue Dominus Design 

Bodies: Dominus-Sky Blue

Wheels: Clodhopper-Sky Blue

Decals:20XX-Sky Blue

Primary: C4-R7

Accent: C15-R4



3. Cobalt Dominus Design 

Bodies: Dominus-Cobalt

Wheels: Clodhopper-Cobalt

Decals: 20XX-Cobalt

Primary: C8-R4

Accent: C5-R4


4. Pink Dominus Design 

Bodies: Dominus-Pink

Wheels: Clodhopper-Pink

Decals: 20XX-Pink

Primary: C10-R4

Accent: C8-R4


5. Orange Dominus Design 

Bodies: Dominus-Orange

Wheels: Maxle-PA-Orange

Decals: Fire God

Primary: C4-R4

Accent: C8-R4


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