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Top 5 Rocket League Midsummer Car Design - Best Rocket League Car Designs Ideas

8/20/2021 4:34:50 PM

Summer has been past full, now is the best time for a summer edition of rocket league car designs before it’s too late. here at goldkk, we are bringing you the top 5 best midsummer car design ideas in Rocket League alongside with all the rocket league items and their prices down below. if you are interested, then keep watching!


Midsummer Car Design Idea #1

Body: Forest Green Octane

Decal: Island King Orange

Wheels: Zombas Crimson

Rocket Boost: Fiber Optic II

Trail: Toon Hydro Crimson

summer 1

Midsummer Car Design Idea #2

Body: Orange Fennec

Decal: Hardline Cobalt

Wheels: Love ISLV

Rocket Boost: Hypernova Orange


summer 2

Midsummer Car Design Idea #3

Body: Dominus - Titanium White - Tropaion

Paint Finish: Blue Team

Primary - Anodized

Accent - Anodized Pearl


Zadel S3: Inverted - Titanium White

Rocket Boost: Terrorkinesis

Trail: Toon Hydro - Titanium White

summer 3

Midsummer Car Design Idea #4

Body: Fast & Furious Nissan Skyline

Decal: Home Stretch

Paint Finish: Blue Team

Primary - Metallic

Accent - Toon Glossy

Wheels: Sunset 1986

Rocket Boost: Vaporwave Remix

Trail: Toon Hydro

summer 4

Midsummer Car Design Idea #5

Body: Tyranno GXT - Titanium White

Decal: Sally

Paint Finish: Orange Team

Primary - Glitter

Accent - Toon Matte

Wheels: Asterias - Titanium White

Rocket Boost: Golden Cosmos

Trail: Hot Rocks - Titanium White

summer 5

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