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5 Best Rocket League Octane Car Designs- Different Budget Meet Different Needs

8/17/2021 6:49:54 PM

Octane! As a Rocket League player, all know how powerful this car is! It's been six years since this Octane was released in July 2015, and time has passed, Octane has proven itself to be not only the most popular body in the rocket league but also by far the most popular car for high-ranking rocket league players. Today bring you five beautiful and cool rocket league Octane car designs, there are different budgets to meet the needs of different players. All of the car designs are some of the rocket league items you can get, black market decals, cool wheels.

5 Best Rocket League Octane Car Designs

Design 1-Mouse 

  • Car: Octane

  • Decal: Mousesports 

  • Wheels: Crimson Finny 

  • Primary: C1-R7

  • Accent: C4-R4

  • Boost: Crimson Slash Beam

  • Trail: Crimson Hack Swerve 


Design 2-Toxic Waste 

  • Car: Lime Octane 

  • Decal: Lime Hex Tide 

  • Wheels: Lime Gripstride HX: SE

  • Primary: C1-R1

  • Accent: C1-R6

  • Boost: Lime Hexphase

  • Trail: Lime Tachyon Trail


Design 3-Lemonade

  • Car: Lime Octane

  • Decal: Wet Paint Black Market Decal

  • Wheels: Saffron Gernot

  • Primary: C4-R1

  • Accent: C6-R5

  • Boost: Saffron Helios 

  • Trail: Saffron Laser Wave 


Design 4-Tumbler

  • Car: Octane

  • Decal: Black Tumbling Blocks 

  • Wheels: Black Yamane

  • Primary: C10-R10

  • Accent: C5-R1

  • Boost: Grey Glitch 

  • Trail: Grey Binary 


Design 5-Holy Zowie

  • Car: White Octane

  • Decal: Pink Mainframe

  • Wheels: Titanium White Zowie

  • Primary: C1-R10

  • Accent: C1-R13

  • Boost: White Lightning 

  • Trail: Lightning 


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