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ACNH Direct (November) Update 2021 - Is Villager Update Coming To Animal Crossing?

10/9/2021 3:15:26 PM

Nintendo has finally revealed that the Animal Crossing New Horizons Direct will happen on October the 15th. This is incredibly exciting news and once again we're thinking about what kinds of additions, new features, and updates we could see revealed within this Animal Crossing New Horizons direct update in November? It could finally be time that we see some exciting new updates for villagers in Animal Crossing New Horizons.



ACNH Direct (November) Update 2021 - Is Villager Update Coming To Animal Crossing?

Animal Crossing Direct has been revealed to be 20 minutes long which is quite a significant chunk of time to talk about future updates for Animal Crossing New Horizons. We've seen many different updates data mined which could finally make it into the actual game. Many of these actually relate to villagers in Animal Crossing New Horizons. It's no secret that people do really believe the villagers in new horizons need some major improvements. Next, we are going to take a look at some of the updates that we could see for villagers in this latest Animal Crossing Direct and more.


Most Animal Crossing New Horizons players want to see at least some improvements with the villagers in the game. There's no denying that they have a lot fewer interactions than past Animal Crossing games and the dialogue honestly isn't the best. None thing that definitely would improve the villagers a lot is to give them a lot of new dialogue. This is something that we will see in this new ACNH November update. Especially with new features and the Roost coming as well. 


This may not be the significant overhaul that people have been waiting for but getting new dialogue will definitely be a nice thing. This Animal Crossing November direct update makes it more enjoyable to talk to your villagers if they're going to say something new. It'll be really fun to see them in the Roost as well and interact with them there and hopefully, we can do the coffee mini-games where we actually serve our villagers and win ACNH items.


There's another brand new interaction and element with the villagers that we need to learn about such as their coffee order. What else is hiding in the game's code that could actually make it in the next Animal Crossing New Horizons November update? Surprisingly there's a lot that's related to villagers which we could definitely see. According to the data mine, there was evidence that villagers will be able to visit your home in Animal Crossing New Horizon just like they were able to back in Animal Crossing New Leaf. This would definitely be a nice new upgrade and interaction with your villagers. 


It was even data-mined that there was specific dialogue for villagers pointing out things within your home that they would see as they visited your house. So it does definitely seem like this feature will make it to the game and this is definitely the perfect time to do it. However, something else really interesting was data mined in the most recent Animal Crossing update related to villager fortunes. Now we don't know exactly what this is but it seemed like some type of new villager interaction where maybe your villagers would come up to you and read you a fortune for the day or maybe it'd even be something related to fortune cookies. Though this one is pretty vague, maybe this could be a really nice surprise that Nintendo would reveal to us in the upcoming ACNH Direct in November update.


According to dates mine, it was discovered that villagers had certain specific job-related outfits assigned to them in the code of the game such as nurse uniforms, doctor uniforms, etc which was definitely intriguing because whilst these villagers could wear these clothes at any time. It was interesting that there was a code that specifically attached these outfits to the villagers for seemingly no reason. This does lead you to believe that maybe at some point they could have some job-related updates for villagers in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Maybe it would be something like Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer where you could see your villagers doing mini-jobs within the buildings that you designed. If we're talking about villager interactions, then giving them more purpose and giving them their own mini-jobs to do and new roles in the game, that would definitely be a fantastic one. 


One of the things that have actually been confirmed is there will be a series 5 of Animal Crossing amiibo cards which Nintendo is probably planning to launch alongside this big November Direct update ACNH. This is really exciting because it could mean that we may finally see amiibo cards for some of the missing Animal Crossing villagers. This would be the best Animal Crossing villager November update that we could see. Bringing in missing characters so we have even more villagers to choose from would be fantastic and this involves the missing Nintendo characters.  This would be absolutely fantastic and definitely something that Nintendo would do because they're still missing a lot of the Nintendo content from this game.



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